Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Naked Butt but Not Alone

Interested article on the gentleman who sued and won after being kicked out of his nudist club on Vancouver Island for not socializing. The author defends the right to be nude and alone, but it is the comments to the article that are interesting . . . but I'll leave that to you to read.

More interesting is the comment form at the bottom of the page where you can submit your own comments to this non-nudist site.

Do 'textiles' really need help filling out comment forms?

Monday, February 26, 2007

SOLV-IT Earth Day Clean-Up – Sauvie Island

Get those calendars out and mark ‘em…!

ORCOBA teams up with Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife


SOLV-IT Earth Day Clean-Up – Sauvie Island

“Earth Day” - Saturday, April 28, 2007

9:00am – 1:00pm

On Saturday, April 28th, thousands of volunteers will converge on approximately 100 project sites in the greater Portland metropolitan area and work together to SOLV IT.

SOLV IT, presented by Portland General Electric, focuses on cleaning illegal dumpsites, beautifying and enhancing neighborhoods and public spaces, restoring watersheds, and much more. In the past seventeen years, SOLV IT volunteers have removed more than 6,400 tons of debris from illegal dumpsites, neighborhoods and natural areas.

ORCOBA is again joining forces with the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife for this year’s Earth Day clean-up on Sauvie Island. Last year, our members showed up in impressive numbers and helped to make a record turn-out for ODFW’s annual island clean-up project as part of the SOLV-IT program. ODFW has asked us to participate again this year, and they are excited to have our group’s help again.

During last year’s clean-up, ORCOBA members removed a significant amount of trash, storm debris, and environmental hazards from Collins Beach as well as neighboring Walton Beach and Willow Bar. Of particular significance was the eradication of large amounts of Styrofoam, ranging from piano-sized blocks to small clusters of beads, from the beach and wooded areas. Styrofoam has been identified as a serious threat to wildlife, which mistakes it for food and attempts to ingest it, and has been attributed to the alarming mortality rate of the island’s bird population.

This is a preliminary announcement; further details will be posted soon. But for now, plan on coming out and spending a fun morning making Collins Beach and Sauvie Island a better place than we found it. This is also an excellent opportunity to show the “textile” world just how cool naturists are! The fact that government and non-profit agencies are so eager to work with us is a great testimonial to the fact that naturists are gaining recognition, acceptance and appreciation among the clothed world!

See you at Sauvie on April 28th!

Oregon Clothing-Optional Beach Alliance (ORCOBA)


Able to Leap Tall Buildings with a Single Bound, It's the Naked Bungee Jumper!

Yeah . . . I finally did it and what a rush that was. Four to five seconds of sheer terror flying 143 feet from the top of a bridge on Vancouver Island to just a head splash into the frigid ice cold waters of Nanaimo River far below . . . completely naked. I'm still hyped on the adrenalin rush of the experience and wish I'd signed up for a couple of more slots.

I case you didn't know, the Bungy Zone (on Vancouver Island) hosts a naked bungee cord jumping event once each year around Valentine's Day . . . with the entire proceeds going to charity. This years event was held Feb 24th and 25th because of the growing popularity of this event. To jump, you 'donate' $25 to charity . . . this years beneficiary, the Schizophrenia Society of British Columbia.

I'd signed up in advance for Sunday, staying with friends on the mainland. The weather could have cooperated more. As it was, it was cold, it was drizzly; and waiting for your turn, sans clothes on a high arch bridge with no shelter from the wind . . . the eventual jump was almost a relief!

As my feet are being strapped in by the attendants I stare at that cord thinking both how impressive the whole thing is . . . and how scary that this band of rubber is all that stands between me having the thrill of my life . . . or dashing my skull apart on the nasty-looking rocks lining the bottom of the Nanaimo River 143 feet feet below me. An employee mans a video camera . . . everyone gets a CD video of their jump if they pay the price. It's worth it and I can hardly wait to view myself screaming all the way down.

The line of shivering naked hopefuls stretches out behind me . . . all waiting their turn . . . all waiting to see if I chicken out. No one has and neither will I. I stand at the edge, long seconds drawn out. Is everybody staring at me? Closing my eyes I simply lean forward and gravity takes hold. Down I go.

