Monday, January 29, 2007

Olympic Hot Spring Update

Road closed at Lake Mills Dam (28-Jan-07) due to instability. Round trip hike is now ~12 miles.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Lewis Creek to Heybrook: Nude Snowshoeing

The view of Jumpoff Ridge from halfway up the Lewis Creek Road

First, a correction. In a previous post, I mistakenly named the hike, Lewis Creek when it was, in fact, an abandoned roadbed going up the Canyon and Boss Creek areas. The map that accompanies that hike incorrectly identifies that road as the Lewis Creek Road. The real Lewis Creek Road is 1.2 miles south just after the first (of three), identified Lewis Creek bridge crossings.

The Lewis Creek road is no longer accessible to vehicles as it's in terrible condition in the initial approaches and is also gated. The road does a couple of long-legged switchbacks up the westernmost flank of Gunn Peak, crosses Lewis Creek on a sturdy wooden bridge and then steeply works its' way up the northern side of Heybrook Ridge to connect with FS 6022. FS 6022 serves to connect the BPA maintenance spurs over Heybrook Ridge and in the past as the access to the Fire Lookout Tower atop Heybrook. The Lookout has since been deactivated but stands, maintained, as a hikers destination (usually by the more popular Heybrook Trail off of SR2). It is not well known that the Heybrook Lookout can also be approached from the north side as the Lewis Creek Road does not show on the USGS Topo Maps (nor the TIGER database). The Heybrook Trail gains 900ft to the Lookout in just over a mile; the Lewis Creek Route reaches the Lookout at just short of two miles with a gain of 1,100ft - a decidedly easier grade than the more popular trail. For the most part the Lewis Creek trail is on open slope that has been clearcut in the past. This is part of the area that is now considered for Wild Sky Wilderness Protection.

The Lewis Creek Road as the snow deepens enough for snowshoes

This past weekend was rather balmy . . . a respite from the lousy weather we have been getting. The morning I spent battling eight foot and higher snowdrifts to get up to Scenic Hot Springs and check out the conditions there. Closer to Stevens chains are required, even to get as far as the SnoPark area of the BN railyards next to the Surprise Creek Trailhead. The amount of snow up at Scenic was also not very friendly to getting in some nude time. But the weather stayed good so I stopped by Lewis on the way back in the afternoon. Surprisingly, as I hiked up the trail the temperatures got absolutely warmer (probably a high pressure temperature inversion); and with no wind, snow or rain it wasn't long before I shucked the clothes and was soon trekking in nothing more than a hat, boots, gaiters, snowshoes, poles and my pack. My thermometer said the upper thirties but it felt more like mid forties. Great nude snowshoeing weather . . . and I had the trail all to myself!

Nude snowshoeing on the Lewis Creek Road

Others have been on this trail recently . . . a few days old by the look of the tracks. None within a couple of days. Animal tracks abound: some small canine, probably a fox, deer and really surprising at the lower elevations . . . unmistakable bear tracks, and those were recent. I kept and eye on those tracks until they wandered off into the a cul downslope by the river.

The snow deepened fast and by a thousand feet mine were the only human-style tracks left. With no wind I was more than comfortable, even when it started to drop snow from the approaching afternoon clouds far above. I dallied and enjoyed the quiet, serenity of ice cascades and listen to the steady 'crunch-crunch' of warmed Cascade Concrete beneath. My snowshoes are new . . . replacing a bulky set of MSRs that weighed a ton. This are light and easy to manuever on steeper inclines. The gaiters are new as well. I don't often wear gaiters but I splurged for a top-off-the-line pair with an insulating liner. I'm sure the gaiters had a lot to do with keeping me warm . . . my feet were toasty and absolutely dry!

Displays of icicles everywhere

Near the top of Heybrook Ridge you pass under the BPA powerlines and intersect with FR 6022, a nominal maintenance road for the BPA. The snow is really deep here, three to four feet even on the road surfaces. Fortunately it is heavy snow and self-packing. To the right is Heybrook Lookout . . . maybe a quarter mile through the ridgetop canopy. To the left and east is the start of a trek down FS 6022 and eventually re-emergence on SR2 opposite the town of Baring. I snowshoe for another half mile east and then back as I'm losing elevation which means I have to climb on the flip-flop. Besides, I want to check out the Lookout Tower again.

