Monday, October 18, 2010

Nudism Central . . . what a pitiful disappointment!

Once promoted as clean, wholesome with no
adult-oriented content is now a sham

I have a few banners in the sidebar of this blog . . . linking to sites I believe advance the understanding of nudism and naturism.  Some time ago I was asked to place a link or banner to Nudism Central . . . advertised as completely free of any adult-oriented content (i.e. porn).  Checking out the site it seemed content was appropriate, so I place their banner in the sidebar as an option for those seeking nudist information.

On a lark today I clicked that banner and was taken to the site.  What used to be a promising start has almost completely turned into a nudist dating site . . . the questions asked could not be interpreted otherwise.  You have to sign up (supposedly free but I didn't continue through) and have to answer questions like "I am looking for ..."  'Totally free to place profile' is a typical piece of bait on these dating sites.  In order to meet a match I assume you'd have to pay money.  A dating site!

Okay.  Fine.  Not my cup of tea.  Not something I really wanted to promote on my blog.

I wondered if there was any useful nudist content on this site so clicked on the browse link at the top . . . and was taken to NudismTravelNetwork . . . which has absolutely nothing to do with nudism.  The entry page states quite explicitly :  "18+ WARNING:  This is a 100%  sex site" . . . and yes, it is.

So . . . their banner is gone.  NudismCentral has gone commercial, intrusive and a promoter of pornography.  Goodbye ...

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