Everyone either screams or tears up when they jump. There is no time for puking. I'm no exception. I fall streaming a doppler-shifted banshee wail and all of a sudden I'm going vertical as the cord takes charge and starts to decelerate me, exerting an insistent, steady pull on my feet and ankles. I can see every ripple and wave of the river surface below me as I approach, slowing almost to a stop before my head dashes beneath.

For a brief moment a frigid rush suffuses my body then the cord rebounds, snatching me out of the water. The bottom team is there to collect me and I begin the climb back up to collect my clothes and rewarm myself.

One of the best experiences of my life and I will definitely be there next year for the 2008 Nude Bungee Cord Jump.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Naked Activities in Europe

For my European friends (and some of my more obscure relatives), here is a well done site with lots of information, including an interactive map of nude venues that visitors can add to, as they desire.

A nicely done Nudism Portal. Thanks for the nice email and the link to my blog.

Click to visit the interactive map

NAC Action Alert: Kentucky House Bill 438

Seems to be the week for NAC Alerts . . . probably as the majority of state legislators go into regular session and these nudism-unfavorable bills get presented - Rick



Copyright 2007 by the Naturist Action Committee, which is responsible for its content. Permission is granted for the posting, forwarding or redistribution of this message, provided that it is reproduced in its entirety and without alteration.

DATE: February 22, 2007
SUBJECT: Kentucky House Bill 438
TO: Kentucky Naturists and other concerned Kentucky citizens

Dear Kentucky Naturist:

This is an Action Alert from the Naturist Action Committee concerning an important legislative situation in the state of Kentucky.

NAC has been working with Kentucky lawmakers in an attempt to monitor and derail a dangerous legislative bill. If you are a resident of Kentucky, NAC is asking for your immediate action in the form of your letters, e-mails, faxes and telephone calls to one specific Kentucky lawmaker.

NAC is calling for those who live outside the state of Kentucky to take NO action at the present time.


Kentucky House Bill 438 {link to bill added - Rick} proposes a significant increase to the level of punishment for mere nudity in the presence of a minor, making it a felony for a second offense. More importantly, the bill would strip away the portion of EXISTING Kentucky law that distinguishes benign nudity in the presence of children and protects it from arrest, prosecution and conviction.

Specifically, House Bill 438 would remove a key existing phrase from the state's existing first-degree indecent exposure law. Section 510.148 {link to text of statute added, PDF file - Rick}, as it presently exists in the Kentucky Revised Statutes, declares that an individual commits the offense of exposure only when it takes place "under circumstances in which he knows or should know that his conduct is likely to cause affront or alarm."

HB 438 would altogether remove that qualifying phrase, criminalizing ANY intentional adult nudity when a minor is present. No circumstance would be protected. Additionally, HB 438 adds that the very fact of the nudity itself would constitute evidence of intent to commit a criminal act.

Obviously threatened is any form of family-friendly naturist activity in which adults are nude in the presence of children - even their own children, and even in their own homes!

Also at risk are adults, naturists or not, who find themselves in the presence of someone under 18 while they are ...

in the locker room at a gym or spa,
in the changing room at a public (or private) swimming pool,
using a urinal in a public restroom.
at home

If House Bill 438 is passed into law, Kentucky law enforcement, prosecutors and courts will be left with no way to recognize or distinguish benign exposure.


House Bill 438 was introduced last week by Rep. Brandon Spencer, a freshman Democrat lawmaker from Prestonburg. The bill has been assigned to the House Judiciary Committee, of which Rep. Kathy Stein (D-Lexington) is Chair.

The bill attempts to burden the definition of personal indecent exposure, so that it would include images sent by electronic communications. That forces an awkward fusion of two separate legal notions that should remain distinct, and it makes bad law itself. But it is the bill's proposed removal of existing circumstantial protections that should create the greatest alarm.

HB 438 has been posted in committee, but it has not yet been scheduled for a hearing. We're trying to make our points concerning the bill BEFORE the matter comes before the legislative committee.


The Naturist Action Committee has engaged an experienced Kentucky lobbyist to act as a legislative advisor.

NAC is issuing a call for a grass roots response from Kentucky residents, as detailed in this NAC Action Alert.


