Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I will be taking a sabbatical for a couple of months

When I was eleven years old we, as a family, embarked on the trip of a lifetime from the cool climes of Canada on a roadtrip to exotic sunny southern Florida and Miami. Us paleskinned Canucks sunburned a bright scarlet red of course but I still remember vividly the one thing that cut our trip short and sent us driving the old highways back to Toronto (this was before the great Interstate highways we have now). The one thing that perplexed the doctors and sent us all into a panic was a case of sun-poisoning on my younger brother's cheek.

Decades later, that one freakish happenstance has come back to haunt the family time again with skin cancers common amongst us. My father is Greek and I inherited his olive skin tone and resistance to the sun in a similar way. So did the next sister down from me. However, the rest of my brothers and sisters have all have various pre-cancerous and cancerous lesion removed from their skin because they apparently inherited my mother's Anglo-Gaelic fair-skin and red hair.

So . . . now we have a much more serious case of skin cancer in our family and I will be taking the time to provide aftercare at the expense of keeping this site updated. It was an easy decision to make; a no brainer. For me, family is everything.

But for you, my readers, I just wanted to let you know that I have not given up or grown jaded. I will be back and posting when I can.

Please, don't overdo it in the sun. Use sunblock.

Til I return, stay safe, enjoy the emerging springtime and enjoy every moment of it. Life is precious.


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