Sunday, May 20, 2012

Clothing-required Nudist Resort Reception Desks: An Oxymoron?

Do I have to get dressed in order to visit a nudist resort?

Almost every club has a reception/registration area near the entrance where clothing is required before entering the grounds, proper.  Since I often drive nude when ever I'm out of the city, on the highway or country roads, does that mean upon arrival at a nudist resort that I have to put on clothes to check-in before a can get nude again and enjoy the facility?  Seems like a contradiction of the intent and philosophy of nudism.

In all fairness, I do understand the 'whys'.  But the thought always gives me a little chuckle . . . especially when I have to hunt around in the back seat to find the shorts I've so nonchalantly tossed back there once I'd gotten onto open road.

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