The Naturist Action Committee is NOT requesting action from those who live outside Kentucky. But if you are a Kentucky resident, NAC is asking you to make a telephone call, send a fax or send an e-mail immediately to Rep. Kathy Stein, the Kentucky lawmaker who is Chair of the House Judiciary Committee.


NAC is asking only residents of Kentucky to write and call. If you live outside the state of Kentucky, NAC is NOT requesting you to take action at this time.


In this instance, phone calls, faxes and e-mails are likely to be the most effective means of voicing your concern. Time is critical. However, if you act immediately, there's still time for surface mail to reach the key lawmaker from addresses within Kentucky.

Please contact:

Rep. Kathy Stein
Kentucky Legislature
Annex Room 451B
Frankfort, KY 40601

TEL: (502) 564-8100 Ext. 675
FAX: (502) 564-6543 [This is a central fax. Be sure
to show Rep. Stein's name prominently, so the fax can
be routed properly inside the capitol complex.]
e-mail: kathy.stein@lrc.ky.gov

Key points to remember when writing or calling:
(You CAN do both, and NAC recommends it!)

1. Identify yourself. Anonymous phone calls and correspondence are generally disregarded.

2. Please say that you are a Kentucky resident. Rep. Stein represents a portion of Lexington, KY. If you live in the district represented by Rep. Stein (southwest Lexington) - or anywhere in or near Lexington, please also say so prominently.

3. If you call, Rep. Stein may not be immediately available. Be prepared to speak to a legislative aide. That person is well trained to take your information and present it properly on your behalf.

4. Be brief and polite.

5. Say clearly and specifically that you OPPOSE House Bill 438.

6. Voice your specific concerns about HB 438. For suggestions, see NAC's talking and writing points, below.


Here are some additional talking/writing points to consider. Don't just copy these or read the list over the phone. Using your own words to express your ideas is far more effective!

1. The bill makes bad law for Kentucky.

2. House Bill 438 removes important existing protections.

3. The bill removes the element of discretion for law enforcement.

4. HB 438 would make criminals of Kentuckians in everyday situations.

5. Facilities with dressing rooms, like the YMCA or a health club, would be forced into expensive remodeling that could be avoided by using a little common sense to reject House Bill 438.

6. House Bill 438 seriously erodes the personal liberties of individuals and families in Kentucky, making them criminals in their own homes.

7. There really ARE some situations that deserve protection. Family-inclusive naturism is one of those. House Bill 438 bulldozes those protections.


Additional information, including the complete text of Kentucky House Bill 438, is available on the Web site of the Naturist Action Committee.


Select "Alerts" and find this NAC Action Alert under Current Alerts.


The Naturist Action Committee is a volunteer nonprofit organization that exists to advance and protect the rights of naturists throughout North America. Fighting bad legislation on behalf of naturists is expensive. To do its job, NAC relies entirely on the voluntary generosity of supporters like you. Please donate to NAC.

PO Box 132
Oshkosh, WI 54903

Or call toll free (800) 886-7230 to donate by phone using your MasterCard, Visa or Discover Card. Or use your credit card to make a convenient online donation: www.naturistaction.org/donate/

Thank you for choosing to make a difference.


Bill Schroer
Board Member
Naturist Action Committee

Naturist Action Committee (NAC)
- PO Box 132, Oshkosh, WI 54903
Executive Dir. Bob Morton - execdir@naturistaction.org
Board Member Bill Schroer - naturist18a@gmail.com
Online Rep. Dennis Kirkpatrick - naturist@sunclad.com

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

ClothesFree FrapprMap

How about this idea of using the Web 2.0 to connect nudists and naturists together. INA/Clothesfree has put up a FrapprMap. The idea about it is to get naturists and nudists to place pins of their locations and fill up the world with naked people. (well, maybe that's not the perfect explanation but it's all I got to go on right now)

Anyway, it looks like fun to see where some of these nudists are coming from. Anyone can put themselves on the naurist/nudist map, though you do have to have an account (free) to do so. All they ask is to choose a username, a password and provide an email address. Frappr has never sent me any sapm on my email address in the time I've been a member, so they seem trustworthy.

