Monday, October 18, 2004

Stocking Stuffer Present for a Nudist? Now I've Seen It All

Does anyone read the classifieds in the back of the ANNR newsletters? We nudists are having such an impact on gadgets that we now buy our very own 'ball trimmer'. You can check this one out at and have fun with the Shockwave demonstration or read the slightly-manupulated statistics and testimonials they use to get you to buy this product.

But it does bring up an interesting point . . . one that is debated in many of the nudist forum on the net. To shave or not to shave. Personally, I do shave, leaving a tuft of pubic hair just above. I like the feel. The forums seem to suggest that most nudists shave or trim to some extent but I don't see that from personal observation (not that I'm looking, mind you). Maybe it's a Southern California or Florida sort of thing to get a more even, overall tan. Maybe I'm an exception.

No matter. It's a personal preference sort of thing and I don't worry much about what others may think when I go to nude beaches or other nude events. And no one else seems to mind either . . . which is one of the very positive things about true nudism. I'm uncircumsized also . . . and that is a rarity, but I seldom get objections in that area either.

There is a whole bunch of material devoted to the subject of shaving your pubes . . . whether for erotic reasons, or to make a personal statement at the nude beach, or just because you like the way it feels. Whether the 'ball trimmer' works or not I'll leave up to some intrepid reader (let us know the results though) but that device looks remarkably similar to the Forever Free or MicroTouch Facial Hair Trimmers that sell for $9.95 in WalGreens. Though touted for facial hair, I can't see why you can also apply the concept to 'mowing the lawn' down south. In fact, I just may go down to WalGreens and grab one just to try it out. Razor blades and shaving cream are such a hassle.


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