Friday, March 14, 2008

McCredie Hot Springs is still soakable

Shirley G. reports:

. . . the landslide above McCredie Hot Springs is being repaired and while the river is muddy from the slide the springs are in great shape. To reach the pools across the river you are required to park below the bridge and the walk in a little longer but well worth it.

The slide Shirley is referring to is the Frasier slide of January 19th, 2008 that completely severed main train traffic through the Central Cascades of Oregon:

A month ago, a chunk of Coyote Mountain 20 acres wide and 200 feet deep sloughed off just above where the Union Pacific line winds up a timbered grade. A mix of mud, rock, fir trees and snow -- now referred to as the Frazier slide -- carried away a quarter-mile of track on the upper hillside and another 150 feet of track below. The slide ended up covering more than 40 acres. Source

The slide occurred to the south McCredie Hot Springs and Hwy 58 on the picturesque switchbacks of the slopes to the south (as this UP image and graphic shows) . . .

Crews continue to clear the debris from a mudslide that took out Union Pacific main line track south of Eugene, OR, on January 19. Heavy snowfall has made work conditions difficult as crews work to remove an estimated 153,000 truckloads of downed trees, mud and snow from this remote location in order to restore the track. At this point, track repairs are estimated to take at least another 4-6 weeks. Source

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