Saturday, March 12, 2011

Going for a nude hike? Take that camera with you.

"There are times when the beauty that surrounds a nude soul goes unnoticed until the photos are reviewed."   
Ken Freehiker, recounting on his blog about several nude hikes (or freehikes) taken recently in the El Paso, Texas area. 
I could not agree more with Ken.  The experience of nude hiking (or as Ken and many others prefer to call it . . . freehiking) is sublime and not easily explained after the fact.  The experience is both physical and spiritual . . . lasting some time after a hike.  You just feel so good about everything, having immersed and involved yourself so intimately with nature.

Like Ken, simply going over images of the hike afterward immerses you into the experience all over again.  I'm often at a loss of words to convey to friends and readers the full extent of the experience.  Photos are like a time machine taking me right back into the moment.  I share them to share the same experience with my readers.

Ken's excellent blog on everything nudism can be read here.

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