Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nude Hiking Areas near Las Cruces, New Mexico

Also passed two female rangers. They chatted with me for a few minutes. They reminded me that technically nudity is prohibited, but then told me that they, too hike it naked when not on duty.  From a posting in the Yahoo Naturist Hikers group by Jon on Jan 26th, 2009.  Images and links added by myself:

The question asked . . . "Where are there good [nude] hiking spots in southern New Mexico near Las Cruces?"

To the East, Just south of Alamogordo is a Great spot. If you go to Oliver Lee Memorial State Park, you can go many directions from there. you can cimb the mountains, explore the spring, or explore the valley below. I arrived there about Noon, and stayed nekkid the whole rest of the day. There were only 2 other sites occupied, and even the old-man ranger was cool with it. The next morning, I hiked the spring again, and even "showered" in it. Then I went to the WhiteSands National
Monument. Had to hike out a ways to get away from the crowded areas, but once in the dunes, no problem. Didn't see a soul for over an hour...just get about a mile from the road.

To the Northwest of Las Cruces, The Silver City area has many Wilderness hiking areas. Head North from SilverCity on Hwy 15 into the Gila National Forest. There are Hundreds of trails...very few people, and nobody blinks an eye at the sight of a naked hiker. If you follow the road all the way to the Cliff Dwellings, There is a place called
Light Feather Hotsprings. (ask at the visitor center for directions). 

The springs are about 140 degrees, so ya need to divert thestream to cool it down. I hiked the trail naked, passed 6 other hikers in about 4 hours. Also passed two female rangers. They chatted with me for a few minutes. They reminded me that technically nudity is prohibited, but then told me that they, too hike it naked when not on duty. I was the only one at the springs, so very peaceful!

If you head Northwest on Hwy180 from Silver city to Glenwood, then turn on Hwy 174. This will take you to the "Catwalk"...An incredible gorge thru on old silver mine. The hike is only about a mile to the top, and fairly busy on the trail, so I stayed dressed... but there is a swimming hole at the base of a waterfall...and nekkid people abound in that area. I hiked the whole thing up, then came back to the hole, and got nekkid, swam, and stayed nekkid for about two hours. many people came and went. some got nekkid, some didn't. Nobody cared. The hole is visible from the trail above (about 50' up the stairs), and most who passed by, did stop, smile, wave, and take pictures. But again, nobody has any concerns.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Flower Power at Glassbar Nude Beach in Eugene, Oregon

Glassbar Island Nude Beach Volunteers (GINBV) will be hosting a Valentines Day (February 14) event at Glassbar Island State Park.  Bring your native flower seeds or show up to help GINBV plant collected seeds.  This is a great time to take a tour of the park and meet some of the GINBV members. 

The SOLV “Down by the Riverside” event will be May 16 starting at 9 am at the picnic table area.  GINBV members are currently meeting with Glassbar Island State Park employees to plan work projects for the event. 

Check out www.glassbarisland.org for club information and to view new seasonal pictures.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Goldmyer Hot Springs Conditions Jan 13th, 2009

January 13, 2009 update Jan 13, '09 9:50 AM
by Beth for everyone

The beginning (at least) of the Middle Fork Road was hit hard in last week's flood. King County has the road closed at the fork in the paved road because of a number of slides in the last section of paved road. They have a guard posted at the fork. They allow residents thru, and also (maybe) visitors if you're willing to assume the risk. The upper paved road is completely impassable.

But...... it doesn't really matter if you can get past the guard, because the county road beyond the end of pavement also has numerous damaged areas including landslides and road bed drop-offs along (at least) the first 2-1/2 mile of road. At this 2-1/2 mile point there is a roadbed drop-off that is impassable by vehicle as there is only about 4 ft. of road bed width left and the drop-off shoots straight down to one of the 90* turns in the river. This point is about 17 miles before Goldmyer. As of Sunday 1/11 there was still about 10" of snow at that elevation, making use of bicycle from that point impractical for now. We have no guess as to damage assessment beyond that point.

Considering the volume of road damage in Western Washington, it would be assumed that there will be numerous other roads that will take higher priority for repair dollars and crews first. We'll have to wait and see.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Create a Nude Calendar

Here's a fun project we can do while locked up in our homes suffering cabin fever . . . we could create nude calendars of our fun activities, print them up on that fancy new color printer we got for Christmas . . . and share them with our naturist friends (and perhaps a few non-naturst friends we want to convert).

The monthly calendar produced by BigHugeLabs

or view all 12 months in a printable document format here on Google Docs.

BigHugeLabs is one site that can take your digital image and produce a monthly calendar like the one above.  You can either upload the image or link to one of the popular image hosing sites (like Flickr) to use one of your photos from there.  If you link, make sure you opt out of allowing BigHugeLabs to share your photos on their website.  Once your calendar is created you can download the image file and print up your calendar . . . or optionally, allow them to print it for you (prolly not a good idea).

The other site that I have used to create a nude calendar is VistaPrint . . . which allows more versatility in creating a calendar and can generate a full-year calendar with cover.  Unfortunately,  there is no option for downloading the finished calendar . . . instead, you are directed to the shopping cart to order (and pay) for a printed calendar.  At the moment they are running a special of $16.98 for the professionally printed calendar.  However, I'm not sure if nudity will get past the actual printing stage.

There is one little trick you can use to get by that restriction (if you are so inclined and feeling sneaky):  after making you edits and presented with a thumbnail-proof page of your calendar months you can view each page in a popup, right-click and save the image, choosing an appropriate name for each one in turn).    The quality of the image is not bad and prints up just fine on matte photo paper.

Cover of VistaPrint produced Nude Calendar

The month of February . . . note my birthday on the 18th ...

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