Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mountain Loop Highway Reopens

At long last . . . at least until the snows start.

Cold Facts About our Warm Planet

Cold Facts

Last month, KIRO-7 TV ran an excellent documentary, Cold Facts About our Warm Planet. They've recently made the program available online for download or as streaming video. The show examines the impacts of climate change on the environment of the Pacific Northwest. I highly recommend watching the streaming video directly from the KIRO-7 website; or downloading the MP4 video files for offline playback.

HINT: Right-click the KIRO-7 player on their website and select Full Screen for the best effect.


DOWNLOAD: Cold Facts About Our Warm Planet, Segment 1
DOWNLOAD: Cold Facts About Our Warm Planet, Segment 2
DOWNLOAD: Cold Facts About Our Warm Planet, Segment 3
DOWNLOAD: Cold Facts About Our Warm Planet, Segment 4

Sunday, October 21, 2007

DiggIt Question: About Nudism & Naturism

Is it perversion or innocence? Is it right or wrong? Why is being naked so great to some people?!

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bob Jacoby, Goldmyer Director and friend, passes away

Unexpected and sad news comes from the Goldmyer Hot Springs community that Bob Jacoby has passed away. I've had the pleasure of Bob's friendship over the past several years . . . both at Goldmyer HS and enjoying discussions on Scenic HS. His friendly, easygoing demeanor will be missed by everyone who knew him. Rick

From Chuck at Goldmyer:

This is a sad time for the Goldmyer community. Bob Jacoby, a good friend, long time Director, volunteer, and general all around great guy died suddenly about 10 days ago. His cheerful demeanor, willingness to pitch in to accomplish countless projects, and cooking skills at work parties where he had the famous "Bob Kebobs", pizza or salmon cooked on the grill will be greatly missed. Bob was largely responsible for designing and building the cabana, propane and wood sheds, and was hard at work on the new tool shed.
Bob's memorial and celebration of life will be this Saturday, Oct. 20, 2007 at The Center for Urban Horticulture at 11AM. The Center is located at 3501 NE 41st St in Seattle, not far from the University Village shopping center and Montlake. As Bob had many interests and friends and family, a big turn-out is expected. There will be a service, followed by 'Discovery Time'. The Jacoby family wishes the Discovery Time to be an opportunity for folks to tell stories and memories about Bob. Music and munchies will follow, including a 'Milk and Newman-Os' corner with one of Bob's favorite snacks of Paul Newman's version of Oreo cookies and dunking milk. John Jacoby will be playing some of his and his brother Bob's compositions. Things will wind down by 3pm.
--From 520, use the Montlake exit and head north. Merge onto NE 45th St. Turn right onto Mary Gates Memorial Dr. NE.and continue on 41st St.
--From I-5, you can also take the 45th St exit and head east thru the University district. After a number of miles you will pass by the University Village. Turn right at Mary Gates Memorial Dr. NE and continue on 41st St.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Book Review: Carellin Brooks and Wreck Beach

Profile: Carellin Brooks

By John Burns

There are probably as many reasons for going to Wreck Beach as there are grains of sand on the bit of secluded coast beneath UBC’s Museum of Anthropology–or at least as there are vendors peddling everything from Popsicles to pot cookies. But for Carellin Brooks, who has just published a history of the beach with the simple title Wreck Beach(Transmontanus/New Star Books, $19), there’s only one that counts: freedom.

”I went out in the water and had this real epiphany,” Brooks says over dim sum, about her first time at Wreck, 20 years ago. “It was like going to church for the first time for someone, the first time they feel the presence of God–that’s what I felt. I got into the water and I just started floating, and was floating on my back looking up at the sky and I was like, ‘This is as free as I’m ever going to get.’”

In case you’ve never been, Wreck Beach makes it clear that the area is not completely free. There are the rules enforced (to varying degrees) by the campus RCMP; and then there are the rules of the Wreck Beach Preservation Society, the self-appointed guardians headed by Wreck doyenne Judy Williams.

In the book, Brooks quizzes Williams about the likely fate of the often-threatened beach. “There are three things that’s going to kill the beach,” Williams is quoted as saying. “Gay sex. Drugs. And drinking. These things happen everywhere, but because we’re a nudist beach they’re a big deal.”

Ah, sex. Brooks agrees with Williams, but says that holding Wreck Beach to a higher standard is ridiculous: “It’s almost as if you want nudism to be untainted. And in order for it to be untainted, you have to say, ‘No, no, no. Nobody’s thinking about sex when they’re nudists.’ It’s an untenable situation.”

Wreck Beach details other dangers, such as UBC’s thirst for adjacent condo development and our insistence on smoothing out the wild places. “You sort of kill it to save it,” Brooks argues. “It’s like chemotherapy, right? ‘We’re going to bring you to the brink, but the beach will still be there–under the rubble.’”

However, Brooks says the real threat to Wreck Beach is a simple pair of shorts: “The thing that the regulars say is bad about the beach is people who come down there wearing bathing suits.…You’ll get skimboarders and they’ll say, ‘Well, I have to wear shorts, because if I don’t wear shorts, I’ll get sand in my balls.’ And that’s quite possibly true, but do they have to wear shorts the rest of the time on the beach? Well, no, they don’t. But I think the regulars feel that they’re the last line of defence against it becoming like any other beach, and that’s how that happens–in their eyes.”

