Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Surgery Update

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I'm back from the hospital.

The surgery, an endoscopic transnasal transsphenoidal hypophysectomy . . . or more bluntly, a bunch of stainless-steel instruments shoved up my nose into the brain, was successful and they removed a 1/2 inch round cancerous mass from above the pituitary and also pressing on the trigeminal nerve (the probable cause of my cluster headaches.) They believe they got all of it. Radiation therapy may not be necessary but that will have to await followups.

Fortunately the optic nerve was untouched, the pituitary only compressed but functional. They are unsure of the trigeminal nerve and cannot tell me if the cluster headaches will now go away. I hope they do but probably not as I suffered another cluster last night.

I have to follow up for temporary hormone imbalances until the pituitary rebounds, and I have to be screened for cancer resurgence for . . . ? however long to determine if they use the gamma knife on any missed residual growth.

The bad news is no more hiking for a few weeks (by which time it will probably be too cold anyway). The good news, barring negative results from the screening and no chronic hormone imbalance, is that once my poor distorted nostrils shrink back to a more normal shape (and the doc says the sinuses have healed), I can do what I've always enjoyed . . . getting out there and hiking (nude, of course).

I'm back home and taking it easy for the next week or so. Just wanted the let everyone know I'm okay and to thank all those who sent well-wishes. Have a great day, ya'all ..

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