Friday, April 18, 2014

Post (between) ChemoTherapy Nude Hikes

Between chemo # 1 and the upcoming (yesterday, actually) chemo # 3  I've recovered substantially to get out there and attempt some nude hiking as the weather has improved.  They are by no means strenuous but they are good for my state-of-mind and well-being.  Plus, the doctors all say that I will tolerate the chemotherapy better with exercise and being in shape.  Hey . . . I'm only doing what they suggest, right?

Anyways, here is a compilation of these hikes in photo album form:

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Nude and almost hairless now ...

Not much hair left (on top or anywhere else for that matter) after chemo round 2

Probably shouldn't have done it but how was I to ignore the best weather we've have so far this year (75F in the Cascade Foothills).  I was just recovering from round two of my chemotherapy and the ugly rash from the contrast dye allergic reaction and prolly should have read the possible side effects a little bit closer . . . one of the nasty cocktails they are pumping into my veins is frequently associated with photo-sensitive side effects.   I get back home and notice a new (and very itchy) rash spreading up my calves.  Fortunately I've got plenty of cortical-steroid cream and antihistamines from my last bout.

High up on Reiter Ridge toward the Clearcut Boulders
 75F, sunny . . . and a Monday?   Yeah, nude hiking cause everyone else will be working.  I got to the Reiter Foothills area and no cars parked at all.  So ya know it was strip right there on Reiter Road and hike in nude from the git-go.  I had it to myself from seven glorious hours and did some new exploring of hidden tracks in the canopy that beg for more future hiking.

One the way back I drove the Index-Galena Road and checked a campsite in sore need to cleaning.  My excuse, of course, was that I wanted to extend the pure nude experience as long as possible.

A long, ex-logging road climbs the north face of Reiter Ridge (near Goldbar), serving also as part of the route to  Lake Isabel, some abandoned adits (mines) and the Clearcut Boulders.


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