Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Goldmyer Hot Springs: Feb 2, 2009 access conditions

From Beth:

It is now almost a month after the Big Flood of this winter. Because of snow cover and the number of damaged areas, flood-caused damage assessment is just beginning to be realized in the Middle Fork Valley. This flood almost, but not quite, surpassed the previous Big Flood of 1990 in cubic feet per second of river flow, but it apparently has caused more damage in the Middle Fork Valley. King County and the Forest Service are currently working together to plan repairs. The Forest Service tells us that they wiill be repairing or replacing the cement bridge that crosses the Taylor River, although timing is unknown at this point. Depending on its condition, they might be able to do some sort of temporary fix. Nothing can be known for sure until the engineers can survey the situation. Meanwhile, King County officially has the road closed at the end of pavement which is 20 miles below Goldmyer.

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