Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Halloween

Had a lot of fun playing around with this image and trying to come up with something relating to both nude hiking and the spirit of Halloween. The picture is from a hike some time ago to Blanca Lake near Mount Cristo. Here's the original:

I had originally thought to create an "Invisible Nude Hiker" but as I experimented with the settings I kind of liked the effects . . . semi-invisible as if you could see the larger muscle masses inside my body, hot for the exertion of the hike . . . perhaps a thermographic image, of sorts. After all, a digital camera images not only in the visible spectrum but also in the near infrared. In essence, the heat of the subject is also captured and with photo manipulation software a heat-map of my skin can be coaxed out. The image is showing what areas of my body are radiating the most heat . . . an interesting and, I think, an appropriate Halloween pic.

For those of you interested in playing around with digital images, I use G.I.M.P (the GNU Image Manipulation Program), an open-source program. It's free and does everything Photoshop does for many hundreds of dollars.

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