Thursday, October 2, 2014

Probably my last post for some time

It has been a long time since I've been able to revisit this blog and update it.  Treatments have (and continue) to be rough on me so I'm going to take a long sabbatical from writing and posting about nudism.  I rarely get out of the house nowadays except for doctor visits.

So, when and if I restart posting is a big question.  But I believe this blog contains a lot of resources to encourage and help others find and enjoy nudism . . . . . buttressing my thoughts of leaving the blog accessible and standing for those who wish to read it in the future.

God Bless everyone and thanks for the well-wishes.  Rick (aka Banged Up Shins)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

An Update: From Chemo to Radiation

The current series of chemo ended a couple of weeks ago and I've spent much of that time just recovering from the assault on my body.  When I met with my oncologist the other day for a follow-up he outlined the next steps (to which I concur) . . . five weeks of twice daily radiation treatment (weekends exempted).

That's scary . . . I've never been through that extensive a regimen before and believe me, I know what radiation can do to the body (side-effects-wise).  But the results of just published (Jun 3rd) clinical trials support the decision.

So . . . I've got my new registration tattoos and ball bearings (for guiding the radiation beam precisely).  The only bad news . . . well, I've got to limit my sun exposure.  Can you think of any more cruel a thing to do to a nudist . . . to tell him to keep covered up when out in the sun?  Well . . .  if I'm up to getting out I'll figure out a way to go nude and still protect treatment areas.

Meanwhile, I am getting out when I can.  A photo from a nice drive into the mountains this past weekend:

Along the North Fork of the Skykomish near Troublesome Creek

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Little Nude Time is Better Than None ...

So I finished my latest series of chemo this past Sunday (Mother's Day) and I get a break for awhile until radiation therapy in June sometime (they haven't determined when, yet).  A break is needed 'cause the chemo is taking an unrelenting toll on my body . . . I need time to recover and mend.

I've gone back to work . . . not the full-schedule before (screw them) but enough to keep the medical up.  As soon as I could get out of work on Monday, I booked for the mountains.  The sun was out, not a cloud in the sky.  I wanted and needed some nude time.  I feel like 'crap' and probably look it too.  Can anyone think of a better tonic than natural sunshine on your body?

Initially I thought about heading for Scenic . . . a nice though steep hike, what I really wanted was to slip into the pools of hot, natural spring waters and simply soak myself away to tranquility.  But when I got to the start of the trek up to the springs the temperatures outside were just a little bit too on the chilly side (low 50s) for my-by-now nude body to endure.  The more I kept looking up the road to Scenic the more I realized that willing and wanting as I was, I really did not have the stamina nor energy for that hike.  So I reluctantly got back in the car and headed down the highway for something safer and warmer.

It took me an hour to get out of Seattle . . . another hour and a half to Scenic.  Okay . . . so it's getting late.  Not much daylight left with the sun almost to the western ridge lines of the foothills.  Whatever worked would have to be short for sure . . . the challenge was finding somewhere that at least got into sunlight instead of the shade and deepening shadows close at hand in the low valley of the river and highway.  FS 6028 is one of those spots . . . a favored hiking place for me because it is gated, rarely used and rises into open clearcut with a late-afternoon exposure to the sun.

Hiking into the open areas along FS 6028 (near Grotto)
The nice thing about FS 6028 is that you know with a lot of certainty as to whether you have this easy logging road to yourself (gated, one-way in and out, logging operations long over).  So you can hike nude with confidence for miles and enjoy scenic views over the Skykomish Valley below (and majestic Baring Mountain behind).  The inbound trek to the first switchback is three-quarters of a mile.  I made it maybe another quarter mile up before the steepening grade urged me to turn around and slowly amble my way back to the car.  But this was the tonic I was looking for.  Even a little nude time is better than none.

Back at the car and being a little bit presumptuous about the lack of cover here.
FS 6028 is great to get nude upon . . . but the area where you park is wide-open to nearby traffic whizzing by on Highway 2 (at least until the foliage starts to fill in).  So sometimes you are taking chances hiking all the way back to the car.  Nevertheless, I often do with a certain self-satisfaction that I'm simply not going to stop and pull on shorts for that last fifty feet or so.  Let them see me and make of it what they will.  Sometimes I can be difficult.

