Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hunt & Kosh HS, Northern Calif: Updated Directions

GPS GeoCoords: 41.033722, -121.931484

A spectacular valley near scenic Mount Shasta is the setting for a relaxing little getaway spot called Hunt Hot Springs. To make your visit a great one, bring along a bucket to carry water from a nearby creek, in case you want to cool down the very warm pools here.

There are several 105F hot spring-fed rock and cement pools, including one that holds four people, and a soaking tub.

Up and over the hill from Hunt Hot Springs, is a really special place: a tiny, two-person rock pool called Kosh Hot Springs and built by volunteers. Tucked away, this nearly hidden jewel is warmed by 104-degree water.

Hunt Hot springs
Hunt Hot springs

Kosh Hot Springs

The Updated Directions to Hunt and Kosh Creek Hot Springs

These updated directions avoid going across sensitive private property unlike many traditionally posted directions found online.  Please do not drive to or walk down the dirt roads to the hot springs!

From Redding, go east on Highway 299 about 35 miles to Big Bend Road (exit is for the town of Big Bend). Turn north (left) on Big Bend Road and follow it about 16 miles to Big Bend. After you reach the Pit Stop Store in Big Bend, drive across the Pit River bridge (pavement ends and road veers left). Continue on this road, which is now Forest Service Road 11, for two miles, where you will park before/near the bridge. (*Details: After .8 miles, FS 3702 turns to the right, but keep going straight on the main road/FS11 until you come to the bridge over Kosk Creek, where FS11 turns left onto the bridge and heads towards McCloud.) Park near the bridge (do not go over the bridge). Step into the cow pasture and walk downstream along Kosk Creek. Keep right, and stay on the trail that hugs the creek. (*Detail: there is a trail that veers left toward a fence, through the pasture on left, but it is less direct and crosses the posted “no trespassing” into a different private property, so just stay right.) The hot springs are just past the sandy bluff, right on the edge of the creek. 

To find Kosh Hot Springs from Hunt, take the steep trail just behind the pools up and over the hill. It will lead you back down to Kosh Creek. As you approach the creek, you'll see the pool. It's a small, rock-walled pool at the edge of the creek 

Update directions provided by a contributor to my Community Walk Clothing-Optional Places map

Monday, July 30, 2012

Scenic Hot Springs Clean Up Party July 28th, 2012

This past Saturday's clean up party went very well with five volunteers responding to enjoy the fresh air, great views and sun on the slopes of Scenic Hot Springs.

Reflection in my car window: you never know when a photo-op
is about to happen.  The sun angle was just perfect for this image.
We gathered beyond the gate in the traditional parking area of the clearcut from the old days.  And there we set about for the hike up with the supplies we might need for the clean-up.  Perfect day for enjoying nudity as the skies had finally cleared and the sun was not being too brutal.  After the camping trip before and the mild case of sunburn it was prudent to at least use the spray bottle of suntan oil this time instead of leaving it unused in the car.  Then it was off for ten full hours of freedom and enjoyment in the sun.  I didn't even bother to pack any shorts or teeshirt with me.  The day was going to be a great day.  Before heading on up I spotted my reflection in the side window of my car and just couldn't resist seeing if it would capture as an image.  I rather like the result.  Then it was off up the slopes with a heavy sports bag (I'm guessing 60-80 lbs) of tools and supplies.

Tools and supplies too bulky for my backpack, I had to tote the
weight up in a sports bag

Vandals had done a great deal of damage earlier in the week, and while the rest went up to the main springs with ideas on what we might accomplish, I set to work removing the destroyed Honor Box down near the trailhead. 

Vandals attempting to break into the Honor Box

Though they destroyed the Honor Box beyond repair (this is the second time they have done so), all they succeeded in doing is to force the door inward and trapping the insides behind the heavy door.  If there had been anything of value in the box (there wasn't because it had been checked hours before this happened), there would have been no way of getting at them . . . the door was thoroughly wedged in.  The main reason I needed to get in (besides removing it) was because I'd stored a box of deck screws in there for future maintenance up at Scenic . . . such as today.  With the keys to retract the undamaged bolts and a little bit of sweat I managed to open the door the proper way and get at my supplies.  I removed the honor box to take off site later.  It will be replaced.

These same vandals also went to great efforts to scale the trees nearby and steal the two new trail cams to hide their activities.  This crime has been reported to King County with an active case number.

A Bench for sitting and holding belongings
Up at the main springs, the clean-up participants were already going through and seeing what kind of materials were available.  I'd already mentioned that a bench for visitors to sit upon or store their belongings off the ground would be a nice amenity.  The problem with any work party up at Scenic is that there is a fine line between maintaining the status of the hot springs versus "improving" the hot springs.  Improving and expanding the construction up at Scenic is what got it into trouble back in 2001 . . . and the resulting closure.  Matt and myself had already decided that a simple bench was no more than maintaining the status of the springs . . . preventing it from going into disrepair.  It was a minor amenity that did not increase the footprint of the existing construction.  On that basis, we decided to go ahead.