While you're adding yourself to the ClothesFree Frappr map, why not drop by my map and add yourself there as a friend. My Frappr Map is at: http://www.frappr.com/bangedupshins

NAC Advisory: Texas House Bill 1466



Copyright 2007 by the Naturist Action Committee, which is responsible for its content. Permission is granted for the posting, forwarding or redistribution of this message, provided that it is reproduced in its entirety and without alteration.

DATE: February 21, 2007
SUBJECT: Texas House Bill 1466
TO: Texas naturists and concerned others

Dear Naturist:

The Naturist Action Committee (NAC) wishes to make you aware of threatening legislation in the state of Texas.
Texas House Bill 1466 {link to bill added - Rick} attempts statewide regulation of sexually oriented businesses. Of greatest alarm to naturists is the bill's primary definition that puts at risk all naturist and nudist parks, camps and resorts, as well as any business (like a health club or bowling alley) that might be rented or used temporarily for naturist activities.


NO ACTION is called for at this time. House Bill 1466 has not yet been assigned to a committee. It is premature for individuals to take action concerning this legislative measure. However, NAC is working on the problem, and you should be watching for further NAC Action Alerts, Advisories and Updates on this topic.


Texas House Bill 1466 was introduced last week by Rep. Bill Zedler, a third term Republican lawmaker from Arlington.

The threat to naturists from House Bill 1466 is simple, obvious and outrageous. To the customary list of sexually oriented business definitions, HB 1466 adds "any other commercial enterprise ... whose employees or customers appear in a state of nudity."

The definition would not only apply to naturist and nudist parks, it would have to include gyms, spas and pools with changing rooms.

Rep. Zedler has a history of sponsoring legislation that reflects his fascinated focus on regulating and criminalizing the bodies and body parts of others. As the late political commentator Molly Ivins wrote {link added - Rick} a couple of years ago, "Zedler's against pubic hair. We still have a $10 billion deficit." {HB 2257-Relating to the regulation of sexually-oriented businesses. Rick}

Despite his lawmaking eccentricities, Rep. Zedler has been successful a fair number of times with his legislative measures. Having been elected to the Texas legislature with the help of money from the political action group of discredited former Congressman Tom DeLay, Rep. Zedler enjoys the faithful core support of a significant number of fellow lawmakers who came to the legislature with the same help.

Naturists must take the threat of House Bill 1466 very seriously, and we cannot assume that the broadness of the definition was unintentional. This legislation, if passed intact, would be a back breaker for naturists.


Immediately after House Bill 1466 was filed, the Naturist Action Committee hired a professional Texas legislative lobbyist for assistance and advice. NAC's careful and selective use of lobbyists complements NAC's own expertise and legislative response system. A skilled and properly managed lobbyist can help improve and focus the effect of grass roots action taken by individual naturists, as coordinated by NAC.

The Naturist Action Committee and its lobbyist are presently working with key Texas lawmakers to prevent the damage that would be inflicted on naturists by HB 1466. NAC does not intend to solve the problem presented by this dangerous legislation by seeking fragile exemptions for affiliated individuals or businesses. Instead, NAC intends to derail the bill or rework its basic definition, so that venues for naturist activities will not be considered "sexually oriented businesses."

NAC is coordinating its action with AANR-Southwest, a regional affiliate of the American Association for Nude Recreation. {links added - Rick}


This is an informational advisory only. It's important that you know what's going on, but the Naturist Action Committee is specifically asking that you do not take action at this time. Please watch for further NAC Action Alerts, Advisories and Updates on this topic.


You can access additional information on the Web site of the Naturist Action Committee.


Select "Alerts, Advisories and Updates." Under Current Advisories, you'll find the text of this NAC Advisory, along with links to the complete text of Texas House Bill 1466.


As the nonprofit volunteer political adjunct to The Naturist Society, NAC is a vigorous force at work on behalf of naturists.

NAC does not hesitate to engage legislative lobbyists when it becomes necessary. But lobbyists are expensive. NAC relies entirely on your voluntary support. Please donate generously with a check to:

PO Box 132
Oshkosh, WI 54903

Or use your credit card to make a direct donation online through NAC's Web site:

Thank you once again for choosing to make a difference!


