Saturday, November 12, 2005

Banya 5 Announces Regular Monthly Co-Ed Naturist Nights

Banya 5 is an elemental experience of heat and water. You enter the heavy wooden door of the banya and immediately feel the heat of 20 tons of Cascade Granite which have been heating for over a month. You wonder if your body can tolerate the 190 degree to 200 degree heat. You sit down and slow your breath. You feel your blood circulating, drops of sweat forming on your face, your arms. You breathe. Muscles soften. Your eyes close and the heat sinks further into your core. It is hot but the wise part of you knows you can tolerate it, you want to be this hot. More sweat, more even measured breath. (From the Banya 5 website)

An email from the Banya 5 subscription list:
Subject: Banya 5 Announces Regular Monthly Co-Ed Naturist Nights

Banya 5, Seattle's only Russian style spa, is pleased to announce our fall and winter season of Co-ed Naturist nights. We are opening our doors on Monday evenings from 5:00 PM until 11:00 PM on the following dates:

14 November, 2005
12 December, 2005
16 January, 2006

Additional dates will be added if this event is popular.

These events are private, and open to nudist and naturist organizations here in the Pacific Northwest. These events are governed by accepted naturist and nudist etiquette and behavior.

Please check out our website for information about our facility.

Thank you and we'll look forward to seeing you.

(A description of the experience from James)
If you have ever been to Banya 5 you know . If not, let me give you an idea . There are no less than six bathing opportunities which include a Russian style "banya" (which I'll describe below), a most excellent steam room, a salt water dip, a cold plunge, deluge showers, and of course a hot tub. There is also a large lounging area on the top floor where one can sip Russian tea while relaxing nude.

What is a "banya"? It's similar to a sauna but with a very important difference. While a sauna has a stove that runs constantly, a banya has an oven which is used to heat the interior of the space and then shut off. The super heated walls, floor and ceiling provide a very pleasant "soaking heat" much different than the convection currents produced by a sauna. Air temperatures can be much higher and still enjoyed. If one desires, a cluster of leaves can be used to create air currents for an individual or even used on the skin for still more stimulating experiences. Following a warming session in the banya, one may opt to cool by dipping in the warmish salt water, standing under a drenching shower, or even take a quick plunge in the
cold fresh water. Or perhaps just relaxing at room temperature is for you. In any case, you'll find just the right combination of warming and cooling methods to suit you.

The facility is open to naturist sessions for six hours. This is important because you won't want the experience to be rushed. It is to be savored like a six course meal at a fine restaurant. Come as early as you can so that you can take your time, relax, enjoy chatting with friends, try something new. Leave feeling refreshed and renewed. Those of us who have been are really excited about these naturist/nudist nights. It's how banya as was meant to be
enjoyed. Don't miss this opportunity!

BTW, Keep in mind that these events are unusual in that they are wholly sponsored by the business itself and do not have outside club or individual sponsorship. The SLUGS heartily endorse the naturist/nudist nights but Banya 5 is assuming all of the risk and responsibilities. What a concept! A real business actually seeking out our patronage instead of us going begging to them! Let's encourage and support this behavior!
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