Sunday, May 1, 2005

Hiking Weather is here . . . Hoorah!!!!!

Seattle and it's fickle weather . . . bah humbug. But finally sunshine lasting long enough to get in some fair-weather nude hiking and I've taken advantage of the last two weeks to get in seven . . . read em . . . seven hikes san clothes.

Short they may be but I'm trying to cram in hiking time with a hectic schedule; so usually I head up into the mountains around 2-3 pm, find a trailhead that is empty (weekdays or just too early for everyone else). then it's strip down and head out for some marvelous freedom.

The trailhead at Surprise Creek before I started my hike. Posted by Hello

Of course, the northwest has been fickle about all of this too. Invariably, right around 5 or 6 the clouds come descending and I get showered on. I carry a rain suit (doesn't everyone in the northwest?), but what's the use. I'm already soaked.

Now I'm hiking nude in a downpour and guess what. It's different. Enjoyable. I am actually better off than if I'd slipped some clothes on. Fortunately the hike generates heat and I have a pretty thick skin. One thing for sure . . . there are definitely less people to run into on the trails now.

I've stabbed at parts of Deception (to the second log bridge), upper Martins Creek, Tunnel Creek in the snow (and naked), several jaunts along the BPA road above Scenic (the town, not the springs) searching for the Scenic Hotel pipeline. The one disappointment was a Wednesday hike to Surprise Lake. I hiked nude most of the way but had to put on clothes as the snow got pretty deep. I gave up . . . I didn't have the right mix of warm clothing to finish.

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