Of course, doing anything in the wilderness is an exercise in planning and patience.  I'd man-carried a simple pull saw, a hammer, a tape measure, my cordless driver and the retrieved deck screws (plus some other materials).  That was all we had to work with.  We had to bolster the support of the railing and somehow keep everything on the level.  The tape measure got a lot of use . . . as well as the old adage about measuring twice and cutting once.  We had to think the progress of the bench out.  The leaders . . . those who had some idea of what they were doing . . . soon stepped to the forefront (lol, not me . . . I just let them know what I wanted and then welded the hammer where I was told to strike).

Originally, I had envisioned some sort of roof or cap over the bench in order to provide some cover and protection from rain and snow during the wetter months.  That is the reason for the two uprights that you see in the image.  However, we are rethinking that one in relation to wind and snow loads on the structure.  They are there as a basis should we decide to continue in the future.  In the end it took us almost six hours to put together the finished bench.  Then it was time to actually enjoy using it and soaking in the hot springs.

A tempering feed has been added
During the last work party we carted hundreds of pounds of sand up the mountainside to repair the damage someone had done to the Bear Den spring sources.  The result of those repairs was that Bear Den now runs a couple of degrees hotter than it normally does.  And a consequence of hotter pool temperatures is that it is not as enjoyable in the hot summer months as it traditionally would have been.  

A week earlier I had tapped into a small, tepid spring to bring some cooling water down.  With a little bit of cooling water running into the pool, Bear Den is actually very nice, even on a hot summer day.  Lobster Pot, of course, remains scalding hot and I would never change that as many actually like the experience . . . and the cooling off (somewhat) in Bear Den later.

The tempering feed is not very vigorous and I've set the tubing to allow use or not . .  placing the outlet on the center board when not in use.  This feed is the runoff that we have seen running down the slope from above the springs . . . which was also a result of someone playing with the spring sources without authorization or permission..  Now, instead of eroding the slope above, it is controlled and of use in dropping the temperature of the pool just enough.

The final touches of this clean-up party was removal of some of the Styrofoam and wire netting debris from the upper area to the lower staging area for later disposal.  Thank you to each of the participants and you will get credit toward future passes.

Yours truly enjoyed the whole day clothes-free.  One other did join in hiking back down from the springs au' natural . . . but there is a lesson in this.  When you take off your clothes to do a one-way nude hike . . . please remember where you placed your clothes . . . or at least bring them with you!  He had to hike all the way back up to the springs once he realized he had left them behind.  And that was a chuckle for the rest of us.  Don't worry, I won't reveal who suffered this faux pas . . . your identity is safe with me.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Vantage and Moses Lake Potholes maps

A couple of spots for those craving sun and some free time in their skin. These popular spots are located in Eastern Washington, close to Walla Walla, the Tri-Cities area and Yakima. 

The traditional nude beaches area of Vantage (from the Inner Circle website)

This beach has had a fairly active nude use, especially in the past year. It is a more centrally located site which helps a bunch for those of us living over here in a more reasonable Washington climate! As always, use proper Naturist ideals and pack out all your trash plus a little if it is there! It is possible according to some rumors that there may be a permanent composting toilet installed this year! This area is generally used by small groups who wish time to themselves but larger groups (see SLUGS under Washington travel clubs) do from time to time have outings here!

Moses Lake Potholes (from the Inner Circle website)

This near Moses Lake beach has had fairly active nude use over the years. This is another area where if you want you can find a very secluded spot for just yourself or you may meet some of the travel groups here for an outing! The area is frequented much by people from the SE corner of Washington so if you live in that area, you could very easily meet your next door neighbor here! This map is one which we first used to find a place for ourselves out here! The area up at the "deserted end of the lake"!

Maps and descriptions from the Inner Circle website.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

NAC Advisory: Scandal and fallout at California DPR

                     NATURIST ACTION COMMITTEE
Copyright 2012 by the Naturist Action Committee, which is responsible
for its content. Permission is granted for the posting, forwarding or
redistribution of this message, provided that it is reproduced in its
entirety and without alteration.

DATE   : July 22, 2012
SUBJECT: Scandal and fallout at California DPR
TO     : All naturists and other interested parties


This is an Advisory from the Naturist Action Committee (NAC) concerning recent developments involving the California State Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR). The fallout from those developments is significant for naturists.


In a time of severe budget austerity and plans for the closure of as many as seventy state parks because of a shortage of operating funds, the California Department of Parks and Recreation was found this past week to be sitting on a hidden fund that amounted to nearly $54 million in two accounts. To establish perspective, we note that the amount needed to keep all state parks open had been estimated to be $22 million, less than half the hidden stash.

The news comes at a time in which state lawmakers are considering increasing taxes on citizens for a DPR bailout and local groups are having bake sales to keep their nearby parks from having to close.

In the immediate wake of the scandal, DPR Director Ruth Coleman resigned her position. Acting chief deputy director Michael Harris, Coleman’s second in command, was fired.

In her letter of resignation Friday to California Governor Jerry Brown, Coleman claims that she was unaware of the unreported surplus, which she characterized as “an excessive balance.”


During her 12 year tenure as the Director of the Department of Parks and Recreation, Ruth Coleman did not make herself easily available to naturist and nudist groups or leaders. However, in a focused effort to negotiate in good faith with the Department in the context of the San Onofre State Beach situation and other matters, NAC has met in recent years with Director Coleman formally in her Sacramento office and informally on other occasions. Coleman has participated in a number of one-on-one phone conversations with NAC Executive Director Bob Morton, and she has initiated several of those calls, herself. NAC has enjoyed an access to the Director that was not accomplished by others.

