Sunday, June 24, 2007

Study: Men View Faces in Sexy Photos

Contrary to popular opinion, men are more likely to look at a female's face before other areas when looking at pictures of naked women, according to a study by Emory University researchers. And women will gaze at pictures of heterosexual sex longer than men, the study found.

Huh? Well so goes the study abstracted at physorg and published in the Hormones and Behavior Journal.

My friend at Gymnophiliac brings this to our attention with a light-hearted article that sort of vindicates the male gender.

Of course, I've always been attracted to female faces . . . particularly the eyes, but it's nice to know that science is finally beginning to agree that us men aren't necessarily the lecherous oglers we are often made out to be.

The article also seems to imply that females are more visually-interested than anecdotal wisdom tells us the are. Heaven forbid the morals police get a hold of this and demand that women cover their faces! Just some food for thought.

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