Friday, October 9, 2009

My Daily Dose of Vit. D

An image for my detractors.
Is this covered up enough for you?

It amazing what as little as an hour or two simply and aimlessly strolling in natural sunlight can do to revitalize you . . . get you to thinking positively again.

The above picture was taken in the Lewis Creek area just off a reverted logging road. The hardpan road is a little-known back access to Heybrook Lookout but I didn't go that far . . . satisfied to get high enough to catch some of the late afternoon sunshine on my skin . . . and to do silly things, like the fig leaf routine.

I mention detractors because I get them every once in awhile . . . visitors to my blog that have to click through the 'nudity warning' and then complain that there is nudity and 'don't I have any shame?'

Well, I don't know. Do I need a supply of shame? Or is it my critic who needs to examine just why he clicked through to a naturist's blog.

Me? I don't particularly care. I'm a nudist and I will not imbibe in any of the shame they somehow think I need. When I am nude . . . open to the world around me . . . I feel wholesome and good. If that leaf were not there in the image . . . if it were not so strategically placed, then the message would be entirely different. Nude, I hide nothing and pretend nothing. Cover . . . even so minimally . . . it is an entirely different story. In any case, it was fun doing the image . . . and life is too short to get uptight over a few critics.

More images from this hike are in my JAlbum here.

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