Bob Morton
Executive Director
Naturist Action Committee

Naturist Action Committee (NAC)
- PO Box 132, Oshkosh, WI 54903
Executive Dir. Bob Morton - execdir@naturistaction.org
Online Rep. Dennis Kirkpatrick - naturist@sunclad.com

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Boss-Bitter-Canyon Creek Snow Hike

Last Saturday was a great day . . . Sultan temperatures in the mid-50s and sunshine out. Sunday was also my birthday so I gave myself an early birthday present and headed out for a hike . . . a return to the Boss, Bitter and Canyon Creek Road. The road is gated and closed, and parking limited to one space near the gate. Perfect for a nude hike!

I was out of my clothes by the time the Index-Galena Road was out of sight. A little cool at first under the shade of young alder. But hiking soon revs up your metabolism.

The road is level and wide in the lower sections. An easy, slow and enjoyable naked amble. Soon the trail steepens into several long switchback as it climbs the mountainside, crosses over Canyon Creek and then turns back in a northerly direction, snaking back and forth across creeks and waterfalls.

There is a lot of blowdown on this abandoned road, the size of the trees getting progressively bigger the higher I trek. The road is also being reclaimed by young alder shrubs that at times are a challenge to weave through. The nude body takes a few scratches here and there from whipped-back saplings. In some places you wonder if a trail or road is still there. Only the open sky above the hidden roadbed reassures you.

Soon after the last of this series of long-legged switchbacks I cross an unnamed creek that has essentially destroyed the roadbed. Getting across the creek is an excerise in stone and downed tree trunk-hopping. I get across dry and unscathed, and stop to enjoy the afternood sun . . . so warm on my skin . . . and a cup of coffee.

Into the next series of switchbacks . . . steep climb and short legs . . . the road is a mess of downed trees like those above. I almost turned back, unsure if I really wanted to do the scrambling and climbing necessary to get across.

Soon I'm into the snow . . . no tracks here. I'm trekking virgin territory since I was last up here in November. The snow is packed and firm. I opt to leave the snowshoes strapped to my pack. The road starts swinging around the flank of the mountain to the east and the Bitter Creek Valley.

Bitter Creek should have gotten the Canyon Creek name. These are the absolutely vertical shale walls that define Bitter Creek all the way back down to the NF Skykomish River Valley a thousand feet below

Ahead the road runs straight and wide. Jumpoff Ridge is straight ahead overlooking the Bitter Creek Valley.
The limit for today if I want to get back before nightfall. I dally in the valley trying to find the Boss Creek Spur Road without luck before turning back. A great day in the mountain all to myself. Seven and one half hours nude time, 1800 ft elevation gain, and close to eight miles round trip . . . not a great backpacking pace but it's the trip that counts . . . not the destination.

Scenic Hot Springs Snow Conditions

While we're on the subject of conditions hot springs, I recently gave an update of Scenic Hot Springs in my Scenic Hot Springs blog. As the images show, there is still a lot of snow up at Scenic and with this latest winter storm whipping the area, 2-3 feet of additional snow is forecast for the western slopes of the Cascades (including Scenic at 3,500 ft).

While we made it up there without too much trouble (and with the permission of the property owner), this additional snow is going to make the trek up even harder and treacherous.

Goldmyer Hot Springs Conditions

From Beth at Goldmyer Hot Springs

As of February 20, 2007: We're back into the snow zone at Goldmyer this week. The forecast is for the snowline to be below Goldmyer all week. Have a high clearance vehicle with 4-wheel or all-wheel drive. Be prepared with snow tire chains, a shovel (in case you get yourself stuck in the snow), and snowshoes for in case you need them. As of today (Tuesday), high clearance could drive to the river ford, but that could change depending on snowfall. Now that the temperature is dropping, the river's depth is also dropping.

ORCOBA Alert: Collins Beach

From Don, ORCOBA and Portland area NACAR

I received word this past week that as part of an overall budget-reduction effort, the Office of the Oregon State Police is considering the elimination of the seasonal officer position assigned to Sauvie Island. This assignment, currently staffed by Trooper Randy Horner, has been vital to the security and safety on the island during the summer months, since as we all know, law enforcement out there is spread mighty thin out there as it is. And with Collins Beach being at the very end of the road onto the island, having such sparse police coverage become even more limited has a larger potential impact at our beach more than at other places. While most of us recognize Columbia County Sheriff’s Deputy Larry Weaver as a familiar, friendly face out there, he (and all of us as well) relies on the assistance he gets from the State Police in the form of patrol officers to maintain security and handle reports and requests for police assistance. I spoke with Larry a couple of days ago and he confirmed the proposed staffing cut.

