Thursday, August 3, 2006

NAC Update: Good News! California - American River


Specifically, the park officials have acknowledged that they had initially pursued a wrong path when they sought to prohibit skinny-dipping and nude sunbathing along the American River. Existing California Parks protocols provide a way to manage FOR nude recreation in traditional areas. Both Galloway and Nakaji have now expressed their commitment to those protocols, including the Cahill Policy, a proven field-level method of managing clothing-optional recreation in the California Park system.

Cahill allows rangers to insist that naturist users get dressed for a time when a complaint is received, but Galloway and Nakaji have promised to exercise discretion in considering and processing whatever complaints may be made.

This is an enormous turnaround from the policy of aggressive elimination that characterized the Auburn SRA's approach toward nudity just two months ago.

The letter-writing campaign worked and now it's time to let NAC pursue more traditional methods to cement this position.

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