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Editorial Response: "Moral Warrior" says nudist camps for kids "a risky affair"

At the risk of being cynical, I gave the Editor of the Hernando Today a chance to publish my Letter to the Editor, taking exception to this article in their newspaper. To date, they have not published my Letter nor have they even acknowledged it's existence. Whether this is because they are inept or slow on the uptake . . . or it is because that they have a bias of their own and do not wish opposing positions to be published is unknown. But it has made fair game for me to post my opinion here. Rick

The Original Article: Parents down, predators up

" - Hernando Today
August 5, 2005
The attacks on the foundation of the family, the most important institution in our society, are relentless. On July 5th, 2005, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has reinstated a lawsuit challenging a 2004 Virginia law requiring parental supervision at a nudist camp for teens.

The appellate court overturning this law would mean eleven to eighteen year-old youngsters would be allowed to attend a nudist camp with or without their parents. This would leave some children without any family members to introduce them into the nudist philosophy, etiquette and overall lifestyle. Nudism can be an innocuous way of life in the right setting with like-minded, stable and spiritually healthy people.

A nudist camp exposure for teenagers without screening of nudist members, staff and parental supervision of one's own children can be a risky affair. The lack of supervision and screening is compounded in our transient society. Children are more vulnerable without the watchful eyes of their loved ones. Yet some modern parents insist that children from age eleven to eighteen without adult assistance can handle peer pressure and temptation that exists in these circumstances. According to nudist advocacy groups, the prevalent body image feelings of inadequacy and unsettled sexual orientation issues would be non-existent in the natural nudist setting.

Modern parents often simplistically think any lust issues on the part of the staff, adults and younger campers would easily be handled by their "sophisticated teenagers." These same naïve thinking adults simultaneously take their preteens to rock concerts and provide their teenagers rented hotel rooms to have alcohol parties with minimal to no chaperoning. It appears many of these parents are living their lives through their children. They do not realize nor acknowledge the children's lack of emotional maturity puts their youngsters in jeopardy.

It is easier for modern parents to assign unrealistic trust in their children's decision- making ability than to restrict them for their own safety. Saying "no" to one's child creates friction and prevents the number one goal of modern parents: To be friends with their children.

As our culture establishes more children's rights through the legal system, parent's rights automatically decrease. Parents still have to maintain their legal responsibility for the health, safety, education and financial well being of their children. In other words, parents have fewer rights, less power but still have all the responsibility of raising their child.

Limiting the rights of parents while demanding responsible actions is like making a juggler tie his hands while attempting to keep all the balls in the air. It is virtually impossible.

As society withdraws the rights and power from parents, parents are responding by removing themselves from a close intimate relationship with their families. This increasing gap between the natural involvement of parents as protectors of their offspring is an invitation for predators and pending disaster for our civilization.

Despite society trying to create weak, irresponsible and superficial parents, conscientious parents need to act in the best interest of their child. Parents must do what is right for the safety and development of their children even if it means disobeying anti-family laws.
Source: http://www.hernandotoday.com/MGB3248NZBE.html

My Submitted Letter to the Editor:

In regards to:

Parents down, predators up
DOMENICK MAGLIO, PH.D. Cultural Moral Warrior
Published: Aug 5, 2005

This reader has to wonder were Dr. Maglio got his doctorate . . . from
the back of a box of Cheerios? Before he goes on his simplistic
diatribes to prove that today's parents are immoral, irresponsible and
"living their lives through their children", perhaps he should check his
facts first; or perhaps he did and just tweaked them a little to suit
his article!

The lawsuit that he refers to is not about allowing children to attend
nudist camp activities with or without their parents supervision (and
implied here . . . permission), it is about the requirement that the
parent be present, period. The intent of that law was to 'deny'
participation by teens by putting an additional burden on the parents.
It was also unevenly applied . . . teens go to summer camps all the time
and as I'm sure Dr Maglio is aware, teens relish these opportunities to
expand their horizons as they start becoming independent thinkers (it's
called growing up). Yet this same logic was not applied to other teen
summer camps. Only the nudist one. That is discriminatory.

I challenge Dr. Maglio to really understand the nudist lifestyle and the
pains accredited clubs go to to 'vet' and background check their members
and staff. Yes, children will experiment with sex but I daresay that
far more promiscuous behavior happens at clothed teen summer camps.

And, as far as linking and characterizing nudist parents as parents who
allow their children to go to rock concerts alone and provide their
teenagers rented hotel rooms to have alcohol parties with minimal to no
chaperoning . . . what sanctimonious bull. That statement has
absolutely no basis in fact and is meant to emotionally charge the
argument. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, Dr. Maglio. You have
not earned that doctorate.

I would say 'respectfully' but you have not earned it as far as I'm

Fully signed with my name, address, telephone number and email address on Aug 6th, 2005

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