Brooks dreams of recognition by UBC, by the province, and by users that the place needs protection–from both developers and would-be neuterers. “In my little dream world, Wreck Beach is a place that is exempt from all the regular rules,” she says, “while at the same time having a number of very specific rules. I don’t want it to be a clothing-optional beach; I want it to be a nude-only beach. I want people to be frisked for cameras when they arrive. It’s idiosyncratic, but I want you to be able to get whatever you want to drink there and whatever you want to smoke there and whatever, and they can ban the boats while they’re at it. Ban the boats, ban the Jet Skis. That’s my world.”

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Participate in a Clean Up and Get to Soak at Scenic

When: October 27th, 2007 at 9-10am

Where: FS850 (Scenic Access Road) at gate (confirmed volunteers will get detailed directions)

What: Erosion control; trash cleanup, etc

The snow's not far behind us and this is our last chance to join with Mike to clean-up the springs area in preparation for the winter season. We need to do a substantial bit of winter erosion control and cleanup.

Dress for the weather and be prepared to get dirty. It's hard to predict where the snow will be so dress in layers; have good, sturdy boots; and work gloves. We have need of shovels and picks for some of the work.

We will try to meet at the gate and drive further in . . . but those plans are dependent on weather. It's important that those who can (or plan to) participate RSVP so we can keep you updated on where to meet up. RSVPs can be made to me at bang

The work party will be clothed but the soak afterward will be an enjoyable soak au' natural in the hot springs Monster Tub with pure natural hot springs water at 110 degs F while we enjoy perhaps some snow flakes drifting down on the valleys and mountainsides around us. Plus, those who participate in more than one cleanup get credit and consideration for permission to visit again (legally) . . . while we are in the 'realization' stages of bringing Scenic Hot Springs back to the public.

Overlooking the last remaining hot springs pool
at Scenic, the Monster Tub - 8x15ftx4ft deep
(over 3,000 gals of 110-115deg naturally hot water!)

Scenic Hot Springs has been nude-friendly and we'd like to convince the owner to keep it that way. The property is located on 40 private mountainside acres near Stevens Pass with superlative views. The owner of the property is devoted to bringing back the hot springs in as natural a state as possible for the enjoyment of the public and he deserves our help in keeping the property clean and pristine while he goes through the bureaucratic red-tape of allowing the rebuilding of natural rock pools and nature hiking trails. Here is our chance to prove that nudists and naturists are advocates and supporters of a rekindled Scenic Hot Springs. Here is an opportunity to keep and expand on the nude-friendliness of the property.

Important Note: Scenic Hot Springs is Private Property and the owner is expected to control access while he is in the permitting stages. Please do not take this posting as notice that Scenic is open to the public yet. Those who are helping get to enjoy . . . those who are not will just have to wait. Please do not trespass without permission.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

NAC Huntington Beach Nude Swim!


Because of a scheduling conflict, the Naturist Action Committee announces that the date of the NAC Huntington Beach Swim has been changed to Saturday, November 3, 2007.

The nude event in the municipally owned Huntington Beach City Gym had originally been scheduled for a week earlier on October 27. The new date should allow a greater number of naturists to participate. Responding to popular demand, we've also extended the event for an additional hour.

Essential information is repeated below, along with the date revision and a few clarifications.


NAC has rented the Huntington Beach City Gym from the City for this activity. NAC made the application and paid the fee, making certain at each step of the way that City bureaucrats understand this will be a nude swim.

WHEN : Saturday, November 3, 2007. 5:00 PM TO 8:00 PM
WHERE: Huntington Beach City Gym,
1600 Palm Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA
WHO : This is a family friendly nude swim, open to naturists of all
ages. Naturists and their guests are welcome.
FEE : $10 each, at the door.

ADMITTANCE: This is a private use of a public facility. The event is intended for naturists and is not open to the general public. There is no specific club or organization membership prerequisite, but if you are attending as an unaffiliated naturist, you may be asked for a naturist reference who can vouch for you.

Please bring a driver's license or other appropriate photo ID.

POLICIES: This is a nude event. Please use standard naturist etiquette. No cameras allowed. An official photographer will be taking a few photographs for NAC and for The Naturist Society's N magazine, but you may ask to be excluded from the pictures, if you wish.

The Naturist Action Committee announces the NAC Huntington Beach Swim! This is a nude event, in the municipally owned Huntington Beach City Gym.


NAC has rented the Huntington Beach City Gym from the City for this activity. NAC made the application and paid the fee, making certain at each step of the way that City bureaucrats understand this will be a nude swim.

WHEN:Saturday, November 3, 2007. 5:00 PM TO 8:00 PM (rescheduled date)
WHERE: Huntington Beach City Gym, 1600 Palm Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA
WHO: This is a family friendly nude swim. All are welcome.
FEE: $10 each, at the door.

Google Directions:

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Click here for a NAC Advisory concerning the NAC Huntington Beach Swim!

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