Monday, October 2, 2006

Troublesome Creek Campground

Want a quick and easy nude hike? If you're ever out on the far end of the Index-Galena Road during the off season (Labor Day on through to June), check out the Troublesome Creek Campgrounds. Though gated, you can slip under the gate and practically have these entire campgrounds to yourself.

Troublesome Creek Campgrounds is on both sides of Troublesome Creek. Entrances into the campgrounds are on either side of the main road bridge over the creek. A wooden footbridge within the campgrounds spans the creek and connects the two halves. These campgrounds are fee-based during the summer months and are very popular. After Labor Day they are closed and gated . . . and essentially empty. If you plan to stroll about nude, check both gated entrances for parked cars indicating that someone else is enjoying the place.

The wooden footbridge over the upper
end of the nature path trails.

From the footbridge connecting the two halves of the campgrounds, level and well-maintained trails lead under the Index-Galena Road and on up both sides of the creek along a very picturesque cascade of water through a small gorge of water-sculpted bedrock. The trails on both sides do upper and lower loops and connect at the upper end with another footbridge over the creek.
One of the many water-carved rock pools
in the mini-gorge of Troublesome Creek.

Though signs advise against, who can resisted getting down on the bedrock and checking out the natural pools . . . and wonder how refreshing they might be at the height of summer.

The half-mile nature trail has many
scenic viewpoints for picture taking.

Everywhere you turn there are scenic vantage points complete with log benches. This is more a nature walk than a hike . . . and at half a mile each loop, a nice opportunity to stroll nude easily and leisurely during the off-season.

Lat:47.897629,Lon:-121.403414 or view the location on my campsite googlized map

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