Monday, November 24, 2008

7th Annual Rooster Rock Polar Bare Dip

Rooster-Sauvie Volunteers host The 7th Annual Rooster Rock Polar Bare Dip - Saturday Jan. 10th! 

We're the new AANR beach club in Portland, and our first event of the new year is coming up!  

Hey folks, this event is getting bigger every year. We've got brave (crazy?) people who jump into the cold water, and we've got people with more sense who cheer us on from shore and get a good laugh.

We'll meet on Saturday, Jan 10th, at 12 noon, at the East end of the parking lot at Rooster Rock State Park. This is in the Columbia Gorge, 25 min. east of Portland on I-84, just past Corbett.  Look for the AANR flag, surrounded by people with nervous smiles, asking themselves, "WHY are we doing this, again?" 

After the polar dip we'll pick up any trash on the way out, and go for some hot food & drink. 
See you there!

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