Law enforcement authorities on the island have come to recognize ORCOBA’s yellow-flaggers and other members as a resource on the beach, and they consider us as a link in the chain when it comes to addressing issues and problems. They value our existence and support our goals and objectives, and I feel we should return the consideration whenever possible, and this is a prime opportunity. Ultimately, any public safety agency has to answer to one higher authority – the citizens. The key is making that voice loud enough to be heard, and taken notice of. We, as that higher authority, have that opportunity to be the squeaky wheel right now. To everyone who enjoys Collins Beach as one of our finest nude public-lands recreation resources, my suggestion would be to take a few moments to write a letter as a citizen, taxpayer, voter, and/or frequent visitor to Sauvie Island, and express your concerns over the proposed staffing cut. Points to emphasize in your letter could include:

  • General concerns over the impact on public safety and security that the staffing cut would have (including delayed responses to calls for help).
  • Increased work load that would result for the remaining officers on the island, not to mention the loss of critical back-up assistance the remaining officers need during major incidents such as reports of violent activity. Not only would officers be less capable of handling some calls efficiently, their own safety would be at stake and jeopardized without this back-up.
  • The mere presence of law enforcement authority figures on the island is a crime deterrent. Reducing this presence, in any setting, often encourages acts of illegal behavior, particularly in geographically isolated areas.

  • Many visitors choose Sauvie Island as their recreation destination in part because of the reputation for safety that the island’s beaches, such as Collins, enjoys; the proposed staffing cut would have a negative impact on this reputation and serve to drive potential visitors (i.e., parking permit-purchasing, taxpaying Oregon residents and dollar-spending out-of-staters) away.

You need not be an Oregon resident to make your concerns known and be taken seriously; anyone, and everyone, has a right to speak and be heard, and I encourage everyone to do so. Washingtonians, in particular, translate into valuable sources of revenue every time they cross into Oregon and spend money on parking permits, gas, food, products, etc. I could go on for hours, but you all know where I’m going with this. Letters needn’t be lengthy, either; in fact, short and concise usually has more impact. The important thing is to be tactful, non-confrontational and appreciative of the agency’s willingness to take citizen input into consideration. And in this case, regular “snail mail” letters via the Postal Service will be more appropriate and effective than emails.

Letters should be addressed to:

Oregon State Police - General Headquarters
ATTN: Supt. Tom McLain
4th Floor, 255 Capital St NE
Salem, Oregon 97310

Thanks in advance to everyone who steps up to the plate on this one.

NAC Advisory: California - Gaviota State Park



Copyright 2007 by the Naturist Action Committee, which is responsible for its content. Permission is granted for the posting, forwarding or redistribution of this message, provided that it is reproduced in its entirety and without alteration.

DATE: February 20, 2007
SUBJECT: California: Gaviota State Park
TO: All naturists and other concerned individuals

Dear Naturist:

The Naturist Action Committee (NAC) wishes to make you aware of an important situation involving Gaviota State Park in California.

Acting on reports that park rangers were informing naturists that the traditionally clothing-optional beach was being closed to nudity, the Naturist Action Committee has become involved. NAC is working with officials of the California Department of Parks & Recreation and with local naturists to resolve the situation.


Naturist individuals, clubs and groups have proven to be a powerful grass roots force in dealing with California Parks. NAC believes you should be advised and informed, but NO ACTION is called for at this time. Watch for further NAC Action Alerts, Advisories and Updates on this topic.


Gaviota State Park is in Santa Barbara County, north of the city of Santa Barbara. The traditional clothing-optional beach within Gaviota State Park is known to some as San Onofre beach. Don't confuse it with the popular clothing-optional beach located at San Onofre State Park in northern San Diego County. Most locals simply refer to the clothing-optional beach within Gaviota State Park as "Gaviota." The beach has enjoyed nude use for at least 40 years.