The sun is right at those western ridge lines now and I'm in a panicked state.  I want more nude time outside.  Where?  I don't bother to pull anything on.  Onto the highway and thinking, "Where can a get a few more minutes to wander about and feel the environment on my skin?"  Reiter Ridge was one thought . . . but that would be in shadow by now.

Can you get despondent about not enough nude enjoyment?  I was certainly feeling that way as I passed Baring.  Coming around the west curve I was surprised at the lack of parked cars at the Eagle Falls pullouts beside the highway.  Eagle Falls is popular . . . Eagle Falls always has people pulling over and checking the falls out.  What a surprise.  I pull over.  I love this picturesque spot!

This moss-covered wall beside the highway pullout shields you from view.
Eagle Falls is right beside Highway 2 and is a popular party spot for young people.  Despite being a somewhat tempting, though dangerous placed for swimming, the wide basaltic ledges beside the falls see bonfires, loud music and drinking (and everything that goes along with the rites of spring and summer.

Party-spots beside the falls and rapids.
Nudity does happen on the hard-to-view ledges by Eagle Falls.  Not often but I have visited and come across naked revelers around campfires and had some interesting times . . . most importantly, the go ahead and get nude myself (nudity is so much more fulfilling when you can share it with others).

But today, despite the warm day but being a Monday, I had the ledges all to myself and I get to wander around as much as I like while there is still a little bit of sunlight.

... some interesting artwork and a short video of the falls.

Get out there and get nude!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Post (between) ChemoTherapy Nude Hikes

Between chemo # 1 and the upcoming (yesterday, actually) chemo # 3  I've recovered substantially to get out there and attempt some nude hiking as the weather has improved.  They are by no means strenuous but they are good for my state-of-mind and well-being.  Plus, the doctors all say that I will tolerate the chemotherapy better with exercise and being in shape.  Hey . . . I'm only doing what they suggest, right?

Anyways, here is a compilation of these hikes in photo album form:

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Nude and almost hairless now ...

Not much hair left (on top or anywhere else for that matter) after chemo round 2

Probably shouldn't have done it but how was I to ignore the best weather we've have so far this year (75F in the Cascade Foothills).  I was just recovering from round two of my chemotherapy and the ugly rash from the contrast dye allergic reaction and prolly should have read the possible side effects a little bit closer . . . one of the nasty cocktails they are pumping into my veins is frequently associated with photo-sensitive side effects.   I get back home and notice a new (and very itchy) rash spreading up my calves.  Fortunately I've got plenty of cortical-steroid cream and antihistamines from my last bout.

High up on Reiter Ridge toward the Clearcut Boulders
 75F, sunny . . . and a Monday?   Yeah, nude hiking cause everyone else will be working.  I got to the Reiter Foothills area and no cars parked at all.  So ya know it was strip right there on Reiter Road and hike in nude from the git-go.  I had it to myself from seven glorious hours and did some new exploring of hidden tracks in the canopy that beg for more future hiking.

One the way back I drove the Index-Galena Road and checked a campsite in sore need to cleaning.  My excuse, of course, was that I wanted to extend the pure nude experience as long as possible.

A long, ex-logging road climbs the north face of Reiter Ridge (near Goldbar), serving also as part of the route to  Lake Isabel, some abandoned adits (mines) and the Clearcut Boulders.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

An Update . . .

It had really been some time since I last updated this blog . . .  and for that, I apologize.  My health has been on a down-slide these past several months culminating in my need to revisit the hospital.  So it's another round of chemo treatments.

But I'm opportunistic.  The docs believe I will respond well.

Meanwhile, I guess it's not going to be a lot of nude hiking in the next couple of months.  Alas.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Scoping out Nude Camping Areas

How about an open invitation to plan a nude camping get-together in the next few weeks?

Option #1:  A rustic campground alongside the Beckler River
This campsite is about six and a half miles in along the Beckler River Road just east of Skykomish, WA.  The site is comprised of three tenting areas in very close proximity to each other.  Access is via a loop dirt track from the paved road . . . a few hundred feet into the treeline toward the river.

Once claimed, privacy is pretty much assured by the forest shrouding the campsites from the main  road.  All campsites front on the Beckler River with ample flat area for two to three tents each.

Little sand on the beach . . . mainly river rock and boulders attesting to the vigorous flow rate of this river, despite its' size.  There is a network of trails and open canopy to enjoy short strolls a'la natural, or more intense nude hiking opportunities nearby.

