Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Goldmyer HS Alternate Route via Snow Lake

With the closure and uncertain repair future of the Middle Fork Road, access to Goldmyer Hot Springs seems problematic.  However, there is another route from the Alpental Ski Area via the very popular Snow Lake Trail (#1013). At this time of year you need to check with the Forest Service on avalanche conditions.

The hike into Snow Lake is one of the most popular in the Mt Baker/Snoqualmie Forest . . . therefore not exactly a good trail to hike nude on . . . assuming the weather improves enough for nude hiking.  However, once beyind the far shore of Snow Lake you are on unfrequented trail.  Doff the clothes all the way to Goldmyer and enjoy the hike.

The route is just under 12 miles making this a backpacking overnight visit to the springs.  As always, check with the Goldmyer web site for reservations and conditions at the hot springs.  My most recent (2001) GPX file of this route is available for download upon request.

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