Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My Googlized C/O Map has had a lot of updates

Using the GoogleMaps API, I had at first intended to only note the places in Washington Oregon and maybe some of California that a nudist or naturist would be interested in. But the effort has kind of snowballed and now, instead of calling it Clothing-option Venues in the PACIFIC NORTHWEST, it became 'THE WEST' and then quickly changed to "THE WESTERN US & CANADA".

Lots of people are come forth with places and ideas . . . some I never suspected (like nude bungee cord jumping in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island). Some of you who know me personally know of my love for hot springs . . . and not merely because of the clothing-optional nature of most natural hot springs. They just fasinate me and I spend a couple of week every year pulling on mileage in the High Sierras of California and Nevada in search for hot springs. This has led me to really populate the list with accurate coordinates and directions to a lot of hot springs . . . some of which I have not been to but have always been on my list. And then there are the hot springs I didn't even know existed . . . yet there they are.

Lots on info on nude beaches, especially in California where I used to live.

And, I'm attempting to locate and enter every nudist club that I can find . . . just think of planning a trip and having a nudist stopover on every leg. I can see lots of opportunities.

Made a online friend up in Canada . . . Guythalizard . . . that is compiling a GPS list of Canadian Hot Springs. Together, we will come up with a great resource for nudist and naturists.

The full version of my interactive map can be seen by clicking on the title link above. Enjoy.


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