Building a nude snowman

As popular as the Heybrook Trail has become, there are no tracks marring the pristine snowfield surrounding the Lookout Tower. I only regret that I was too lazy to remove my snowshoes and climb up . . . but daylight was failing and it was time to head back after a coffee break from my ever-present thermos. It was also beginning to cool down as the sun got lower. But not enough that I wasn't able to make it all the way back to my car nude and still feeling comfortable.

Heybrook Lookout Tower

Full-size map here (opens in new window)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

NAC Advisory: Florida House Bill 269


Copyright 2007 by the Naturist Action Committee, which is responsible for its content. Permission is granted for the posting, forwarding or redistribution of this message, provided that it is reproduced in its entirety and without alteration.

DATE : January 21, 2007
SUBJECT: Florida House Bill 269
TO : All naturists and other concerned individuals

Dear Naturist,

The Naturist Action Committee (NAC) wishes to make you aware of an important situation involving legislation in the state of Florida.

Newly elected state legislator William Snyder of Martin County has introduced House Bill 269 in the Florida House of Representatives. The bill proposes troubling changes to portions of state law that are of direct concern to naturists.


Naturist individuals, clubs and groups can be a tremendous asset in dealing with legislation. However, conditions are NOT PRESENTLY APPROPRIATE for making contact with lawmakers on this matter. Please wait.

NAC believes you should be advised and informed, but this is a case in which premature action could be damaging. Watch for further NAC Action Alerts, Advisories and Updates on this topic.


Section 800.03 of the Florida Statutes addresses the exposure or exhibition of sexual organs in a public place. Based on the existing wording of the law, 800.03 has been held by Florida Courts to make such exposure illegal only when it is done in a lewd manner. [see also - Rick]

House Bill 269 proposes changes to the wording of 800.03 that could jeopardize the protection for naturists afforded by current judicial rulings. The bill would add increased penalties under 800.03 in certain locations and during certain times of day.

Although HB 269 could also be used as a vehicle for other legislative language unfriendly to naturists, the bill's initial text is hostile enough by itself to deserve our attention.


The Naturist Action Committee is working closely on this matter with local naturists and with representatives of Florida naturist clubs and groups. Deserving of special acknowledgment in the early stages of this issue are South Florida Free Beaches / Florida Naturist Association and Central Florida Naturists.

The Florida legislature is currently in special session. The regular 2007 session officially begins March 6. NAC and its allies are taking House Bill 269 very seriously and are focusing on the most effective and efficient ways to protect the interests of naturists. As is frequently the case, there are things to be done behind the scenes, and that's exactly what's happening at this point.


This is an informational advisory only. The Naturist Action Committee is specifically asking that you do not take action at this time.

NAC anticipates an upcoming appropriate time and circumstance for contacts with lawmakers on this issue, but that time is NOT RIGHT NOW. Please watch for further NAC Action Alerts, Advisories and Updates on this topic.


You can access additional information on the Web site of the Naturist Action Committee.

Select "Alerts, Advisories and Updates." Under Current Advisories, you'll find the text of this NAC Advisory, along with links to the complete text of HB 269, an updated legislative history of the bill and existing Florida law.


The Naturist Action Committee exists to advance and protect the rights and interests of naturists throughout North America. As the nonprofit volunteer political adjunct to The Naturist Society, NAC is a vigorous force at work on behalf of naturists.

The Naturist Action Committee relies entirely on your voluntary support. Please donate generously with a check to:

PO Box 132
Oshkosh, WI 54903

Or use your credit card to make a direct donation online through NAC's Web site:

Thank you for choosing to make a difference.


Morley Schloss
Board Member
Naturist Action Committee

Naturist Action Committee (NAC) - PO Box 132, Oshkosh, WI 54903
Executive Dir. Bob Morton -
Board Member Morley Schloss -
Online Rep. Dennis Kirkpatrick -

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

How do you like the new look to my blog?

Gotta keep you on your toes and quite frankly, the old look ws getting a little jaded. So I changed looks to add much more width room for the main articles . . . as you can see. Hope you like it.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Index-Galena-Beckler Loop

Along the Index-Galena - Beckler River Road (the FS 65 Loop up the North Fork Skykomish and Beckler River Valleys) there are numerous rustic to primitive (and even a couple of developed) camping areas. Sited by the rivers and reasonably accessible by car, these campsites lend themselves to nude camping and skinny-dipping.