In late 2006, State Park rangers, accompanied by Santa Barbara County sheriff's deputies, approached local naturists at the beach on several occasions. The rangers informed the beachgoers that, because of unspecified complaints of lewd conduct, the beach was being closed to all nudity. The rangers wrote down the names of the people at the beach and told them that if they were seen there nude again, they would be cited for nudity in the State Park.

Neither those warnings nor the attempt to prohibit nudity at the traditional clothing-optional beach were done in compliance with established California Parks policy.

In late December, a local beach regular contacted Southern California Naturist Association, and SCNA got NAC involved.


1) Cahill Policy. On May 31, 1979, CA Parks Director Russell W. Cahill issued a memorandum addressing Park Department policy for clothing-optional activities within state parks. Briefly, the Cahill Policy says that enforcement of nude sunbathing regulations within the State Park System will be made only upon the complaint of a private citizen. Citations or arrests will be made only after attempts are made to elicit voluntary compliance with the regulations.

2) Bost decision. On February 22, 1988, a California Superior Court formalized the Cahill Policy into precedent-setting case law, through its ruling in the appeal of the People of California v. Eric John Bost. The appeals court set aside Bost's conviction for nudity in a state park, largely because the procedures laid down the Cahill Policy had not been followed.

3) Harrison letter. On June 14, 1988, CA Parks Deputy Director Jack V. Harrison acknowledged and accepted the precedent of the Bost case and stood behind the Cahill Policy in an important letter to nudist pioneer Cec Cinder.


After investigating the situation and conferring with Gary Mussel of SCNA, NAC board member Allen Baylis contacted the California Parks district superintendent responsible for Gaviota. Although supervisors and managers deny any plan to eliminate nudity at Gaviota, local and district CA Parks management seemed unaware of important departmental policy and legal precedent.

Baylis encouraged local naturists to form a beach support group, and in a telephone conference call arranged by NAC, the individuals came together formally as Friends of Gaviota (FOG). NAC Area Representative Dennis Smith is the new group's president.

Following up on his initial contact with the district superintendent, NAC's Baylis sent a letter that detailed the circumstances at Gaviota and pointed out that the Cahill/Harrison Policy certainly applied, but had not been followed. Further conversations between NAC and CA Parks officials have ensued, and Friends of Gaviota have now also met with Park Department managers.


This is an informational advisory only. The Naturist Action Committee is specifically asking that you do not take action at this time. Please watch for further NAC Action Alerts, Advisories and Updates on this topic.


You can access additional information on the Web site of the Naturist Action Committee.


Select "Alerts, Advisories and Updates." Under Current Advisories, you'll find the text of this NAC Advisory, along with links to the text of:

existing California Parks law addressing nudity
the Cahill Policy
the Bost decision
the Harrison letter


The Naturist Action Committee exists to advance and protect the rights and interests of naturists throughout North America. As the nonprofit volunteer political adjunct to The Naturist Society, NAC is a vigorous force at work on behalf of naturists.

The Naturist Action Committee relies entirely on your voluntary support. Please donate generously with a check to:

PO Box 132
Oshkosh, WI 54903

Or use your credit card to make a direct donation online through NAC's Web site:

Thank you for choosing to make a difference.


Allen Baylis
Board Member
Naturist Action Committee

Naturist Action Committee (NAC)
- PO Box 132, Oshkosh, WI 54903
Executive Dir. Bob Morton - execdir@naturistaction.org
Board Member Allen Baylis - rab@baylislaw.com
Online Rep. Dennis Kirkpatrick - naturist@sunclad.com

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Goldmyer Hot Springs Update

From Beth at Goldmyer

As of February 9, 2007: Currently there's about a foot of snow at Goldmyer. Temperatures are now above freezing at and below Goldmyer's elevation. This means the snow along the last 3 miles of the road before the river ford is soft, deep, and very heavy. High clearance vehicles, even equiped with 4-wheel drive and chains, won't be able to drive all the way to the river ford for (probably) a few days. I was stopped about 2 miles down on 2-8. Snowshoes or xxskis are the best mode of transportation beyond your vehicle at the monent. The river is low... you might, or might not, get your kneecaps wet. The river is very cold this time of year... think wet suit booties-water shoes-or tennis shoes to wade across rather than tevas! Have ski poles for balance in crossing the river.

