Sunday, January 4, 2009

Create a Nude Calendar

Here's a fun project we can do while locked up in our homes suffering cabin fever . . . we could create nude calendars of our fun activities, print them up on that fancy new color printer we got for Christmas . . . and share them with our naturist friends (and perhaps a few non-naturst friends we want to convert).

The monthly calendar produced by BigHugeLabs

or view all 12 months in a printable document format here on Google Docs.

BigHugeLabs is one site that can take your digital image and produce a monthly calendar like the one above.  You can either upload the image or link to one of the popular image hosing sites (like Flickr) to use one of your photos from there.  If you link, make sure you opt out of allowing BigHugeLabs to share your photos on their website.  Once your calendar is created you can download the image file and print up your calendar . . . or optionally, allow them to print it for you (prolly not a good idea).

The other site that I have used to create a nude calendar is VistaPrint . . . which allows more versatility in creating a calendar and can generate a full-year calendar with cover.  Unfortunately,  there is no option for downloading the finished calendar . . . instead, you are directed to the shopping cart to order (and pay) for a printed calendar.  At the moment they are running a special of $16.98 for the professionally printed calendar.  However, I'm not sure if nudity will get past the actual printing stage.

There is one little trick you can use to get by that restriction (if you are so inclined and feeling sneaky):  after making you edits and presented with a thumbnail-proof page of your calendar months you can view each page in a popup, right-click and save the image, choosing an appropriate name for each one in turn).    The quality of the image is not bad and prints up just fine on matte photo paper.

Cover of VistaPrint produced Nude Calendar

The month of February . . . note my birthday on the 18th ...

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