Sunday, July 13, 2008

Post Ride Report of Seattle's WNBR

From a Nudist Forum post:

WNBR Seattle 2008 12 July 2008 - Ride 7

Quick report (please send in yours too, funny moments, reaction, impressions, suggestions, I told you so's, et cetera)

Irrigation was on in morning in area we reserved for body painting, Daniel called Parks Duty person to come out and turn off water. Daniel forgot support bamboo, had to run home, delaying privacy screen setup. Some parks staff, not all, seemingly were just wasting time watching
us, hoping to some nudity?

Good volunteer numbers in morning thanks! (Also for teardown, Franz + Rick saved us.)

Painting party!

Some of the warmest weather we have ever had for a WNBR Seattle event. Had problem with wind and our privacy screen setup. Things kept falling down. We may need to slit muslin to allow wind to pass through better.

Franz's Naked Noon brunch, yummy + truffles.

Yoga didn't happen unfortunately.

Longer ride than originally anticipated. Lots of stop and go because we were not corking most intersections. Very slow moving through town.

Putting flyers in spokes did not work. (We were partially doing that for a rider count, but also to distribute info about other events (open up flyer to see yellow sheet))

Ran into a ton of Duck touring vehicles full of cheering, photo snapping tourists.

Funny dialogue at Westlake with men on corners holding up signs warning of our impending damnation.

Richard C. counted 50, I counted 51 at Rolling Start location, that means we probably had 52 including Paul who had to drop out and fix bike after Fremont Bridge accident. This is

Benham Gallery stop a success, locked bikes near Hammering Man at S.A.M. Several reporters at Benham. Nude & Natural (N) Magazine was doing story. Great art. We could not seem to get everybody a chance at the bathroom, people seemed to really need a pee break there. Busy part of town.

Waterfront tour was fun, stopped 1st time by police. Apparently those officers didn't do what the Sergeant wanted them to do. J. Steve made call to Precinct for clarifications.

Father + Son sculpture ride by, Myrtle Edward Park, Elliott Bay Park, went over bridge, small climb up hills, went across Mercer on N side of SC and entered SC.

International Fountain stop was great. Seattle center put up hard to see signs saying that they may be some activities going on today that might alarm some people. Security guy out SC was on a segway. One lady kept saying I want to get naked I want to get naked. She took off her top. People wanted their pictures taken with us.

Left SC, down Mercer. 2nd police encounter, how many police cars? They wanted names of fully naked people to give to prosecutor's office. They had us riders collect the names. I forgot to add mine. Topfree and people wearing covering around midsection were not asked to give names. Channel King 5 and Kiro 7 news listened to police scanner and arrived on scene interviewing us. Rest of ride was clothed to Gas Works. Please record news for us tonight.

We hung out at Gas Works and talked for a while

Afterparty at Nectar in Fremont was a total blast. We had some good food great stories.

Thanks everybody! Photographers, volunteers, people who donated money, helped out, contributed money for our Afterparty! Thanks!

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