Saturday, October 8, 2005

University of BC has a Nude Beach?

It’s official. We should all move to Vancouver.

The ‘glass city’ (so-called because of the mirror-windowed towering skyscrapers) has been voted the “best place in the world to live”, says the Independent.

Not sure how ‘independent’ this study is, since the first line of the article is “the university has a nudist beach”.

Not that we’re complaining. In fact, any city in the world which has flashing freshers would get our vote.

Well, so goes the rationale for Vancouver, BC being voted the Best City to Live as reported in the Independent Online Edition on Oct 5th .

What boils my blood, and more than a few others who love this 'nude beach' . . . they are referring, of course, to Wreck Beach . . . is that the beach DOES NOT belong to the University of BC . . . they are just real close to each other. What makes us head for the tranquilizer pills is that this same university is the one that is destroying the beauty and natural setting of Wreck Beach with it's insistence on raising student domitory towers high over the forested bluffs overlooking the beach.

And then the sleeze e-zine MegaStars gets in on the action with a unnaturalist clique to "Whip 'em off, ladies!' An image accompanies the article . . . a link to a slideshow (MegaBabes) of scantily-clad young ladies that an uninformed reader might be convinced was taken at Wreck Beach when in fact it was not taken anywhere in the area. The images are at best, cheesecake, at worst, the wrong image of a nudism/naturist beach.

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