Thursday, October 1, 2009

Goldmyer Hot Springs Access Update

As of September 8th access to the Middle Fork Valley via the Middle Fork Road was shut down completely at the forest boundary (about 5 miles from the end of pavement) so that road and bridge repairs could begin. No one will be allowed past this point, even hikers and mountain bikers. The contractor will be working on multiple sites at the same time, and they do not want any possible accidents with visitors getting in the way of their machinery. They will be working for at least 3 months.

This means that the 'short' route to Goldmyer this fall will be from Snoqualmie Pass via the Snow Lake Trail and onto the signed Rock Creek trail #1013 which climbs the crest (2,500ft gain) and then drops down to the Middle Fork trail to Goldmyer. This route is appoximately 11 miles each way. The Forest Service currently has a section of the PCT closed above Goldmyer due to a fire and have re-routed the PCT hikers down into the Middle Fork past Goldmyer and up the Snow Lake Trail. Other hikers using this route to Goldmyer could perhaps get a glimpse at some serious back-packers and also perhaps hear some tales of the trail while soaking at Goldmyer!

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