From this perspective, conclusions regarding former Director Coleman’s management style have become apparent. Coleman was not a “hands-on” director. She relied on others to establish policy for her. For example, Ruth Coleman did not originate the directive she signed in 2008 that abrogated the long-standing Cahill Policy at San Onofre State Beach. That memo was written by local park superintendent Rich Haydon, who had been in his position for all of two weeks. Haydon was unfamiliar with the policy or its history. Indeed, in referring to former DPR Director Russell Cahill, the author of the eponymous policy, Haydon’s memo identified him as “William Cahill.”

Ruth Coleman too frequently accepted what her underlings told her, even when it was obviously wrong. A Department lawyer advised Coleman, for example, that park employees at a state-operated clothing-optional beach could sue her department for sexual harassment because of the nude beachgoers. That legal opinion was baseless, but it was a view Coleman came to hold strongly.

Throughout DPR’s relentless crusade against clothing-optional areas in state parks since 2008, Anthony I. “Tony” Perez, Deputy Director of Park Operations, has been a powerful and vigorous adversary of nude recreation. Documents uncovered by NAC through California’s Public Records processes have shown that Perez has regularly and surreptitiously intercepted naturist and nudist communication intended for Director Coleman. Representatives from the American Association for Nude Recreation have dealt with Perez, but they have never been allowed to meet with Ruth Coleman.

NAC’s observation of Coleman’s unquestioning reliance on the poor advice and faulty reporting of those who worked for her tends to offer awkward support for her contention that she was unaware of the funds that had gone unreported through her entire tenure. Regardless, her defective management style does not excuse the blunder.


The existence of irregularities began coming to light when auditors found evidence of unauthorized vacation buyouts among DPR headquarters personnel as far back as 2004. The conversion of unused vacation hours into a cash payment is not typically permitted for state employees during times of budget shortfalls. Probing the vacation scheme through its own Public Records Act requests, the Sacramento Bee forced the issue in recent weeks and uncovered the hidden funds.

Deputy Director Manuel Lopez received more than $20,000 in unauthorized and improperly reported vacation buyout cash. The total involved in the dollars-for-vacation-hours scheme has been estimated to be more than $270,000. Lopez was demoted in October, 2011, and he resigned in May of this year.

As the scandal continued to unfold, DPR Deputy Director Tony Perez quietly retired late last month. No presently existing allegation connects Perez to any of the departmental improprieties. Regardless, the departure of Perez may be seen as more directly significant for naturists than the resignation of Coleman.


Governor Brown has appointed Natural Resources Agency Undersecretary Janelle Beland to be the acting director of the Department of Parks and Recreation. Beyond the obvious tasks of caretaking and cooperating with the inevitable investigations, it is unlikely that Beland will propose any new initiatives in the near future.

A great deal of dust will have to settle before the affected state agencies are able to move forward effectively. Naturists, who are understandably eager to read instant change into recent events, are encouraged to temper enthusiasm with wisdom.

Ultimately, resurrection of the familiar Cahill Policy as a management tool for clothing-optional beaches is unlikely. An appellate court has ruled that Cahill was never properly installed, even though it worked reasonably well for close to 30 years. Other long term solutions are more attractive and viable.


Two years ago, the Naturist Action Committee developed a formal petition requesting the setting aside of portions of State Park units for clothing-optional recreation. The petition was submitted not only to the State Department of Parks and Recreation, but also to the California Park and Recreation Commission and to the State Natural Resources Agency. Many naturist and nudist clubs, resorts and organizations with California interests joined NAC in signing the document. Others were offered the chance to sign, but elected not to do so.

When the time is right, NAC will be submitting the petition again with the sincere hope that this time, AANR and AANR-West will choose to sign it, too.

What else will be different this time? Well, we won’t have the DPR Director telling the Park and Rec Commission that there’s just no money to allow the Department to be responsive to the 62% of California adults who believe “the California Department of Parks and Recreation should exercise the legal authority it has to designate clothing-optional areas in state parks.” [Source: 2009 NEF California Poll.]


Watch for NAC Action Alerts, Advisories and Updates on this and other important issues affecting naturists.


The Naturist Action Committee remains committed to issues of body freedom. Activism on behalf of naturists is expensive, and NAC relies entirely on the voluntary financial support of people like YOU.

Won't you please send a generous donation to:

   PO Box 132
   Oshkosh, WI 54903

Or call toll free (800) 886-7230 (8AM-4PM, Central Time, weekdays) to donate by phone using your MasterCard, Visa or Discover Card. Or use your credit card to make a convenient online donation: www.naturistaction.org/donate/

Thank you once again for choosing to make a difference.


Bob Morton
Executive Director
Naturist Action Committee

Naturist Action Committee (NAC) - PO Box 132, Oshkosh, WI 54903
Executive Dir. Bob Morton       - execdir@naturistaction.org
Board Member Allen Baylis       - rab@baylislaw.com
Board Member Charles Harris     - carlopianoforte@gmail.com
Online Rep. Dennis Kirkpatrick  - naturist@sunclad.com

External Page: http://www.sunclad.com/gnaturists/
Postings To: naturists@googlegroups.com
Unsubscribe To: naturists+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com

Friday, July 20, 2012

1st Annual Nude Campout at Scenic Hot Springs

An invitation to the naturist community and we had an informal test of the idea of an annual nude campout at Scenic Hot Springs this past weekend (7/13-14).  While not as well attended because of conflicting nudist activities, those who participated had a great time . . . enough so that this may become an annual event.

