Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall Creek Nude Hike (from a reader)

I do like to hear reports from other people who enjoy being natural in nature so it was a pleasant moment to enjoy reading Shirley's report on a nude hike along Fall Creek near Eugene, Oregon.  I was even more plesantly surprised when she gave permission to post her report along with the photos.  As Shirley declares in her email . . . the hike make her 'top ten hike list' and I know exactly what she is feeling.  I thank you for sharing, Shirley.  I, too, love that picture of the morning fog.      Rick

Shirley's Fall Creek Nude Hike Report

Hearing that the weather was going to be in the 80’s I decided to try and steal another nude camping/hiking weekend.  I figured with schools having started the forests would be empty and hunters most likely not target practicing yet.

Arrived at an undeveloped campsite in the Fall Creek area outside Eugene/Springfield around 5 pm on Friday evening.  This location was a previous interpretive site used by schools in the past.  After a forest fire the place has seen no interpretive class type use that I could tell.  The paved parking area and fire pit left by previous users worked perfect for nude camping.

A full moon that weekend provided a spooky like evening ambience.  I almost expected “Big Foot” to walk up and ask for a cup of coffee. 

Oregon Fog

Woke up early Saturday morning to Oregon fog that only added to the experience.  Once the sun broke through the fog and I thought the trail would be drier I headed out for a hike.  Actually enjoyed a pot of coffee while using the “dry the trail” for an excuse to start later.  Usually I start a hike as early as possible so that I can assure myself that it is safe to hike nude.  So little traffic in the area had me feeling comfortable to hike/camp nude. 

I started my hike going up stream from a near by bridge.  At the bridge the trail crosses over the road to go down stream.  I have always wanted to check out some skinny dipping locations on Fall Creek so hiking the trail gave me a great opportunity to do so.  A portion of the hike was on an old road no longer used close to the river.   Left over fire pits from previous user groups shows that this area is a popular place.  Pleasantly surprised that I did not find any garbage or litter.  The trail is well used naturally maintained.

I hiked to a campground that has been closed for the winter months.  This past summer I only camped at a USFS campground one time this summer, as I am always able to find undeveloped sites for privacy.  Yes…I do feel like RV camping is not exactly “camping” so to speak.  J

Once at the campground I used an alternative trail to return to the bridge and cross the river to hike down stream.  There was one car parked at the bridge so I was more cautious about listening for noise. 

Hiking downstream I was no longer in the previously burned area.  What a drastic change.  Immediately I found myself in beautiful moss covered old growth trees and the trail decorated with ferns.  This trail is one of the most beautiful I have ever hiked.  Simply indescribable!  The trail is close to the river and the road on the right. 

Within minutes I could hear squealing and laughter that only a group of teenage girls make.  What a surprise to see them all on rocks jumping in the river and swimming.  Only kids swim in Oregon in late Sept.  The suits they were wearing did not seem to distract them from having a wonderful time.  I doubt they ever spotted me on the trail.

A short time later two men were fishing and if not for their dog would never have noticed me.  I had heard the dog and put on my long t-shirt.  They were friendly and I think one may have been nude previous to hearing me on the trail and the dog barking.

My intent was to hike to the first campground I came to.  I later made a decision to return back before reaching it.  The interesting thing about hiking trails is that returning back on the same trail and seeing it from a different direction is like hiking a new trail.

Interesting enough pretty much the only litter I found was close to where I had parked the RV.  Interesting litter in that it made it into my fridge.  A full unopened can of coke and two unopened cans of tomato juice with spicey flavoring!

Fall colors had started to change but not quite worthy yet of making a trip for fall color change only.

I love Oregon old growth forests and nude hiking!

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