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Nude Camp Out, Sun, Hike & Soak at Scenic July 13-14th

I've reserved Scenic Hot Springs Friday afternoon through Saturday, July 15th, 2012 for the enjoyment of responsible, practicing nudists and naturists who are looking for an opportunity to enjoy being nude in the great outdoors with overnight camping from the night before, soaking in the superb hot spring waters of Scenic, nude hiking on the 40 private acres and within the National Forest surrounding Scenic, or just plain finding one of the many sunning rocks and working on your tan lines.

This opportunity is open to AANR and TNS members, members of recognized local nudist clubs and facilities, and to those who have a nudist affiliation of some sort and show themselves to be responsible practitioners of nudism.  You may camp overnight with us . . . get in some rare night-time soaking under the stars at Scenic, or you may just opt to join us on Saturday for a day in the sun.

The gate to Scenic will be opened to attendees at 5pm to allow vehicles further in for those camping overnight.  We will also arrange times to open the gate Saturday morning for those just wanting to visit during the day.  This is an RSVP event . . . all those not on the list will be turned away from Scenic during our reservation.

General Agenda

Nude Day at Scenic Hot Springs

Saturday, July 14
(with overnight camping available on Friday July 13)

Information on Scenic Hot Springs at:

What is Scenic Hot Springs?

·    Two approximately 8 x 8, 4 feet deep man made tubs on the side of a mountain about 6 miles (south)west of Stevens Pass.  They are fed from separate natural hot spring feeds.   One is hot, the other is nice and warm, making for a very pleasant soak.  They are a truly beautiful hot springs with scenic views of the valley below.
·         The springs are on private property and we are using them with permission.  Since they are private property, nudity is perfectly legal and tolerated on the traditionally clothing-optional property.
·       The springs are located 6 miles west of Stevens Pass on Highway 2.  From the gate they are reached by a 1 ½ mile hike with 1,100 elevation gain.  Limited provisions will be made to open the gate to allow driving partway into the clearcut with you car, and further on up to the trailhead with a 4wd HC vehicle.  The camping area is within easy walking distance of parking in the clearcut.
·       The springs are reserved exclusively for responsible nudists and naturists with at least some affiliation with the nudist lifestyle . . . or those honestly wanting to learn about and experience the freedom of nude recreation in a safe, family-friendly, and legal environment.  Children are more than welcome with their parents.
·         You can come up anytime on Saturday or come up Friday evening and camp overnight (we will have a potluck meal and practice making smores).

·         We have use of the springs until sunset on Saturday (no Saturday overnight camping)


Access is by prior invitation of those RSVPing.  If you are not on the list you will be asked to leave.

·          You can arrive anytime after 5 PM on Friday and camp overnight.  Rick the steward will have the gate open between 5-6 PM on Friday.  If you need a later entry let me know and will see what we can arrange.  Note: this is primitive camping with no facilities, so bring all that you need including tables, chairs and water.
·         You can arrive anytime on Saturday 7/14 and stay until sunset.  You can park at the gate and walk in to the springs.  (Note: the gate will be unlocked between 9 and 10 AM in order to allow you to drive part-way to the springs.  Non-4WD can travel 1/3 the way and park there.  4WD with some clearance can travel 2/3 the way to the springs.)

SSuggestions if you want to camp

We will be camping in the lower NW corner of the property in a historic and traditional camping area.  This is forest land and bears have been known to habituate the Scenic slopes, though they have not been seen this season.  Practice Bear Protocol (which means do not leave food easily accessible).

The self-imposed ban of campfires is lifted for the campsite itself.  You may build a campfire within a campfire ring as long as it is manned and controlled.

Bring your tent, camp chairs, sleeping bag, basic camping amenities.  There will be a stand-up propane BBQ with two burners available for cooking.  There will also be a supply of potable water for use.  Suggestions and contributions for a potluck cookout are welcome.

A temporary pit toilet will be constructed away from the camping area for your use.

For those who wish to go up to the springs for some nighttime soaking, don't forget a headlamp for on the trail.  Trekking pole/hiking staff and good hiking shoes are recommended.  The hike from the camping area to the springs is about 1/2 an hour.  Don't forget a towel. 


·         Please let  Rick at know of your plans.  Please advise if you are coming Friday night or Saturday.  Advising approximate arrival time would be helpful.  Thanks.
·         In the small chance that we are overbooked, people will be granted access on a first come basis.


·         The Springs will be available for practicing nudists/naturists to use free of charge.  (The normal fee is $10 per person per day)

Other information

·         There is a pit toilet located at the Springs.  Depending on response, we may construct another pit latrine lower on the property.

Agreement to Conditions of Access 

·         The Springs requires all visitors to Agree to the Conditions of Access.  You can do that via the website: or alternatively we will have copies to sign for you at the Springs. 
·         Some key provisions
o   Minors under the age of eighteen (18) must be accompanied by a legally-responsible adult guardian. 
o   No children under the age of six (6) in the hot spring pools. 
o   No Fires or Campfires.
o   No Dogs or other pets, No Firearms, No Glass Containers of any kind at the springs.

Directions Directions will be provided to those attending.  (Please do not re-post directions as directions are not publicly posted to discourage trespassers)

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