Monday, July 14, 2003

Full Nudity Pictures

The Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA)

Just a little bit of piece of mind for myself and for families with children and those who find nudity objectionable . . . I have no desire to have people come to this site unexpectedly and have to face material they may not like. So I've rated it with the above organization and those with Content Rating software enabled will be warning in advance of the material on my blog.

The ratings are: is labelled

Content Label:

  • Exposed breasts
  • Bare buttocks
  • Visible genitals
  • No sexual material
  • No violence
  • No potentially offensive language
  • No potentially harmful activities
  • No user-generated content
  • This material appears in an artistic context
  • This material appears in an educational context
  • This material appears in a news context

You may notice within my blog that I post very few images of myself that show full-frontal nudity. That is not because I am shy or ashamed of myself. On the contrary, I enjoy seeing myself naturally in those moments I am cabin-bound and textiled, stuck in some situation where all I can think of is getting to the great outdoors and shedding everything. The pictures remind myself of just how much fun it can be.

But to be realistic and show a little bit of decorum . . . I try to limit the images of myself in this blog to carefully trimmed images that do not show my genitals . . . but otherwise, certainly imply that I am nude. Sometimes I post a full-frontal becuase I really like the picture and want to share it (heck, I want to share all of them).

Also, there is a certain trolling audience of gawkers who do nothing but invade a nudity-related webspace for their own lurid interests . . . and I'd rather not provide them with their entertainment. For awhile on my SmartForums site I was posting uncensored pictures from my hikes. I started getting suggestive proposals of a nature I didn't like. So I deleted them.

Revised Policy (2007): The human body is beautiful and I've matured a great deal as a naturist these last several years . . . so much so that I need and want to take a stance of nudism in the hopes that I can encourage others to shed the negative impressions they may feel about their own nudity and whole-heartedly join the revolution for freedom. There is nothing lewd nor lurid about the pictures of myself nude and enjoying the freedom that naturism brings.

I have to thank many people for my new outlook but particularly Mark Storey and NAC, along with the Wizard from Australia for opening my eyes to the real meaning of the Nature of Offense. My nudity (and the simple nudity in my pictures) cannot cause offense in anyone because offense comes from the struggles and hangups of the one feeling it . . . not from me.

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