With spring and summer almost in our grasps, it's time to think about arranging some camping trips. The embedded interactice map below depicts some of the camping areas I have pitched tent in the past . . . most of them all to myself or the party I was with andmost of the time enjoying some nude time with friends by the side of the river in some pretty awesome scenary. The full size version of the interactive map below can be seen by clicking on the title above. In case you haven't played with Google-style maps before (where have you been?), you can move the map around (click and drag), zoom, click on various icons for information, and even see the map in various forms (including topos and sat images).

During this coming hiking and camping season, I plan to do a nude camping trip at least once a month as a base for nude hiking onto the many wonderful trails in the area. All bonifide naturists are welcome to join in planning and enjoying such a trip . . . or better yet, become a member of the SLUGS and partake of many more nude activities such as these.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

BC Polar Bare Dips Abound

Did you know that the Vancouver, BC area held at least five Nude Polar Bare dips this past New Years Day? There is the traditional Polar Bear Swim sponsored by the Vancouver Polar Bear Swim Club and attracting up to 2,000 people at English Bay. There is also the Polar Bare Dip held at Wreck Beach. I used to live in Deep Cove and I remember the New Year's Penguin Plunge. But as this article notes, Crescent Beach in Surrey is becoming more popular as a naturist venue, and they just held their first nude Polar Bare dip.

Photo of Don Pitcairn, president of Surrey's United Naturist Association, who organizied the first "Polar Bare Plunge" at Crescent Rock Naturist Beach on New Year's Day.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bare Bowling in Portland

Bare Bowling (along with Nude Swims) is offered to the greater naturist and nudist community at very reasonable rates. But these events require attendence to cover the costs of renting the facility. If you've never attended one of these great events in the past, why don't you give it a try and learn what naturism is all about, and help assure that we will have these types of events continue in the Portland area.

Hidden Springs has another bare bowling in the planning for Saturday January 27 from 7 pm until 9 pm. At this point we don't have enough people to financially afford to hold this event. This event combined with the winter swims are the only indoor nude activities outside of landed clubs in the Portland area. We hate to see these events vanish.

Therefore I am calling on those of you that are still thinking about participating in this event to commit to this event prior to this Saturday January 20. If on January 20 not enough people have signed up we will see ourselves forced to cancel the January as well as the March 10 bowling events. It takes a lot of effort to locate facilities to host nudists groups and once we have to cancel these events it may be very difficult to find another facility that will rent their bowling alley to nudists.

Please help us to continue these unique events in the Portland area. Signing up and pre-registration can be done by e-mailing me at

Personally I have bowled my best games while nude so give yourself the chance to do the same.


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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Oddities in the Nude News this Week

On Nipple Radiation

Melissa Harrington (web site - warning, adult content) is back in the news in the continuing saga of her legal battles with the city of Lincoln, Nebraska. If you remember, Ms. Harrington was cited and fined by Lincoln city police back in December, 2003 for posing nude in public. The evidence . . . police trolled the Internet, found pictures of Ms. Harrington naked and surmised by the background that she had done the posing within the city of Lincoln. The interesting (and perhaps chilling) aspect here is that charges were preferred only after-the-fact based on photographs posted on the Internet. Chilling thought if I happened to post a picture of myself nude on my backyard deck with the skyline of the Space Needle and Seattle far off in the background. Could police with nothing better to do and trolling the Internet, argue that I was nude in public? Fortunately, Seattle is not as draconian as Lincoln, Nebraska.

The Nudiarist gives his thoughts on Melissa's Criminalized Nipples on his blog. But for a chuckle, read a satirical take on the issue at My Secret Public Blog where the writer asks, "What is it about women's nipples that causes so many to get their panties in a knot?". Read Nipple Radiation: Why is American Society to damned repressed?

Naked College Parties and Mr O'Reilly's Take

A refreshing article about the popularity of Naked Parties on college campuses seems to have caught the eye of Mr. Bill O'Reilly of Fox News' O'Reily Factor. Of course, our favorite (not) pundit tries to associate these parties with increased risk of sexual assaults in an interview with a graduate of Yale but fails to make his point. If you can stand to read anything put out by Mr. O'Reilly, you can read the transcript of the interview here.