Option #2:  A "Secret Beach" Campsite along the Rapid River
Site # 2 explored, is what I call my 'Secret Beach' because there is no obvious turnout of indication of a trail . . . only a hint of the beach through fall and winter foliage to make it out from the road.  It takes a little bit of a scrabble down the embankment from the road to reach the beach . . . and sometimes a little wading, but it is well worth it.

This beach is perfect for camping because the flat area is located a couple of feet higher than the river and is covered with a deep blanket of spongy moss.  At the northern end is a sandy area to enjoy.

The beach is located 1.7 miles along FS 6250 (the FS road alongside the Rapid River).

Option #3:  Pack it in and up on FS6028 for some great vistas
The last option is not so much a car camping option as it is an option for some great, extended freehiking.  The FS road is gated just off of Hwy 2 . . . so any camping is going to require you to hike everything in for a couple of miles.  There are a couple of good tenting areas with great vistas over the Skykomish River Valley, but the real appeal of this long-legged series of upward climbing gravel road switchbacks is the opportunity to shuck everything and hike nude for miles and miles (if there are no other vehicle at the gate, you are pretty much assured you have the place to yourself.)  The entrance to this FS road is located about halfway between Baring and Grotto, WA

Direct Album Link:

Monday, March 4, 2013

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Advisory: State Nudity Laws Enforced at Fire Island (Lighthouse Beach) National Seashore, NY

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A letter now circulating the nudist forums ...

United States Department of the Interior
Fire Island National Seashore
120 Laurel Street
Patchogue, NY 11772
February 5, 2013 
To Whom it May Concern: 

Effective immediately, state nudity laws will be enforced at Fire Island National Seashore. While state laws apply throughout the Seashore, the park will focus its public education and enforcement efforts of the existing New York State law at the following federally-owned areas: 
 - Lighthouse beach, from the western boundary of the park to the western boundary of Kismet.
 - The Sailors Haven tract, from Point O' Woods to Cherry Grove.
 - One half mile on either side of the Barrett Beach lifeguard stand.
 - One mile on either side of the Watch Hill lifeguard stand.
 - From the Wilderness Visitor Center to the breach at Old Inlet 
Public nudity has been prohibited in the State of New York since 1984 under New York State Penal Code 245.01. Fire Island National Seashore shares concurrent jurisdiction with the State of New York, which means that state laws can be enforced on federal lands by federal, state, and local law enforcement officers. Although the National Park Service (NPS) is focusing its enforcement on the identified areas, the law still applies park-wide, and may be enforced throughout the park. NPS policies favor consistent enforcement of state laws on federal lands, and disfavor the designation of clothing optional areas. Public nudity on Fire Island has resulted in conflicts of use, despite past park management efforts to accommodate clothing optional recreation. On Lighthouse beach in particular, the dense visitation invited by the previously-designated “clothing optional beach” presented not only a visitor use conflict, but created a public safety hazard due to the lack of adequate facilities for trash and human waste, in addition to the heavy recreation on a non-lifeguarded beach. Additionally, Hurricane Sandy leveled the dunes in this area, which increases the visibility of the beach from other public use areas. The sandy over-wash areas left by the storm created added habitat for sensitive species in the area. Finally, park employees have observed an increase in criminal activity in the designated clothing-optional areas, but have been unable to appropriately manage this activity despite significant attempts at education and enforcement. 
Violation of this law is a class B federal misdemeanor, and can result in fines of up to $5,000 and up to six months imprisonment.  
Fire Island National Seashore management recognizes that visitors have come to Fire Island to sunbathe in the nude for many years, and that many responsible and respectful users of this beach have provided support to the park through volunteer efforts over the years. Fire Island National Seashore management is focusing its enforcement only on those areas in which visitor use conflicts are likely—specifically, those areas that are heavily visited by members of the public who are generally not attuned to nude recreation. On all Seashore lands, however, other regulations such as disorderly conduct, creating an offensive condition, public intoxication, and drug and alcohol laws will be strictly enforced. Use and compliance on all park beaches will be monitored throughout the summer, with additional measures being taken as necessary. Should concentrations of nudity and/or lewd and lascivious behaviors increase in other areas of the park and cause similar conflicts with other visitors and/or protected natural resources, then the park may expand its enforcement efforts to other areas. 
Questions about these changes should be directed to Chief Ranger Lena Koschmann
at 631-687-4757 or
/s/ Lena Koschmann
Chief Ranger, Fire Island National Seashore
O:  (631) 687-4757

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sauvies Island (Collins Beach) in Winter

Collins Beach on Sauvies Island is legally clothing-optional and close to Portland, OR
The arrow above points to Entrance #2, the beginning of the nude beach.