Go prepared and don't forget your common sense! There are usually spaces available mid-week this time of year for visitors arriving without a reservation:---with cash in hand (or a current membership card), arriving during our hours for check-in (8am to 10pm), willing to follow the use rules, and know how to find the place. We recommend calling the office ahead of time for week-end days to double check on availability and reservations. The reservation office is in Seattle, and office hours are Tuesdays 1 till 6pm, and Fridays 3 till 8pm (no one is there in between these hours). If you leave a message for a return call, be sure to speak clearly, include your area code(s) with your phone number(s), and be avaliable at that number during our office hours for a call-back. If you've never been to Goldmyer before, or only visited during the summer/early fall, it is highly recommended that you call the office to help you prepare for a visit.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Where in the 'Cascades' is BangedUpShins?

Well, I really don't expect anyone to come up with the specific location but you never know. It's one of my favorite little jaunts off SR2 in the Stevens Pass corridor and I've posted on the location before. Easy to get to (in summer, at least . . . winter and deep snow make it a challenge), but not well known (not marked on the maps).

These waterfalls plunge 150 ft in a near constant roar year round. At the base is a natural pool that I have enjoyed during the hot days of summer. Historically, the Great Northern Railway piped water from the base of the falls to fill steam locomotives prior to the grueling switchback climb over Stevens Pass. In 1929 the Cascade Tunnel was finished under Cowboy Mountian just south of the pass, eliminating the need for small town depots every few miles. Evidence of the catchment basins remains along with much railway history nearby.

The catchment basin for the Great Northern Railway depot nearby

The hike in is short, though you do have to negotiate some moderate slopes and hillsides to get a good view of the falls. At one time there was a short spur road into the area (still shows on the 1972-series USGS topos) but all signs have long since reverted to natural. Most people pass on by with no inkling of what is just beyond the hillside and trees. Every time I have been here I have had the area all to myself. From the parking area other, more 'popular' destinations are the goal.

The weather was cooperating Friday with the temperatures in the lower 40s. Since this wasn't a strenuous hike and I spent a lot of time standing around near the falls, I'm really surprised that the cold didn't show effects at all for the three hours I was out there in the late afternoon. By the time I got back to my car the temperatures were dropping back down to the mid-thirties . . . so I timed the visit just right.

There is a real challenging freedom to hiking nude in snow and cold weather. A lot of people think I'm crazy but the weather doesn't bother me at all. It feels invigorating at a really sublime level. It also amazes me at just how well the human body can cope with the extremes of environment and adjust that heat output so that regardless of how cold it may look, I am actually feeling quite comfortable.

So . . . has anyone figured out the location of my impromptu Friday hike? Correct guesses get a PDF-copy of Rick Perkins NW Naturist Guide for Washington State, which was originally published in the 90s. Rick Perkins was the founder of the SLUGS Travel Club and well respected in the naturist community. Since his untimely passing the SLUGS have gone on to become a very successful group and on the tenth anniversary I figured I'd take that old, hand-typed and xeroed booklet and republish it as orignally written. Lots of good information in there.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Blog Housekeeping

Got bored stuck here in the house with little to talk about since I can't seem to find the time to enjoy this great weather in the mountains. But all is not lost . . . I completely rearranged the sidebar to my blog and consolidated all my links, feeds and calendar into one, very-organized widget. Combined with an OPML file containing all my links, the widget makes it easy to control link-clutter.

Getting really into the OPML spec for organizing data . . . especially for links and feeds. If you like the widget and its' contents feel free to get a copy for download to your desktop for easy access to nudist and naturist sites (and you're certainly welcome to recommend those that I miss). The widget makes a great link organizer as well as a RSS/ATOM reader.

If all you want are my links then download the OPML file and import that file into your RSS Reader (Google provides a great feed reader service and the latest browsers handle feeds very well).

I dumped the HTMLGear Calendar in favor of a new service called RSSCalendar that allows you to publish a multitude of RSS feeds of your calendar entries, including those you mark as private (well, they're not exactly private once I post them in this blog but at least they are not visible except to those who visit my blog or subscribe to the calendar feed from the blog . . . just what I wanted. The calendar feed is shown in the new widget.

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