Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Googlized Nude Venues in the PNW

Click to the left if the active map is not working below.

If the larger IFRAME GoogleMap Frame does not appear below, or you see an 'Application Error', I'm working on it, getting the code right. Meanwhile, you could click on the smaller image above or the title link to view the Nude Hiking and Soaking Google Map on the main server (you'll like it better anyway.) Don't forget to click the return link to come back and see me again. I really do appreciate that people read this blog.

Give me a chance and I'll be adding a lot of material to this map in the coming weeks. Feel free to comment on the items, especially as they pertain to nudism or clothing-optional opportunities. Hovering the mouse pointer over an item will give a title; clicking will bring up a little more infomation. Clicking on the more link will take you to a larger version of the map where there is more detailed data and photos.

If you know of a place where clothing-optional activities do or can take place, feel free to contact me so that I can add them to this map for everybodies enjoyment. The same goes for photos to be added.

Internet Explorer HATES Iframes. So, if you're still using an antiquidated browser like Internet Explorer, get a real one, like Firefox that understands how to properly display iframes. If you'd like to see this interactive map and still insist on using IE, click the the title link to go directly to the map server page.

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