Friday, February 4, 2011

My First Nude Hike of 2011-The Backtrail by Scenic Creek Falls

Entering the back trail on the way down to the lower Scenic Creek Falls
My fellow steward at Scenic Hot Springs has been keeping me up to date of the conditions up there (myself not able to visit because of cancer issues).  The other day he called to give me news on a landslide at Scenic.  The way he described the mess tempted me to attempt an impromptu visit to Scenic . . . so off I went . . . dressed against the cold.

I never did make it all the way up to the springs, dallying around the site of the slide.  The damage to the BPA road surfaces was significant as can be seen in my Scenic Hot Springs blog post, Winter Storm Damage at Scenic Hot Springs.

Coming back down I like to take the back route via the lower Scenic Creek waterfalls.  On a lark I decided to try the last mile or so nude.  So off came the clothes . . . heavy parka, fleece outers, thermal underwear.  It's been a long time since I've been able to enjoy hiking the way I like to so this was very refreshing despite the air temperatures hovering just below freezing . . . and dropping as the sun set lower.  What really surprised me was how easily my body took the cold weather.  No shivering or feelings of cold whatsoever.    I have no explanations . . . I haven't gone through any cold weather aclimization.  One note is, dressed as heavily as I was on the trek up, I did feel the chill.  Nude . . . colder out and minus all that unnecessary clothing, I felt entirely comfortable.  Makes one think . . . do we really need all those clothes, all the time to protect us from the elements.  Nude is entirely natural!

Anyway, I am now hungry for getting back out there and hiking nude.

The JAlbum Photo Album of this hike is here.

The photo album of the Winter Damage to the Scenic Hot Springs area is here.

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