Since Scenic is private property where nudity is traditional and legal we could be nude from the moment we arrived until the moment we left and, enjoy the camping, hiking nude through the forests and clearcuts around the area, soak in the hot springs and just simply work on our tan lines.

Setting Up Camp on Friday

Our original site was changed to the clearcut dur to exccessive
winter tree-fall in the traditional area.
 At first we were going to do some serious toting of supplies to a traditional camping area under the canopy of the NW corner of the property.  Unfortunately that area had a lot of large trees toppled over the past winter and is in need of some serious clearing.  The second choice was a large, grassy flat area to the west (behind me in the picture above).  That area is closer to Scenic Creek and has seen a lot of hunter use as a campsite over the years.  While the area would have been perfect for a large grouping of tents, it also, unfortunately, was out of the way should I need to intercept and turn around any trespassers making their way up the opposing BPA road to Scenic.

We gave serious thought to backpacking our gear up to the springs and making camp there.  I can pack light but on Friday, not a one of us came prepared to hike all that heavy gear another thousand feet higher.  So we made camp  where we brought the cars in . . . at the beginning of the clearcut from the Forest Service road leading back to the gate.  True car camping and any trespassers would have to go right in front of me to gain the route to Scenic.

We got nude before even the unpacking and setup started (heck, I'd already been nude for the better part of the day leading to the camping).  Appropriate flat areas were few and our tents ended up scattered apart.  I'd arrived early and claimed the high ground of a grassy ramp leading up to a BPA tower.

Propane BBQ for the burgers (or in this case, boiling water for my coffee.)
 Dinner first.  Burgers with all the fixings . . . cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions . . . onto toasted sesame seed buns while we waited out the one remaining overnighter to arrive.  Eventually, we gave up on him and set off to hike (sans clothing, of course) up to the hot springs a mile away and a thousand feet higher on the mountainside.  Coming back down a couple of hours later, we met our wayward friend hiking completely nude up to the springs.  We could see in the distance that he had already set up his own tent.  His turn to enjoy the springs.  Later, we all met down below around the campfire we had started.  The sun was going down and evening bugs getting feisty . . . so the smoke from our fire came in handy to discourage their feeding on bare torsos.

Some Serious Camping Requirements (Smores, in other words)

marshallow on stick
An essential step to making smores.  I like my marshmallows burned
for that delicious charred taste!

Dinner done and food stuff secured prudently away from night-time inquisitive bears, it was time to stoke up that campfire up as twilight approached.  Mike was only tasked with one bring-along . . . the ingredients for smores.  And he did not disappoint us.  A few green-wood skewers prepped and sharpened . . . tips sanitized and hardened in the fire for a few seconds . . . and we were ready to try out our various techniques for making smores.  Al arriving late from a soak up at the springs joined us all nude around a welcomely-warm campfire.

If you have never tried smores in a camping situation you are definitely missing out in a time-honored tradition (not to mention a tasty treat).  So, I'm going to bore you with my technique for making smores around a campfire in the wilderness.  You need just three ingredients to make smores:
  1. Graham Crackers
  2. Chocolate Bars (Nestle's Milk chocolate seems to have become the de'facto standard)
  3. Marshmallows (the large ones . . . not the miniatures)
You'll also need skewers to toast your marshmallows, a good campfire, and friends to enjoy this traditional past-time in the silliness of the experience.   I say silliness in a most approving way . . . camping is supposed to be an escape from stresses of rushed lives.  What better way to unwind by doing something fun and maybe a little childish . . . but that's what makes it fun and relaxing.  Especially with friends (and even strangers who quickly become friends around a shared campfire.)

The Technique (a'la Banged Up Shins):

Take a graham cracker and break in two halves.  Place a square or two of the milk chocolate in the center of one of the halves.  So far, not a radical departure.  Here's where my technique comes in.  The manufacturer's of milk chocolate have become stingy with the amount of milk fat in their products, resulting in a chocolate that doesn't melt as well as it did in the past.  The traditional way to make smores was to place the toasted marshmallow atop the chocolate and allow the heat to soften the chocolate squares beneath.  But I've had very little luck even with well-toasted and presumedly hot marshmallows having much of a softening effect on today's milk chocolates.  I remain with the hard square of chocolate instead of oozing all three ingredients together that I remember from my childhood. 

So, that graham cracker half with the chocolate on it gets placed near the fire on one of the rocks ringing the flames.  The idea is to pre-soften the chocolate but be careful as you can over-do this step and end up with a dripping mess, laughter and scalding melted chocolate burns on your naked chest and abdomen.  (Hint:  lean forward when you take your first bites of a completed smore.  The drips of melted chocolate won't hurt the forest floor.)