AANR Seeks Exclusive Exemptions Only for Its' Members

This one got my gall when I read it. The article, entitled "Group seeks exemption for nude recreation" concerns a proposed (and passed) Carroll County adult business and community standards ordinance, the latest iteration of an ordinance that started out to ban public nudity and obscenity. While doing its part to regulate adult businesses, the ordinance goes further to redefine the meaning of 'public indecency' by removing "obscene" as a qualification which could allow the new ordinance to apply 'to far more than was probably intended'.

The Naturist Action Committee's Executive Director, Bob Morton, noted that 'some of the language infringes on people's everyday rights, such as how to dress'; examples given:
  • less than the majority of each buttock completely and opaquely covered” qualifies as nudity, the ordinance states. The style of swimwear today shows some portion of a woman's buttock, Morton objected. “You certainly wouldn't be able to buy most women's swimsuits today off the rack.”
  • Morton also finds problematic that the law prohibits the “female breast distal” being covered less than completely. By his interpretation, women would not be able to legally wear evening gowns that show cleavage.

While TNS and NAC were involved with trying to get the language of this ordinance modified to reflect the legitimate and innocent needs of skinny-dippers, nudists and naturists in the county, the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) chimed in with faxed examples of 'nude recreation exempted laws', handwritting a suggested change to the proposed ordinance:

“No person shall be in violation of this section in or at a club event sanctioned under legal association with the American Association for Nude Recreation.”

Um, only AANR members may practice nudism in Carroll County? This little piece of self-serving skull-dudgery does nothing to promote and unify the nudist community. What AANR is saying to the rest of us who are either unassociated or choose to be members of TNS is that we don't give a rat's ass about you . . . we are only seeking special, privilaged exemption for ourselves.

Contrast the above suggestion to the Carroll County supervisors by AANR with the work by The Naturist Society (TNS) through its' legislative arm, the Naturist Action Committee (NAC) who is trying to have the ordinance reworded to benifit all nudists and naturists . . . or lacking that, a thinly-veiled reference to challenging the ordinance in court.

Predictably, AANRs stupid attempt was ignored by the county. Unfortunately, the ordinance was passed as wriiten. NAC is already working on a followup challenge. I have no idea where AANR may be skulking off to lick the burn of its' rebuff.

In the aftermath of this story coming to light the naturist forums are alight with disgust for AANRs tactics. One response stuck out and I quote it in full:

I'm a recent transplant from New England, and a few years ago in Vermont, the Ledges--the northeast's most beloved skinny-dipping zone--changed ownership, as the utility company that owned that land and didn't care what naturists did on it sold it to a new interest. NAC, as well as Dennis Kirkpatrick, the leader of Boston's Pilgrim Naturists, were both very clear that we should not raise havoc over this; everything was inclined to stay as it was, since there had been no problems between the Ledges and the greater community. So what happens? AANR barges in and starts trumpeting to these small-town people--who, I want to emphasize again, were going to preserve our status quo--and started scolding and finger-wagging the local leadership that a ban on nude use of the Ledges that wasn't even pending until they showed up got passed into law just as a retaliation against them. And who got it overturned through cooperation and respectful dialogue with the town? NAC, that's who. If you love paying money to ensure that your naturist oases blink out of existence, donate to AANR. And then, go to hell for all I care.

From a posting to NWFunInTheSun

How factual this depiction is I do not know, but experience with AANR-NW GATs in relation to both Rooster Rock State Park and Collins Beach has always told me to beware attempts by AANR to influence control over these two wonderful clothing-optional beaches in Oregon. AANRs recent activities seem to show an exclusionary pattern from the greater naturist community and has forced me to rethink my membership in that organization.

Is a Venerable Hot Springs Resource Gone?

Finally, the premeire resource for hot springs information in North America,, seems to be gone. Attempts to reach the website and its' ten-year old database of trip reports, photos and information of the hot springs of Canada, USA and Mexico, end up at Network Solutions' Domain Expired page.'s domain name expired on Jan 3rd, 2007 and the owner has not renewed it to date. Curiously, even attempts to email the webmaster reach no one. Hot springs enthusiasts are confused and worried about this loss of a great resource. What happens to that database is the subject of much discussion and already, plans are being discussed to resurrect the site should the domain not be renewed.

