Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Naked Facebook Challenge

Naked Facebook -Expose Real Beauty! In the Nude! Round 2!

Okay, I'll admit it.  I have a Facebook page here.  I don't often log on there . . . I may be techie-savvy  but the whole social media thing kind of overwhelms me as I don't really have a burning need or desire to be in constant contact with everyone all the time.  I don't even really get into the text messaging thing.  I'd rather make and receive phone calls, meet friends and acquaintances at the local coffee shop or even write a note or two to friends (I even buy US Postage stamps).  I have email . . . many email accounts than I should . . . and that is more than enough to keep me busy in the online world.  Of course, this blog is my primary outlet to express my love and enjoyment of nude recreation with anyone who is interested.

Part of the reason I've shunned Facebook in the past is because of their stringent censorship . . . particularly of breast-feeding mothers.  I can understand their take (though I can't condone it) as this media touches many . . . but I wish to share naturism and nudism, not hide it.  How can you socially connect in an online world as a nudist if you can not share nudity?  Without the visual aspect (the pictures and videos), nudism on Facebook is severely hampered.

BUT . . . a challenge.  Maybe enough to push some buttons and open up Facebook (and other social networks) a little.  It works like this . . . change your profile picture to one that is 'almost' naked but not so that you will get banned from Facebook.  A sensible challenge and one I'm willing to undertake.  Personally, I don't care if I do get banned.  Nothing new to me since Yahoo dropped my account for "unspecified' reasons several years ago.

So, here is my new profile picture on Facebook.  Artfully posed, but unintentionally so, such that those 'naughty' bits aren't visible (as if any part of the human body were naughty . . . politicians mouths should all be banned as obscene.)  The picture was taken quite serendipitously during a hike on Johnson Ridge last week and the pose does a nice job of portraying nudity in the outdoors without actually showing everything . . . Heaven forbid!.

The challenge to every reader of this blog who also has a Facebook account . . . take the challenge and post a nude picture of yourself as your profile picture . . . but as the organizers of Naked Facebook warn, make it such that your bits are not showing lest you get banned from Facebook.

Of course, if the conservative-fundamentalists get their way we may be posting our nude recreation photos in a burka like this . . .

Don't allow the growing conservatism in this country erode our freedoms
to express and enjoy innocent nude recreation.
Vote them out of office!
(non-burkasized version) Caution, the bits are showing!

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