While the chocolate is tempering beside the fire, skewer one or two marshmallows (one is usually enough and I just pop the other one in my mouth out of haste).  Hold the marshmallows near, but not directly in the flames and slowly rotate the skewer to evenly brown and double in size the marshmallows.  Try the skewer the marshmallows dead-center as they tend to rotate lop-sided down as they heat up (ending up with only one side toasted).  

Banged Up Shins preferred version . . . when the marshmallow has doubled in size, poke real close to the coals or flame to set them afire, and then pull back, letting them burn for a few seconds.  You should have a thin, crispy-black skin develop around the gooey center.  Blow the flames out and be ready to jump aside should a cremated marshmallow decide to drop to the forest floor and any bare feet immediately in it's path.  Cremated marshmallow (which is just sugar) can produce a nasty burn on bare skin.

Eat one of the marshmallows straight from the skewer (of course, that's why you greedily stuffed two on there in the first place) and then set the other one directly atop the softened chocolate.  Top with the other half of the graham cracker, wait a few seconds for the heat of the marshmallow to do it's thing to the chocolate, and then squeeze them together until gooey stuff oozes out the sides.  Bite in and enjoy.  We did and no inadvertent burn marks to our bare skins.  I'm happy to report that, unlike frying bacon, smores can be made while nude , , , and in fact, it is the only way to make smores along with a cheerful campfire and friends to go along.

Late Night Visitors

This kind of silliness went on for some time.  Well into complete darkness (except for a cheery campfire) on a moonless night.  It was in that darkness that we heard the somewhat excited squeals of "Ouuu a campfire" and we realized that we were not alone out there in the wilderness.

A campfire anchors us in the darkness of a moonless night

 A quick glance in the direction of where the forest service road comes into the clearcut revealed a small flashlight or two flickering.  We had visitors trying to sneak into the hot springs.  Ahh well . . .  was my job to deter trespassing and part of the reason I was up there.  Headlight on and directed toward the voices approaching.  I walk down to meet them.  It's a mixed group of teenagers . . . six or seven of them . . . and they don't know what to make of the situation, especially me standing naked on the road in front of them. They looked like deer startled in headlights when I challenged and asked them what they were doing on private property.

This group I'd never seen before.  Clean and not at all mouthy like the group I kicked out a week earlier.  First response . . . "Sir, we didn't know..."  Didn't know what?  How could they miss all the signs on the way in?  They had no answer and to their credit, they did apologize and accept that they couldn't go in any further.  I actually had a rather fatherly talk with them . . . and it was only after-the-fact that I realized how completely natural I felt to have been standing there naked in front of a bunch of strangers and turning attention from that fact to what I was chastising them for in the first place.  They actually thanked me before they turned around reluctantly and left back the way they came in. 

Back at the campfire both Mike and Al said I should have at least invited them over to the campfire and a chance to save something of their evening before being sent packing.  In after-thought, I think they were right, and at least by the end of the evening we might have made a bunch of youth just a little bit more comfortable around nudity . . . heck, possibly some converts. I might have even relented and allowed them a gratis soak up at the springs . . . they had been so chagrined but apologetically polite when I dashed their original plans.

A Late Night Soak

 My fellow campers turned into their tents soon after.  However, I have never been an early-to-bed, up at first light type of person.  I restoked the campfire and make myself another pot of coffee.  It was barely midnight and I knew that if we got any more late-night trespassers attempting to sneak in . . . they would be coming between the witching hours of midnight to 2am. The night air was just a little on the chilly side but surprisingly comfy when I set my chair next to the campfire.  There I sat and sort of dozed off in complete relaxation.  So much for guard duty . . . trespassers could have walked right by me at times and I would never have known.

Absolutely unproductive time but how relaxing ...
If you don't tend a fire . . . add more wood, move coals around . . . eventually it flickers down to a useless white ash.  And a naked person sitting nearby awakes to a chill . . . me.  It is after one in the morning.  I am not ready for bed.  I have more of a restless urge to move around  . . . probably more to get the blood moving and dash the chill away.  There is also the desire to feel the freedom of moving naked through the enveloping mantle of darkness covering everything.  Hiking into total darkness . . . even with the cone of a good headlamp to light your way . . . is something akin to a challenge.  Clothing shields some of us with a debatable sense of protection from that pitch-black.  Without that clothing you truly are vulnerable to whatever may be out there . . . and particularly more so when there is nothing between your bare skin and the chill of nighttime darkness.  A challenge that is both a little unnerving at times but very sensual in the interaction of your body to the night air.

Heading down to the gate half a mile away to see if there were
trespassers who had parked and snuck past me earlier.

 I really didn't know if anyone had gotten past me earlier, so I ambled down the forest service road a half mile to where the gate blocked access to see if there were any cars down there.  There were none . . . a disappointment in a way because I would just love to catch the more despicable vandals and have them arrested.  The fact that I'm nude and not even carrying my cell phone on this particular jaunt doesn't even come to mind.  Looking for trespassers is just an excuse.

Well, heck.  Back in the clearcut and our camping area, I really don't have a reason or need to go up to the hot springs.  Nevertheless, I grab my backpack.  The least I could do is be doubly-sure . . . and maybe treat myself to a nice warm, relaxing soak.

