Friday, January 11, 2013

Getting Nude Where You Can

Soaking au' natural in a Boise, Idaho motel's hot tub.

On the road in the middle of wintry blizzard conditions (it was minus 14 F in Pocatello for a few days), there are not too many opportunities to enjoy being nude.  But one I found at almost all of the motels and hotels I stayed at over the course of the past two months, is that of the hotel spa / hot tub.  Underutilized, tucked away in alcoves at the far reaches of the pool area and, in most of cases, out of direct or indirect observance from the staff or hotel guests.

A hot soak at the end of a day of working outside in subzero temperatures was frequently soothed by a late-night relaxing soak in the hot tub . . . often sans that pesky ole swimsuit (of which I don't own one, a towel suffices to get me back and forth, and cover up if need be.)

I did make one attempt to visit a hot spring . . . Skinny Dipper Hot Spring (aka Milepost 4 HS) north of Boise, but that trek was cut just short of the hot springs by the need to help an injured hiker back down the mountainside.  Hot springs would have been preferential over the heavily-chlorinated waters of a hot tub!

On the easier part of the scramble up to
Skinny Dipper Hot Springs (the springs are
tucked in that ravine just behind me.)

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