Sunday, January 3, 2010

Seattle's nude beaches - Easily show your support WE NEED YOUR HELP TODAY!

**PLEASE forward widely and distribute to your networks and friends and urge them to VOTE as well!**

(URGENT: PLEASE click on link below to VOTE TODAY! Many of you still haven't voted yet and we **desperately** need your support at this critical time!)

Happy New Year Everybody!

As many of you have heard, our new Mayor Mike McGinn is set to move in today to his new office. Let's make one more big push to deliver a message to him that will be firm and clear:

Seattle is one of the most body-positive cities in the world and its time that Seattle finally gets some clothing-optional beaches!

UPDATE: Right now our issue is ranked #5 (number 3 a day later) on the top ideas suggested for Seattle at McGinn's site, . This site was created to hear gather and rank proposals about issues important to local citizens and those who visit alike. Voting on this site is the easiest and most direct way to get this important issue to the attention of Seattle's New Mayor Mike McGinn! Please help us bring this issue to his attention whether you live in Seattle or plan on visiting and want to have the optional of going to a designated
clothing-optional beach!

With recent news coverage about McGinn's support of legalizing marijuana, word of this website has spread and the pot issue and light rail issues have are far and away breaking away from the rest. We need your support and the support of your friends, family members and all of their friends as well to VOTE NOW! SEND THIS message to as many of your supportive networks as possible!

Please vote (you can use up to *3* of your 10 allowed votes (each category gets 10 max votes)) at the Seattle Mayor's new website, Ideas for Seattle:

Leaving comments would also be very much appreciated!

Its very quick and easy to setup an account so you can vote!


Set aside park beach areas for European-style, clothing-optional recreation (sunbathe + skinny dip)

The Greater Seattle Area has long hosted the world's most renowned, colorful, family-friendly and free-spirited clothing-optional cultural events and groups in the world including: The Fremont Solstice Cyclists (17 years), World Naked Bike Ride, Body Pride Ride, Seattle Free Beach Campaign, Gardens Everywhere Bike Parade, Seattle Critical mAss, Hemp Ride, Love Every Body, Seattle Swims rentals at Seattle Parks Department Aquatic Facilities, Sun Lovers Under Gray Skies (SLUGS), Magnuson Beach Bares, Friends of Denny Park, Friends of Secret Beach, Fraternity Snoqualmie, Bare Buns Fun Runs, Nudestock, Body Freedom Collaborative, and Naked Pumpkin Run. Additionally, a handful of shoreline park areas have seen quiet yet significant clothing-optional use for decades. In 2008, after a considerable grassroots public campaign by local skinny dippers, the Seattle Parks Board recommended that the Parks Department look into establishing designated and signed areas for clothing-optional use. Let's make it happen!

Thanks for taking a moment of your time and showing your support in this critical Seattle government transition time!

Very best,

Daniel Johnson
Seattle Free Beach Campaign, supporter
206 369 2661 mobile

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