Monster Tub:  106F in the near pool, 109F in the far one. High in lithium
and pH silky smooth.
I've already soaked once today.  This is a double-treat.  Hiking the two thirds mile up the mountainside in chill night air tightens all the pores of the skin  . . . goosebumpy.  All that is needed is the shucking of shoes and socks and it is right into toasty hot water to the neck.  Headlight turned off, stars above blazing in the gazillions . . .what could be better?  Half an hour is all I need and on the hike back down my skin wafts visible steamy warmth all the way back to my tent.  It's pack it up time . . . into the sleeping bag and a good night's sleep.

Awake at Dawn and a Morning Soak

The one thing I didn't pack and regretted was the pad for under my sleeping bag.  I slept warm but with the impression of every tiny pebble digging into my back that my site prep had failed to brush aside.  I awoke early, unable to go back to sleep.  Coffee was the first order of business in the cool and nippy morning air of dawn.  Not a sign of movement from any of the other tents.  After a quick breakfast I set out on the hike up to the springs, hiking this time with nothing more than my shoes, floopy blue hat and a small towel . . . about as free-hiking as possible (I'd be foolish to attempt that rocky path without something on my feet.

It's not very often I head out without a pack on my back.  Feels good.

Again, I meet my oversleeping companions on the way back down as they are heading up.  Someone has to meet the Saturday participants . . . mainly, Richard and Joe of the SLUGS.   Having time in the sun on my hands I check out places it's been a few years since visiting . . . the overgrown trail to the upper Scenic Falls . . . still very overgrown and unpassable without some serious clearing.

I had also promised to take a couple of them down to see the lower falls . . . a 150 foot sheer drop over a precipice . . . but that route was also overgrown.  Those ideas out of the way I again set to enjoying the sun amid people coming and going to the springs while I watched over the tents.

With my towel atop a large sunning rock
Joe and Richard arrived separately . . . Richard parking by the gate and hiking nude from there.  Joe had already headed up to the springs for a hike while I got caught up of the goings-on at the SLUGS with Richard.  Then it was Richard's turn to check out the springs.  I decided to head on down to the gate and check out the two cars Richard had said were there because i hadn't seen any trespassers attempting to get by me.  Again, I headed on down free-hiking style with just my shoes and hat.  I encountered no one and still wonder where the occupants of those cars got to.  They certainly didn't head in to Scenic.

Looking for a way down to the Lower Scenic Falls
On the way back from the gate  I decided to see if I could reverse blaze the route back down to the Lower Scenic Falls.  During the winter months this route is the easiest way up to Scenic from the Surprise Creek parking area.  However, once summer growth sets in the Devil's Club quickly takes over the entire area, making it impassable.  After only a few minutes of looking for a feasible route down, I gave up and returned to the Forest Service road and our campsites.

Everyone took their time enjoying the springs while I took care of things down below . . . most of the time working on the developing crispy red skin that I wasn't aware of developing.  I normally don't sunburn , , , my Greek heritage, I suppose.  So I had been a little arrogant about being out in the sun for two days straight without any sunscreen protection whatsoever.  But by the afternoon I could see that reddening of mild burning.  I could only hope that I hadn't overdone it . . . I didn't feel the burn . . . just the reddening of a large area of skin over most of my body with the sole exception of the thigh creases because of prolonged sitting.  A little sunscreen . . . better late than never.

Breaking camp and emptying any critters that managed to sneak their way in.

Drying out the bottom of the tent before collapsing and rolling up.

Toward five in the afternoon I broke down my campsite while still waiting on the rest of them still soaking away up at the springs.  They came down singly . . . timing just right and we did a general cleanup of the area.  After the last of my guests left I remembered the one treat we didn't manage to get around to . . .

Did you know that watermelons grew in the ice-cold stream of the Cascades?
Retrieving an ice-cold (by now) watermelon
Yeah, we had stashed a beautiful watermelon into the flow of a very cold stream to enjoy later . . . but we forgot all about it . . . until everyone had left.  Ah well . . . the treat's all mine.  I'm taking it home with me.  It's into the car, down to the gate, the heck with clothes. 

Those two cars are still there but no signs of their occupants.  I wave at Richard, who has hiked nude down to his car and is just getting around to getting dressed.  I won't bother with clothes until I get closer to Goldbar where I make a stop of pickup some Aloe Vera lotion as a preventative against deepening sunburn.  The weekend was fun.  Next time I'm going to put some more planning into it . . . get bigger participation.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Winberry Creek Nude Camping and Hike by Shirley

"This hike was better than any drug, illegal or prescribed, than I have ever experienced. No way to put into words how much I enjoyed it."    Shirley

I love Oregon. Nude camping, swimming, hot spring soaking, river beaches and hiking trails all open to nude recreation.

July 11th a Wednesday, I drove about 25 miles from my home in Springfield, Oregon to a beautiful campsite located in the Willamette National Forest. The Wineberry Creek area is one of my favorite places to recreate nude. Undeveloped campsites on the forest are FREE! My favorite campsite was not available due to fallen trees across the road. That campsite would have had me camping at the Joe Peak Trail #3482.

The campsite closest to trail #3482 and absolutely beautiful was two miles from the trailhead. This campsite would add an additional 4 miles round trip to my hike. Joes Peak hike is a strenuous 2.5 uphill hike and 5 mile round trip that I knew would be challenging for me. Total of 9 miles…I am up for it!

