Thursday, December 31, 2009

WNBR Seattle 2009 organizer headed to court (recap)

This just in from Daniel:

Looks like Thomas Carr , who just got voted out of office by a landslide, is trying to scare at least one of the World Naked Bike Ride West Seattle cyclists.
My intake hearing is Tues, 12 Jan 2010 at The Muncipal Court of Seattle at 9:05 AM. I am being charged with "indecent exposure" RCW9A. 88.010(1) for my role in the 13 Sept 2009 WNBR West Seattle event.
Here is the link to both the WSB and KOMO stories if you wish to help out with a supportive comment
Get this, the order was made on Christmas, 25 Dec 2009. We must all be in the holiday mood because I just gave Parks a Public Disclosure Request on Mon, 28 Dec 2009.
Due to court date approaching quickly and legal prep, other urgent issues with City and family medical issues I may need to move next Jan indoor swim to February. Hope you understand.
Any legal help would be appreciated.
Peace be with you this Holiday season. :)
Daniel Johnson
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