Monday, July 18, 2005

Rooster Rock-Restful Haven-Sauvie Island Aug 6-7th 2005

Well, here's an opportunity that just can't be ignored . . . your chance to get into nudism with very little cost to yourself and to visit some superlative clothing-optional facilities in the Portland area.

August is the month for Rooster Rock State Park . . . when the waters in the Columbia River finally go down enough for the great sand beaches to emerge and warm up. Rooster Rock is the site of one of two official clothing optional beaches in the Portland area and the regular nudist community and the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) will be having a beach cleanup party at Rooster Rock starting at 9AM on August 6th. Here's an opportunity to enjoy the beach au'natural while helping to get it into shape but there is more . . . much more.

Restful Haven, a very nice nudist resort west of Portland has just offered to drop it's grounds fees on August 6th to anyone registering and helping out with the Rooster Rock cleanup. You don't have to be an AANR or TNS member to enjoy this gracious offer . . . just a member of the cleanup party.

You get to visit the grounds of Restful Haven, enjoy the spa or sunning lawns and the other facilites, enjoy a low cost dinner ($4) and if you've travelled a distance, pitch a tent and camp overnight. Update: Camp fees are half-priced for participants: Tent $3.00, full hookup $5.50 and water & electric $4.00

Add a visit to Collins Beach on Sauvies Island the next day and give a hand doing some light cleanup and then enjoy the rest of the day sunning on the clothing-optional beach.

It's not often these kinds of events converge together to make a wonderful weekend. Consider showing up at Rooster Rock at 9AM on August 6th and take advantage of this great offer. It is open to everyone participating in the cleanup.

ORCOBA Website for Rooster Rock and Collins Beach

Restful Haven Nude Resort Website Consider emailing them if you plan on taking advantage of the dinner or need to reserve a camping location. A nice thanks in advance would probably be welcome. (Restful Haven Office email)


9AM Aug 6th: Rooster Rock Cleanup begins, followed by hot dogs and fun in the sun.

Directions from Seattle to Rooster Rock Take a right at the toll booth to the park ($3 parking fee, covered if you have a NW Recreation Pass) and drive to the end of the east parking lot. Go down the stairs near the restroom. The signup area will either be there or on the beach at the end of the trail.

Afternoon of Aug 6th thru Aug 7th, head over to Restful Haven to relax in the spa or enjoy the grounds and facilities. $4 dinner, volleyball, socializing, camping overnight or rent a cabin. Grounds Fees are waived for cleanup participants.

Directions from Rooster Rock to Restful Haven

10:30AM Aug 7th: Car convoy over to Sauvie Island for a brief cleanup of the parking area, then join us for the rest of the day on Collins Beach

Directions from Restful Haven to Collins Beach. Parking Fee is $1.50, purchased at the General Store just after crosing the bridge to Sauvies Island (NW Recreation Pass is good here, as well).

Late in the afternoon, Aug 7th: Head back to Seattle. The directions avoid heading back into Portland and take 30 north through Longview and Kelso.

Directions from Collins Beach back to Seattle

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