Arriving at my campsite around 2 pm I immediately placed a large tree branch across the entrance to let others know the site was taken. Immediately got nude and started picking up litter. I have a history of camping at this site and it was the cleanest I have every encountered. One large army style tarp on the ground and one bag of litter in the large fire pit. Not bad compared to past visits. This is an undeveloped site that is almost always in use.

Winberry Creek beside the campsite

A perfect spot for camping

The large fire pit was more than I needed so a small pit was created inside the large one. There is nothing I find more relaxing than sitting nude in front of a fire and enjoying the old growth forest noise. The river was a short distance away and I really can’t call river sounds noise. River sounds are perfect to lull me to sleep.

Usually I start a trail hike very early. Because it was a Wednesday and the upper road was closed due to the fallen trees I started the hike around 7:30 am. What a sense of freedom to go from campsite to trailhead nude. Tennis shoes and a good expensive pair of socks and I was off. Wait…massive amounts of sunscreen and a hat! No bug screen was needed as long as I kept moving the bugs seem to avoid me.

This hike was much more strenuous that I had imagined. It was an uphill switch back trail and I did not realize how steep until I was on the way down. My toes were yelping at me on the way down. You hikers know how on a steep hike the downhill is much more challenging on the toes and knees.

I took plenty of breaks taking pictures of the rock formations, flowers and eating the berries. I call them red huckleberries and others called salmon berries. I do not know flower names at all but there were so many that it felt like a treat just being able to reach out and smell them.

Red Huckleberries
Common and widespread in the Pacific Northwest is Lilium columbianum,
Columbia lily or sometimes called simply tiger lilies

The ubiquitous Foxglove

My regret was not taking more water. I took 1 quart of water. Not enough on a hot day even though the entire hike was in the shade. I was surprised by the uphill grade of the hike and the heat.

The cold Wineberry Creek (river) was a welcome to my sore toes. I placed a lawn chair in the river, got my book and soaked my feet. What a day. Not sure my feet would agree but my memory tapes are richer for this hike.

Oregon old growth forest is the best. Until you experience it you can't imagine it. The entire hike I kept thinking “use it or lose it.” Nudists get so comfortable within their comfort zones for going nude. I spent from 2 pm Wednesday until Friday clothes free and never saw one person. Now let’s suppose I would have come upon someone on the trail I would have simply said “hello, hope your hike is memorable for all the right reasons.” Of course I dream of meeting other nude hikers.

If you have been giving thought to hiking nude….just do it! Use common sense and search this blog for suggestions on how to do it appropriately.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Umpqua Hot Springs, Oregon (from Shirley)

The Rangers have got the right idea . . . if you can't deal with nudity
then don't  bother continuing in as we (the Forest Service) don't
consider it an issue.

July 6th is not a day I would recommend to others for visiting a hot springs.  I usually save hot spring trips for the cooler winter months.   If visiting in the summer I usually arrive a day break.  Finding myself in the Umpqua Hot Springs area I could not resist. 

Most of my previous soaking trips were in the 70’s when I lived at Steamboat USFS Ranger Station.  The springs have changed drastically from those days.  I did visit in 2010 so the changes were no surprise this visit.  Arriving at the parking area around 10 am there was only one motor home and two other cars.  That was a good sign that I might be able to find room in the large area to get in a soak.

Fee continues to be $5 per car and my Federal access pass was accepted!  It was nice to see that Umpqua Hot Springs have not been contracted out to a concessionaire. 

Once at the pools two young (everyone seems young when you are approaching 62) men working hard at cleaning the pools.  One man in the large area and all were nude.  I enjoyed a nice soak and took the opportunity to take pictures.

The smaller pools

Shortly after getting pictures the place was packing out with folks.  Once back at the parking area and counting eleven vehicles I mentally added up seeing 33 people.  The number included sixteen young college age students hiking in.  They carried no towels or water bottles so I assume they would not be taking the time to remove those long hot looking skinny jeans to take a soak.  One family arriving as I was getting out of the soaking area covered the eyes of their young son who appeared to be about 5 or 6.  

Shirley soaking in the larger pool at Umpqua Hot Springs

While I was prepared to pick up litter the place was clean and I credit the two young men working so hard at cleaning the pools.

Shirley G.

GPS GeoCoords: 43.296376,-122.364019

Driving Instructions: Umpqua Hot Springs is 64.6 miles east of Roseburg. From I-5 Exit 125 in Roseburg, head east on Garden Valley Boulevard to the junction with Highway 99 0.6 miles. Turn right and go to Highway 138/North Umpqua Highway, 0.1 miles. Turn left and head east to Toketee Lake Turn off, Toketee-Rigdon Road/Forest Road 34, 58.6 miles, between mileposts 58 and 59. Turn left and go to the turn off for Umpqua Hot Springs, Forest Road 3401/Thorn Prairie Road, 2.4 miles. Turn right and drive on gravel to the parking area on the left, 2.0 miles

Hiking Instructions: Walk over the bridge next to the parking lot and hike to the hot springs, 0.3 miles. Bear right where the trail forks, generally following the North Umpqua River upstream. The trail is steep in spots. Take caution on the rocky portions of the trail and after coming over and around the hill, bear left at fork and go up towards hot springs.         Rick

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Nude Camp Out, Sun, Hike & Soak at Scenic July 13-14th

I've reserved Scenic Hot Springs Friday afternoon through Saturday, July 15th, 2012 for the enjoyment of responsible, practicing nudists and naturists who are looking for an opportunity to enjoy being nude in the great outdoors with overnight camping from the night before, soaking in the superb hot spring waters of Scenic, nude hiking on the 40 private acres and within the National Forest surrounding Scenic, or just plain finding one of the many sunning rocks and working on your tan lines.

