Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fremont Solstice Parade, Saturday, June 16, 2006: Giant Slug Reported Marauding City

Heard at the Fraternity Snoqualmie Booth after the parade:

Mother and daughter walk by. Mother abruptly covers her daughter's eyes: 'Don't look!'
Daughter, her face muffled into her mother's armpit: 'Why? He's just naked.'
Mother: Absolutely silent to her daughter's valid question Two booths later, daughter looks back anyway.

Father and young son pause at the booth. Dad is interested in the upcoming Bare Buns Fun Run and reads brochure. Son, standing by says loudly 'Dad, you're not going to do that, are you?' Dad says, 'Looks like fun' and winks at his son. Mother chuckles from a distance.

Parade Report

I'd like to add my thanks to those who showed up and made the SLUGS float 'happen' at this years parade. Particularly Karen whom, bless her, mothered us fumble-fingered, two left-handed SLUG assemblers and got us on our way, barely-functional but moving by the actual start of the parade.

At one point during assembly, we were actually considering forgoing one of the arch-supports due to lack of enough volunteers to power the Slug. Somehow we made the absolute, minimum critical mass with one brave lady stepping in for the beginning and replaced by another volunteer later. The Slug was ambulatory and moving.

Yours truly was stuck in the tail section again . . . still duct-taping supports and tying off braces as the Slug moved onto the parade route. I continued to have to make frame repairs throughout the route. It's a good thing that I had a large roll of duct tape handy. Unfortunately . . . I never got a chance to strip and be an au'natural pair of feet in the back end. I participated fully clothed [gasp!!!!!]

We were announced at each grandstand station as 'the Sun Lovers Under Grey Skies, the SLUGS, a naturist group whom we are assured . . . is at least wearing sandals beneath the Slug.' We got cheered all along the parade route, necklace beads tossed underneath the Slug as it passed by. Cameras attached to anonymous arms seemed to magically appear underneath the flapping fabric. One young lady slipped under the Slug's innards, weaved back part of the length and out the other side, cheering 'yaaaa . . . they're naked!'

So again, the float was a success . . . loved by everyone. We were remembered from last year . . . helped at points by those who recognized the SLUGS name, and generally just adored and cheered by the parade watchers. Thank you again to those for participating with the SLUG.

More Fremont 2007 Solstice Parade images from Natasha

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