Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Nude Hiker is still out there ...

Been a long time since I last posted.  Much of it has to do with my health and a goodly portion concentrating what free time I do have in supporting Scenic Hot Springs.

Healthwise, I continue to remain in remission and in the chronic phase of the leukemia.  The Glevec works but monthly treatments take their toll. Otherwise, I feel good and I'm able to get out and do most things.

As I said, much of my time has been involved with Scenic and the attempts to get better control over illegal access up there.  So I'm up there very often.  We have a number of trail cams on the way up to the springs (no, none at the pools).  Since I am the Nude Hiker, I hike Scenic nude almost all the time . . . and so, I've seen myself on the trail cam images many times.  So I've put together an album of just a few of those images and vids.  Hope ya'all enjoy it.  Doing my best to make clothing-optional the de facto norm at Scenic.

Examining the new Honor Box on the upper trail late at night.

The photo album is here.

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