Thursday, May 17, 2007

Oregon's SOLV Program has been good for nudism

Oregon Registered Voters only

SOLV is a volunteer-driven program in the State of Oregon that is involved in cleaning up the environment. Both AANR-NW and TNS (thru ORCOBA) participate in SOLV cleanup activities for which the nudist community receives recognition and accolades for their involvement. If you are an Oregon registered voter, please take a moment to cast support for this very effective organization!

Also, consider participating the AANR-NW's Down By The Riverside SOLV Cleanup of Rooster Rock on May 19th, or ORCOBA's Down By The Riverside SOLV Cleanup of Collins Beach on Sauvies Island on the same day. Details in the Google Calendar in the sidebar.

On June 1st, SOLV must submit 10,000 signatures to re-qualify for the Charitable Checkoff. To date we have collected 2810 and need your help!

If you have not yet signed the petition and you are a registered Oregon voter, you can send your signature with one simple e-mail! The Charitable Checkoff Commission will accept your electronic "signatures" by following these steps:

1. Create an email message to:
Note: Clicking the above link will launch your email program and automatically prefill in the To:, Subject: and Body. Don't forget to enter your name, address and county.
2. Copy this line into the subject box: I support SOLV for the Charitable Checkoff

3. Copy this section in the body of the email: To the Oregon Charitable Checkoff Commission: I the undersigned voter, request approval for SOLV to be listed in the Oregon Personal Income Tax booklet as an Oregon charity eligible to receive donations from Oregon taxpayers.

4. Add your name, residence address, and county

5. Send the email.

That's it! You've just help SOLV programs become eligible for tens of thousands of dollars over the next six years. Please consider forwarding this message to others who might help.

Visit Oregon Charitable Checkoff on the SOLV website for more information or contact Jan McGowan,, 503-844-9571 or 800-333-SOLV

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