Wednesday, June 4, 2014

An Update: From Chemo to Radiation

The current series of chemo ended a couple of weeks ago and I've spent much of that time just recovering from the assault on my body.  When I met with my oncologist the other day for a follow-up he outlined the next steps (to which I concur) . . . five weeks of twice daily radiation treatment (weekends exempted).

That's scary . . . I've never been through that extensive a regimen before and believe me, I know what radiation can do to the body (side-effects-wise).  But the results of just published (Jun 3rd) clinical trials support the decision.

So . . . I've got my new registration tattoos and ball bearings (for guiding the radiation beam precisely).  The only bad news . . . well, I've got to limit my sun exposure.  Can you think of any more cruel a thing to do to a nudist . . . to tell him to keep covered up when out in the sun?  Well . . .  if I'm up to getting out I'll figure out a way to go nude and still protect treatment areas.

Meanwhile, I am getting out when I can.  A photo from a nice drive into the mountains this past weekend:

Along the North Fork of the Skykomish near Troublesome Creek

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