Update: is back up and fully functional as of Jan 16th, 2007. Welcome back Jim.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Membership Has Its Advantages: Nude Swim Events

As you may have noticed, I post a lot of nude swim events to the Clothing Optional Calendar in the sidebar. I've been meaning to write up a post on these events all winter long but just never seemed to find the time . . . which is paradoxical since that's the same excuse I use during the hot summer season when I'm much more inclined to be hiking or lolling about on a nude beach somewhere. In any case, winter and cold weather need not be a damper to your enjoyment of a nude lifestyle. There are plenty of clothing-optional things going on. There are events almost every weekend. Nude swims are only one of them . . . and in most cases, these events are a benefit of membership in a nudist or naturist organization.

Membership has its advantages. The SLUGS Swims (SLUG=Sun Lovers Under Grey Skies) has managed to secure a luxurious private facility for the exclusive use of members and vetted guests. When I say swims, I'm understating what we get for a mere $10. The pool is a large Olympic-sized pool under an arching modernistic skylighted dome in a beautiful section of town. The water is crystal clear and a warm 75-80 degrees. At nighttime you have gorgious views through the huge glass panels . . . an open and expansive sensation unlike most municipal pools.

Clean and modern changing rooms, complete with showers (and a nice touch . . . hair dryers) are reached after entering through the foyer and a multitude of TV/game rooms, mini-snack bar, music and special interest rooms. You feel very welcome indeed . . . and it is all clothing-optional for the night. Swim, watch a DVD while enjoying cookies . . . get to know what the other SLUGgies have been up to . . . meet new members or potential members, then head for some more relaxing floating in the pool . . . or a wild game of water polo.

Or . . . slip into the hot tub and relax the muscles. And the piece d' resistance! A large solid wood-lined sauna . . . a 150-160 degree dry heat guaranteed to cleanse your aches and pains. Heaven on earth. I spent more time in the sauna than anywhere else. Membership does have its privelages.

We see those whom we relate to frequently during the warmer months and it gives us a chance to chat and go over the past years events . . . plan new ones. The comadre is the best part of these events. These people are your friends with whom you have shared much. There is no reason for the cold winter months to stop that unique friendship that club association and membership brings.

To those unaffiliated nudists out there . . . and those just curious about the warm friendships this lifestyle brings . . . take advantage of what association can bring. Nude swims are just one of the many benefits of club membership.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Austin Hot Springs: How Hot?

Some recent photos of Austin and Bagby Hot Springs come this way via a North American Hot Springs Association link to Renee & Nats Photo Gallery. Two photos of Austin Hot Springs give you some idea of how hot these under water hot springs can be. I share those here and credit Renee and Nat, but check out the other images of their trip to Austin and Bagby Hot Springs on Christmas Day.

Bagby is open to the public (since it is on public National Forest ground) . . . but Austin is on private property. You should respect that. Also, the river is swift and dangerous, especially at this time of year. There have been a number of deaths from people attempting to ford the river in the past.

This sign is not kidding around . . . the thermal vents
in the bed of the river spew out water that is
often beyond the boiling point!

Steam rising from the swift, winter waters of the Clackamas?
That's the hot spring below that cold water!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Snowshoeing to Scenic Hot Springs

Kimba was kind enough to share these images of Scenic taken Dec 26th, 2006

Someone built a snowman at the gate

There were tracks that went about up to the first bend right,
but then they ended. There were no tracks above that at all.

It took almost three hours to hit the springs.

The pools were dirty, they emptied it as much
as they could and gave it a good cleaning.

Goldmyer Hot Springs Jan 2nd, 2007 Access Update

From: Beth

Happy New Year!

Please note that this time of year-- November thru mid to late January, weather in the Middle Fork Valley is very inconsistant and can change quickly. This results in varying road and river conditions. It is not humanly possible for the Goldmyer office to tell you exactly what to expect. Go prepared for wet and/or winter-snow conditions, and don't forget your flashlights and common sense!!!!! Get an early start, as it might take you longer than you expect to arrive at Goldmyer! Use only high clearance vehicles.

/>Varying possible access conditions, and things to think about:

1) Flooding and road washouts resulting from heavy rainfall and/or snowmelt.

2) Trees down across the road.

3) Snow and/or ice. Note that Goldmyer is at 2000 ft. elevation. (tire chains are a good idea even if you have 4-wl. drive!)

4) The river may, or may not, be low enough to walk through at the traditional fording site. The river can rise rapidly. If it's raining during your visit to Goldmyer, the river could be higher on your way out compared to what it was on your way in!