This opportunity is open to AANR and TNS members, members of recognized local nudist clubs and facilities, and to those who have a nudist affiliation of some sort and show themselves to be responsible practitioners of nudism.  You may camp overnight with us . . . get in some rare night-time soaking under the stars at Scenic, or you may just opt to join us on Saturday for a day in the sun.

The gate to Scenic will be opened to attendees at 5pm to allow vehicles further in for those camping overnight.  We will also arrange times to open the gate Saturday morning for those just wanting to visit during the day.  This is an RSVP event . . . all those not on the list will be turned away from Scenic during our reservation.

General Agenda

Nude Day at Scenic Hot Springs

Saturday, July 14
(with overnight camping available on Friday July 13)

Information on Scenic Hot Springs at:   ScenicHotSprings.blogspot.com

What is Scenic Hot Springs?

·    Two approximately 8 x 8, 4 feet deep man made tubs on the side of a mountain about 6 miles (south)west of Stevens Pass.  They are fed from separate natural hot spring feeds.   One is hot, the other is nice and warm, making for a very pleasant soak.  They are a truly beautiful hot springs with scenic views of the valley below.
·         The springs are on private property and we are using them with permission.  Since they are private property, nudity is perfectly legal and tolerated on the traditionally clothing-optional property.
·       The springs are located 6 miles west of Stevens Pass on Highway 2.  From the gate they are reached by a 1 ½ mile hike with 1,100 elevation gain.  Limited provisions will be made to open the gate to allow driving partway into the clearcut with you car, and further on up to the trailhead with a 4wd HC vehicle.  The camping area is within easy walking distance of parking in the clearcut.
·       The springs are reserved exclusively for responsible nudists and naturists with at least some affiliation with the nudist lifestyle . . . or those honestly wanting to learn about and experience the freedom of nude recreation in a safe, family-friendly, and legal environment.  Children are more than welcome with their parents.
·         You can come up anytime on Saturday or come up Friday evening and camp overnight (we will have a potluck meal and practice making smores).

·         We have use of the springs until sunset on Saturday (no Saturday overnight camping)


Access is by prior invitation of those RSVPing.  If you are not on the list you will be asked to leave.

·          You can arrive anytime after 5 PM on Friday and camp overnight.  Rick the steward will have the gate open between 5-6 PM on Friday.  If you need a later entry let me know and will see what we can arrange.  Note: this is primitive camping with no facilities, so bring all that you need including tables, chairs and water.
·         You can arrive anytime on Saturday 7/14 and stay until sunset.  You can park at the gate and walk in to the springs.  (Note: the gate will be unlocked between 9 and 10 AM in order to allow you to drive part-way to the springs.  Non-4WD can travel 1/3 the way and park there.  4WD with some clearance can travel 2/3 the way to the springs.)

SSuggestions if you want to camp

We will be camping in the lower NW corner of the property in a historic and traditional camping area.  This is forest land and bears have been known to habituate the Scenic slopes, though they have not been seen this season.  Practice Bear Protocol (which means do not leave food easily accessible).

The self-imposed ban of campfires is lifted for the campsite itself.  You may build a campfire within a campfire ring as long as it is manned and controlled.

Bring your tent, camp chairs, sleeping bag, basic camping amenities.  There will be a stand-up propane BBQ with two burners available for cooking.  There will also be a supply of potable water for use.  Suggestions and contributions for a potluck cookout are welcome.

A temporary pit toilet will be constructed away from the camping area for your use.

For those who wish to go up to the springs for some nighttime soaking, don't forget a headlamp for on the trail.  Trekking pole/hiking staff and good hiking shoes are recommended.  The hike from the camping area to the springs is about 1/2 an hour.  Don't forget a towel. 


·         Please let  Rick at bangedupshins@gmail.com) know of your plans.  Please advise if you are coming Friday night or Saturday.  Advising approximate arrival time would be helpful.  Thanks.
·         In the small chance that we are overbooked, people will be granted access on a first come basis.


·         The Springs will be available for practicing nudists/naturists to use free of charge.  (The normal fee is $10 per person per day)

Other information

·         There is a pit toilet located at the Springs.  Depending on response, we may construct another pit latrine lower on the property.

Agreement to Conditions of Access 

·         The Springs requires all visitors to Agree to the Conditions of Access.  You can do that via the website:  scenichotsprings.blogspot.com or alternatively we will have copies to sign for you at the Springs. 
·         Some key provisions
o   Minors under the age of eighteen (18) must be accompanied by a legally-responsible adult guardian. 
o   No children under the age of six (6) in the hot spring pools. 
o   No Fires or Campfires.
o   No Dogs or other pets, No Firearms, No Glass Containers of any kind at the springs.

Directions Directions will be provided to those attending.  (Please do not re-post directions as directions are not publicly posted to discourage trespassers)

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