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NAC Update: Huntington Beach, CA

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NAC Update: Huntington Beach, CA

A proposed anti-naturist ordinance in Huntington Beach took a step closer to adoption Monday evening when the City Council approved its introduction. Led by NAC board member Allen Baylis, a group of naturists spoke against the measure. The proposed ordinance had a large portion of text amended out of it when the police chief, who had requested it, couldn't explain what it was supposed to mean.


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DATE: July 17, 2007
SUBJECT: Huntington Beach, California
TO: All Naturists

Dear Naturist,

This is an Update from the Naturist Action Committee concerning a proposed anti-nudity ordinance for the City of Huntington Beach, California.

As anticipated, an ordinance targeting naturists was introduced at the July 16 meeting of the Huntington Beach City Council. By a unanimous vote of 7-0, council members have chosen to allow the ordinance to move forward. The measure, which has been assigned Number 3773, could not have been voted into law at the meeting; it was simply allowed to continue the approval process. The proposed ordinance receives its next council consideration in a meeting scheduled for August 6, 2007.


The proposed new Huntington Beach ordinance, if adopted, would go beyond existing law. It would criminalize mere nudity.


The Naturist Action Committee has been working with City Council members and Huntington Beach city staff. Despite the setback, that effort continues.

On July 13, 2007, NAC issued a NAC Action Alert asking for naturists to contact members of the Huntington Beach City Council. Despite the short notice, naturists responded in large numbers, a fact that was mentioned by several council members.

NAC thanks you for your response!


Led by NAC board member Allen Baylis, ten naturists spoke against the proposed ordinance at the council meeting on July 16. Two members of the public rose to speak in favor of the measure.

The matter was the topic of a great deal of discussion among council members and city staff. Police Chief Kenneth Small began by complaining that those who had written to oppose the ordinance were not well informed.

At the instigation of Mayor Pro Tem Debbie Cook, the proposed ordinance received amendments to two parts:

  1. The age limit for breastfed infants was removed.
  2. The section of the proposed law that prohibited "any device, costume or covering that gives the appearance of or simulates the male or female genitals, pubic hair pubic hair region, natal cleft, perineum, anal region, or the nipple and/or aureole of the female breast."

The amendment concerning devices and costumes came after Police Chief Small was unable to explain the phrase to council members when they asked him. "It means what it says," said the well-informed Chief.

Council member Don Hansen attempted to compare the situation in Huntington Beach to an anti-nudity ordinance being considered in Brattleboro, Vermont. Brattleboro, he claimed, had represented itself last year as a welcome destination for nudists. This year, Hansen said, the town was overrun by naked people. Neither of his assertions was true, but that detail seemed not to bother Councilmember Hansen.

Note: The Brattleboro, VT emergency ban on nudity ordinance was passed. Story here. Rick

Mayor Gil Coerper expressed his strongly held belief that people who are completely enshrouded by blankets as they change their clothes on the beach are nonetheless guilty of being nude in public.


This is an Update. NO ACTION is being requested at this time. Please watch for further NAC Action Alerts, Advisories and Updates on this important issue.


Additional information and links are available, along with this NAC Update on the web site of the Naturist Action Committee.

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Bob Morton
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