Wednesday, May 2, 2007

ORCOBA/SOLV/ODFW Cleanup Report, Apr 28th, 2007

Don, from ORCOBA, reports on the success of this past Saturday's cleanup of Collins Beach on Sauvies Island (Annotated Google Map):

Thanks to everyone who came out and pitched in at our Collins Beach cleanup on Saturday! Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife agents were pleased to see the early turnout of ORCOBA members (nearly all of whom made it to the beach before Peggy and I, thanks to a parking lot called I-5). By noon, bags had been filled and an assortment of other storm debris, including building materials and Styrofoam blocks, had been removed from the beach, parking lot and wooded areas. The water level was surprisingly low, comparable to late summer conditions, and just about all of the beach area was accessible. The day turned our better than predicted, so participants were rewarded with a few hours of relaxing sunshine in which to soak.

I spoke with Deputy Larry that afternoon, and he said that his position has been funded for another year and he'll be on the island as usual this summer. Let's hope we can keep him around until his retirement; maybe even talk him into staying on an extra year or two!

For those who aren’t familiar with Larry, he has served on Sauvie Island for the last 13 years and knows it intimately. He is very supportive of ORCOBA, and the preservation of Collins as a clothing-optional beach. It would be a huge loss to not have him out there.

Columbia County was planning to eliminate the funding for Deputy Larry Weaver’s position, effective this year. A letter writing campaign and support from naturists probably was the trigger that turned the tide. Thank you to all those who wrote and called.

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