Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bare Buns Fun Run West a Huge Success

Following hot on the heels of Seattle's World Naked Bike Ride on Saturday, was the running of the 16th Annual Bare Buns Fun Run at Fraternity Snoqualmie in Issaquah, WA.

This event just gets better every year . . . more participants, outstanding event coordination . . . prizes . . . food . . . and the facilities.

I wish I'd gotten an estimate of the count. I'd estimate there were well over 200 runners going up against the mountain this year and the weather cooperated perfectly. There were at least double that number who took advantage of FS's Open House to enjoy the grounds, sun on the expansive lawns and play in the swimming pool. The tenting lawn was filled to capacity.

This is the fourth time I've challenged Tiger Mountain and I must be getting better as I shaved three minutes off of last year. I won't bore you with my official time or finishing position . . . let's just say a lot of people came in ahead of me. It's the fun of the run that's important, and I thoroughly enjoyed it . . . as did every other runner (whether they ran the course or walked it).

I met Ed again . . . he flies in from Boston every year to run this race and he loves it. Ed came in fourth, overall. The one person I did miss was Hairy Homer (Jim R.) from Longview whom I was looking forward to chatting with.

Like last year and years previous, the number of youth that gravitates to an afternoon of clothing-optional fun that they wouldn't otherwise get involved with . . . is gratifying. They trully do drop their inhibitions and enjoy being natural for an afternoon. The BBFR is one event to look forward to every year.

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