5) Know how to find the (correct) Snoq. Middle Fork River footbridge alternative, and be willing to use it. The only access to Goldmyer that does not require fording any non-bridged river or stream crossings is the upper trailhead #1003, located 2-3/4 miles beyond the tradition river fording stop. This trailhead is at 3000 ft. elevation. Vehicle access to this trailhead can be limited during the winter-snow because of it's elevation. This trail is 3 miles long, and be aware that it's route is not 'blazed' for snow-covered locating.

6) There is also access to a footbridge crossing the Snoq. Middle Fork River from the Dingford Creek Trailhead. Access to the Goldmyer property via this (5mile long) trail is limited during high water conditions because there are a number of non-bridged creeks and one non-bridged smallish river (Burntboot Creek) in route.

/>Note: the (USGS) river gauge that you can link to from the Goldmyer web-site is located 20-some river miles, and about 1000 ft. elevation, below Goldmyer. This means that during the times of year (late fall thru June-ish) when snowline-snowmelt factors in, it can not directly and accurately reflect what the river is doing up by Goldmyer. The gauge information is useful to see general trends, but do not count on it for exact conditions.

/>Note: for snowline forecasting, refer to the Washington Department of Transportation's Central Cascades- Snoqualmie Pass website. They have a 5-day forecast that is very useful. Goldmyer is at 2000 ft. elevation. Snow level conditions in the upper Middle Fork Valley can vary some from this forecasting model, but it's as close as you can get.

/>As of January 3, 2007: After a spectacular cold and dry New Year's weekend at Goldmyer, with about 7-8 inches of snow at the hotsprings and a close to full moon sparkling off the snow covered trees and forest floor, we are now coming out of a 'mini pineapple express' that sent the snowline up to 6000 feet on Tuesday, and caused the river to rise quite a bit. The snowline is supposed to lower again as this week progresses. There's still some snow at Goldmyer, which will be 'firming-up' again as the weather cools down, with new snow arriving as the snowline lowers to below 2000 feet. Currently there isn't enough snow to claim 'quality' snowshoeing or xx-skiing conditions, unless you continue up the road to the upper footbridge access (read info about this route above).

/>Go prepared and don't forget your common sense! There are usually spaces avaliable this time of year for visitors arriving without a reservation: with cash in hand, arriving during our hours for check-in (8am to 10pm), willing to follow the use rules, and know how to find the place. But.... it's a good idea to call the office ahead of time for week-end days to double check on avaliability. Office hours are Tuesdays 1 till 6pm, and Fridays 3 till 8pm. If you leave a message for a return call, be sure to speak clearly, include your area code(s) with your phone number(s), and be avaliable at that number during office hours for a call-back. If you've never been to Goldmyer before, or only visited during the summer/early fall, it is highly recommended that you call the office to help you prepare for a visit. Happy soaking!

Monday, January 1, 2007

The Offense of Public Nudity by Mark Storey

At a time when trolls are wasting bandwidth in Rec Nude with the 'what-if' arguments about offending people by hiking nude on public lands, I felt it instructive to revisit this article on the nature of offense written some time ago by Mark Storey.

The article is a long one so I've made it a PermaLink to click through if you want to read it . . . and to avoid clutter on the opening page. A small excerpt:

The issue of offense is thus of great importance to naturists in America today. A flippant naturist response is to say, "The offended parties be damned; we as naturists have the right to do what we wish as long as we are not harming anyone." Or, "People will be offended by anything; offense thus should not be relevant to law." These responses fail to acknowledge the complexities of offense, and do not take into account sensible principles thoughtful lawmakers, discerning judges, and liberty-loving naturists can fruitfully bring to the discussion.

Some naturists take the opposite tack. "We should not be naked in public because it will offend people and cause them to pass more stringent 'indecent exposure' laws," they might say. Or, to blend an appeal to offense with a form of Legal Moralism, they might argue, "It's wrong to offend people, so we should never be naked in public. We should limit our nudity to our homes and nudist clubs."
A good read for those of us who wonder who is offending whom . . .

Happy Nude Year

May all the days of the coming year be as clothesless as you desire. Resolve to do something in the au' natural state at least once a week, if not more often. Let's make this coming year the best Nude Year yet!

Rick with the Floopy Blue hat and

the Banged Up Shins

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