Saturday, December 4, 2010

Why are you here?

Really. The hit counter shows 2.7 mil hits . . . the real-time visitor gadget in the sidebar shows people coming and going. It's intriguing. What are the visitors to this blog looking for.

According to the stats a large number are simply doing a search for anything nude . . . prurient interest.  Nothing erotic or sexy here.  They quickly move on.

Others seem to be curious based on the pattern of articles they follow in this blog.  Yet others seem to be searching for something specific.  I hope you find it.

A large majority, I suspect, are looking for validation . . . reasons to convince themselves to do it themselves.  I'd really like to know if there is anything I can help out with.  This blog is supposed to be an educational dialogue on the 'rightness' of naturism.  My main aim is to prod and convince as many people as possible to just try it.  I'd like to know if I'm succeeding.

Interest mainly as I sit at home wanting to get outside. So tell us your story by clicking the comments. Make it anonymous if you must but I am really interested as to why you are reading this blog . . . what you are looking for . . . what you hope to find.

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