Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shirley's Oregon Coast Nude Hike

Nude hiking in Oregon is at best challenging. Not because you can’t find a great location but because the weather discourages it. I am a warm weather hiker and it had been awhile since experiencing the joy and freedom of a nude hike. Rick's postings about nude hikes motivate and encourage me. Good gosh Rick hikes in the snow.

The coast is only about an 80-minute drive from my house. The old RV was cooperating in that it started without hesitation. The RV Park with cheap rates that I love is a 12-minute walk to the beach. On a previous trip I accidently found a very large BLM land park. Previously the park was enjoyed by ATV’ers and recently it appears any motorized vehicles are not allowed. I don’t own one nor do I want one but if I did this would be a perfect place to ride one. Now that the area is off limits to ATV’s it appears to get little use. The only sign at this park is one that says “no motorized vehicles allowed.” It would be a perfect place to set aside for nude use.

So around 10 am I entered the park and kept my eyes open for footprints in the sand. The only ones I spotted were a set of human and dog prints going in and returning out. So I felt fairly secure that I had the park to myself. I have only been able to find one entrance. No one was using the small space available for parking.. I believe that only the locals use this park as most people prefer to be on the beach.

I was able to spend almost two hours nude hiking. It was if the sun decided to give me a gift. The sand dunes blocked the coast wind and it was wonderful. Every once in awhile I would be at the top of a dune and the wind was strong and chilly. The silence of being there was a gift in itself. The blue sky and sunshine were like an added gift that I did not take for granted. I wish I had the skill Rick has at take pictues.

I own (lifetime lease) a RV site at the http://www.Willamettans.com and use it a lot in the winter. But come this time of the year I long for nude camping in the mountains, hiking the trails, and ending the day soaking in some hot springs. This hike will be added to the top of my favorite list. Such a visual joy and gift.

Incredible that there is a place in Oregon where one can be nude, hike and be alone. One of Oregon's treasures for sure. I hike a lot in the national forest but this hike is one of my favorites.. no people, no dogs, no noise and no litter.


What a beautiful area . . . you make me jealous, Shirley.  We are going to have to hike it together . . . prior to those promised hot springs trips we've been planning all these years.    Shirley has permitted me to publish the pictures of her adventure.  You can experience her hike here in a Photo Album I've set aside just for Shirley.


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