Had the opportunity to head on down to Portland, Oregon a few days ago for a class.  Weather was overcast and generally miserable (threats of rain) but I found myself with lots of free time on my hands and decided to see what conditions were like at Collins Beach.

Collins Beach is within Oregon Wildlife land on the northern edge of Sauvies Island . . . which is located east,  not far from Portland, Oregon on OR 30 . . . right on the Columbia River.  Along with Rooster Rock State Park, these areas are legally-sanctioned clothing-optional areas for nude recreation.  Collins Beach on Sauvie Island, is a long stretch of wide, sandy beach . . . extremely popular during the warmer summer months.  Winter, of course, doesn't lend itself very well to being nude outside, but the beach is there anyway and who am I to argue with a chance to shuck the clothes and roam about nude . . . and legally!

One of the many entrances from the parking area . . . this one #4.
I entered at #2 which leads onto the beach at the beginning
of the clothing-optional area.
Parking at the Wildlife Refuge requires a parking pass . . . $7.50 at several different locations on the island or $22 for an annual pass (which is what I opted for since I always plan on a couple of trips to Sauvies every year).  Once past the entrance signage and down a short trail to the sand of the beach, simply shuck your clothes . . . you are legally-nude now and the wide open expanses of Collins Beach are yours to roam without fear or worry.

Brisk temperatures but not too bad when you are moving.

I was surprised at the amount of beach showing at this time of year.  Water levels in the Columbia River are at typical low summer rates (plus a low tide).  I suspect that with spring snow melt the river's flow will go up but right now the entire length and width of the beach is accessible.  The beach is in pretty good shape with very little litter.  Kudos to the cleanup crews of both AANR and ORCOBA.

No one on the beach right now (except myself).  I follow a set of dog prints followed by an owner boot prints.  In cooler months it seems that Collins is mainly used by the dog walkers but for those who can enjoy a cold weather nude stroll, Collins should always be on their agenda (if for no other reason than to continue claim and presence of nude recreation on this beach).  Later on during my return stroll I actually had an encounter with dog walkers and they were taken back.  I bemusedly informed them they were on a nude beach and what did they expect.  They turned around and headed back the way they came.  So what.  This is my beach and I intend to lay presence whenever I can.

A freighter's lifeboat deposited into the woods behind the beach
during some long-forgotten storm.

Long-weather-deteriorated breakwaters make for interesting
perspective images. 

Lots of interesting things to see on the beach and on the shallow, sandy bluffs above.  The sand is difficult to walk on in anything less than bare feet.  On the flip side this is wintertime and the sand and water are decidedly cold to bare skin.  The hiking shoes stay on.  Walking closer to the waterline is easier as the sand is packed tighter.

Past the remains of the breakwaters is the part of the beach normally favored by gays . . . Entrance # 2 where I came in at favored as more family-friendly.  The dog tracks continue north without a matching returning set . . . I wonder if I'll run into the owner of that dog eventually.

The end of the nude beach . . .

... and the flip side of that sign inviting everyone to get nude and enjoy.

As I said earlier . . . I ran into an elderly couple walking their dog on the beach.  I guess I surprised them, they not expecting to see anyone nude on a nude beach (really?).  They abruptly turned around and headed back toward the adjacent textile beach from whence they had come.  Sorry to ruin your day folks.

I only had the one day to roam about.  Rooster Rock State Park was next to visit.

Rooster Rock State Park is located east of Portland . . . again, on Hwy 30/84 just past Troutdale.  The eastern section of the park is legally-designated as a clothing-optional beach and there are a lot of nude hiking opportunities and beach areas to be enjoyed.  Sand Island (within the clothing-optional area) shows vast, wide areas of soft sand during the summer months.  The usage fee for the park is $5 for the day . . . from there, drive east (right) to the very end of the parking lot and take the stairs or ramp down past the sign to the clothing-optional area.  The views of the Columbia River Gorge are worth the visit all on their own.

I was just about ready to head on down when it started drizzling with dark thunderclouds coming in.  I decided against going further as most of the trails, beach and Sand Island are inundated this time of year.  I did notice a few brave souls come and go, though.

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