Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Update on My CML

An email from a fellow Slugs member reminded me that I need to get out of this fugue. I don't necessarily owe it to anyone but I feel I should offer an update on my condition to my readers and let them know that I haven't abandoned my blog . . . nor nude hiking. I do apoligise to those who have emailed my over the past several weeks. I'm not ignoring you . . . just didn't have the energy for much else.

In late January and February I had to spend several visits in the hospital dealing with an enlarged spleen . . . a consequence to the Gleevec I take. Gleevec is a maintenance drug that prevents the signature CML chromosome linkage that overproduces immature white blood cells of this form of leukemia. A consequence is that my white blood count could drop substantially in the bone marrow causing the spleen to uptake the slack . . . thus enlargement and inflammation (and possibly removal). Fortunately, adjustment of my dosing has that problem under control.

The last three weeks have been spent learning pain management techniques. As this disease progresses, bone marrow is destroyed . . . sclerosed to a hard lattice within the bone that leads to a deep-felt chronic bone pain that is hard to control with OTCs. I have to live with the pain but I've learned to control the perception and at most times operate normally.

I spend quite a bit of time prone in bed when the pain is at its' worst. But I do get it under control and I have put in a few nude hikes . . . albeit short ones . . . when I could. Most of my time is spent either working the minimum number of hours a week to maintain my health insurance and working on the permits for Scenic Hot Springs.

The highlight to my season are the visits I make to the hot springs to check on conditions, kick a few trespassers out . . . and selfishly get in a nude hike of my own (despite the unseasonably cold weather we've had this spring.) Surprisingly, the cold barely affects me . . . I hiked up nude in a snowstorm last week . . . six hours nude in temperatures hovering right above freezing . . . a never felt a chill or effects of cold weather. Of course, the several hours spent soaking in 118F hot springs waters did me wonders.

More images from that hike here: http://www.anthonians.org/forgotten_knot/Late%20Spring%20Snowfall%20at%20Scenic/

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